Tuesday, March 22, 2016


...instead of another attempt to prove the ownership of the seminary property with an ill-gotten certificate of title. 

(Sent by a Jungle reader who was apparently feeling a bit satirical. Enjoy! :>)

Msgr. David C. Quitugua
Vicar General
Archdiocese of Agana, Guam

March 20, 2016

My dear Catholics of Guam.

I must apologize and ask for your understanding for something that I did last November. Four certificates of title for the Seminary property came into my hands. The certificates were official documents issued by Andrew Santos the Deputy Registrar of Titles at Land Management. While the certificate looked official, I knew it was wrong because there were only two memorials. The missing third memorial noting the Declaration of Deed Restriction made the certificate deceiving because the Declaration of Deed Restriction is the most important part of the certificate of title.

I knew that the memorial was missing because when the Declaration of Deed Restriction was signed, the Archbishop mentioned my name in a paper attached to it with the instruction that I was ordered to enforce it.

The Declaration of Deed Restriction is so important to the Archbishop because some of our brothers and sisters are saying that the Declaration of Deed Restriction is more than just a restriction on the use of the Seminary land. Our brothers and sisters are saying that the Declaration has the same effect as a deed. Our brothers and sisters are saying that the Declaration is like a deed because it conveys fee simple title for the land to the RMS Corporation which our Diocese doesn't control. In other words by signing the Declaration of Deed Restriction the Archbishop gave away a property that might be worth $70,000,000, they say.

They have published and continually refer to a paper written by a respected real estate lawyer named Jacques Bronze. The paper is 48 pages long and shows that the Seminary property is not in the Archbishop's ownership or control anymore. The Bronze Opinion shows that the Seminary property is now controlled by four people. Three of them live in New Jersey. Their names are Claudia Gennarini, Giuseppe Gennarini and Fr. Angelo Pochetti. Archbishop Apuron is the fourth name but even if he is no longer our archbishop, because he retired or for some other reason, he’s still one of the four, and if the Gennarini's and Fr. Pochetti let him he could talk about the Seminary property.

So when I published the certificate of title in the November 19 Umatuna, I knew that it would trick you into believing that what our brothers and sisters were saying about the Archbishop still owning the Seminary was correct cuz the Declaration of Deed Restriction didn’t even show. When people went to Mass and saw that certificate of title in the Umatuna they knew the Archbishop was right. Then the PDN ran a story about the certificate of title and used my quotes from the Umatuna.  I was able to fool people who weren’t even Catholic.  

Some guys found out that the certificate was wrong and started making trouble. Andrew Santos helped by writing in a memorial on the certificates with the Deed Restriction. Andrew made the Deed Restriction in favor of the Bishop instead of the Seminary!  This was even better than the first certificate which didn’t have the memorial.  Instead of just letting it go, those guys made a fuss that the memorial should be corrected. Those guys made such a fuss that Mike Borja over at Land Management wrote out a letter saying that The Attorney General of Guam said Mike should go to court to correct the title.  Mike wrote out in the letter that he made the papers to file at the court and that he’d told the AG to file them.  

I was really scared because I don’t want a judge to be looking at that Deed Restriction and seeing that the Archbishop doesn’t own the seminary anymore. Lucky for us Jackie Terlaje came along to save us.  She started talking to Mike’s AG and talked them into just fixing the memorial without going to court. Jackie has really helped us a lot. Jackie and Bertha Evangelista got the first certificate that I used to fool you in the Umatuna. Jackie got the titles that Andrew wrote the corrections on but she kept them on the down low. Then she talked Mike’s AG out of going to court. Mike helped us too because he never really made the papers but he didn’t tell that for a long time.  Jackie not only walks in the Way but is one of the responsibles for Brother Tony who some of our brothers and sisters call the Archbishop.

I hope you will forgive me for what I did to fool you. I had to because Fr. Pius told me to. And as you know, since I'm in the Way, I have to obey my Catechist. 


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