Saturday, March 21, 2015


Dear Fr. Luis,

Why don't you spare the archbishop the agony of suffering through another cover up and lie? There is no need for the farce of a "canonical investigation". What is there to investigate? 

Fr. Luis, why don't you just tell us all the truth? 

You know, you may have a really screwed up idea of sexuality from being kiko-ed all these years. I think you'd be surprised at how many of us on the outside would actually have compassion for your situation: 

Taken fresh out of high school, stuffed into a fake seminary, taught fake theology, given a fake formation, ramrodded through for better or worse because the Archbishop needed a Chamorro RMS product and Kiko needed numbers, numbers, numbers.

Then slamming you into a collar you are sent down to the South to pastor two churches all by yourself. WTH? What were they thinking? Of course, we know what they were thinking: numbers, numbers, numbers. 

Yah, of course what you did was wrong - oops, sorry, you haven't told us that yet. But let's say that you did. If there is a weakness everyone can identify with, it is temptations and sins of the flesh. People will forgive you. 

But what people don't and can't identify with is the purposeful mistreatment of others like what we have seen Archbishop Apuron do to Fr. Paul and Msgr. James and many others. What people don't identify with is purposely being lied to, misled, shunned, stonewalled, and treated like we are stupid, as Apuron, the VG, Adrian, and Claros continue to do. 

Right now, because of your silence, you are a part of that rot. That's why there is such outrage on this blog. But if you come forward like a man. If you stand up and take personal responsibility for what you did. If you express your deep regret and ask for forgiveness. You will see an outpouring of compassion and support, not because you are a priest, but because you are a man, a human being, a fellow child of God. 

But if you let the Archbishop hide you behind his "canonical investigation" and Deacon Claros' whitewashing of the incident "for sure, for sure", then you will go down with them - forever. 

You have a chance, Fr. Luis. It is not too late...yet.

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