Wednesday, March 23, 2016


(Published by request)

I was truly saddened at Mass this morning by the comments of the presiding Priest. He remarked that he will be attending, along with other clergy, the Chrism Mass offered by the Archbishop.  He remarked that he was deeply saddened by the division within our Church and the impact that it has had on the Laity.  I wrote an opinion suggesting the Clergy must confront the Archbishop regarding this division since he is the only one who can end it.

My heart goes out to this priest. His frustration and genuine desire for this great divide to be concluded is palpable. This divide is affecting not only the laity, but the clergy as well.  We all know it is very difficult to confront the Archbishop, but we are also bound by God and our Faith to expose the misdeeds of the Archbishop.  He has abandoned the Church, given away assets, and has been demoted to a mere Brother in his Neocatechumenal circle. His allegiance to the NCW means that the archbishop, the shepherd of the Guam faithful, is under strict obedience from Father Pius and Jackie Terlaje. He has abandoned his Office, his solemn responsibility to lead our Church and its flock and, most disgustingly of all, has his allegiance to Kiko and not to Rome.  

Unlike our archbishop, our total loyalty is to the Holy Mother Church. The Archbishop and his minions are not only at the gates, but have invaded the inner chambers.  We are duty bound to defend The True Church, even at the expense of removing the Archbishop. In fact, this is what needs to be done!  Father, I understand your pain and frustration. I pray as fervently as you that this division within Guam’s Catholic Church will be mended.


This division is happening because it was permitted to by those who could have addressed it earlier, even if it cost them something. Now there is much more damage to souls, and the culpability does not just lie with the perpetrators, but those who did nothing. 


  1. The Guamanian Magazine's first issue shows the Power Group Top Leaders Top Priorities.
    Who is missing? The spiritual leader who abandoned his flock. He made the cover of the GU magazine Sept/Oct. 2007 issue as one of the influence.


    Interview with AAA page 29. "Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask"

  3. You should tell the priest who feels that there's a division to not go to the chrism mass. We can say that the priests that do go, renews his priestly vows from his ordination. First to respect and obedience to the bishop then to the people they serve. But, if they don't want to attend then I guess he doesn't want to renew his promise to the people he shepherds.

  4. Whatever happened to the admonition of Fr. Hezel right before the start of the Santa Maria Kamalen procession last December. Are we going to process as if there is no division in our church? I guess he didn't know that as far as the Archbishop is concerned, "I don't know what they are protesting about." And so we processed.

  5. I believe the situation is being resolved as we comment.
    However, you are right. There are priests born on Guam who could have done far more to protect their own local church. Their silence now indicates that the Archdiocese of Agana Guam has failed to reach a maturity level of clergy to administer their own Archdiocese. I say this with sadness. The next administrator/ Archbishop will unfortunately not be a native born priest. Twenty five years ago the future looked good with our own native priests which would have led to local bishops. Unfortunately The Archdiocese is no longer in a position to appoint native born bishops. The silence of our native sons has turned the Archdiocese back twenty five years. I am sorry but there is no one to blame but Guam's native sons. Their very internal strife for power and wealth destroyed the very church they claimed to Love and serve. I cannot yet determine if their silence was out of fear or something else. For sure for sure our next Archbishop will be a foreigner and you know what we should welcome it. Our maturity level of local priests is simply non existent.

    1. So a malformed presbyter has a better chance than a local priest? You put down the maturity level of local priests while you're okay with a Kaka brained Neo presbyter for archbishop. Have you forgotten that archdictator Apuron has put the fear in our local priests by threatening them with arduous and painful punishment if they don't obey? What are you smoking? thinks you are Neo or a Neo sympathizer.

    2. 10:02 PM, please do not judge too harshly the comment made by 5:45 PM. We have to be honest with ourselves by acknowledging that his observation is astute and based on reality. He is not advocating for the the ncw but puts forth a realistic vision for the future. Hard to swallow that perhaps only the late Felixberto Camacho Flores reached that level of maturity but I see bright future for the Archdiocese. It is a very young church and we are bound to make mistakes. It is true that the local clergy are ruled by fear now amid their brave efforts to keep up with their duties on a daily basis. They have to be supported and affirmed rather than blamed. We never saw the ills of ncw coming. We welcomed them, trusting that the Archbishop will discern if ever trouble brewed, but by inserting himself into the crowd of ncw penitents, he foolishly abrogated his role as the overall and neutral CEO of the archdiocese. In doing so he has lost balance and objectivity, to the detriment of other entities within the Archdiocese of Agana. Unfortunately, two of the local clergy who used to have clout, also bought into the neo lies. The local clergy that you speak of have been dumbed down and shamed in public and yet they remained faithful to their priesthood. While as a whole it seems that the local clergy have their tails hidden, they are to be lifted up but not coddled. They are to be challenged as well, as Tommy is doing, in order to achieve a level of maturity that goes beyond self-preservation. It is true, our own in-fighting has cost us, but we have to first acknowledge that we are all culpable in what had become a major struggle. Hold your heads up high, the outcome will be worth the struggle. The laity can do much more to lend credibility amid the hypocrisy.

  6. The burden of this struggle lies squarely on the shoulders of the Catholic laity. What many don't understand is that the Franciscans serve on Guam at the invitation of the archbishop. Their presence here is not a foregone conclusion and publicly protesting the archbishop would jeopardize their mission. How much worse off we would be without them!

    On the other hand, maybe if the archbishop attempted to disinvite them it would be the proverbial straw that breaks our backs and finally gets the laity en masse to do something more than provide lip service anonymously on this blog, myself included.

  7. Anon @ 1:38am It is only a matter of time before all parishes will have presbyters, the Archbishop has suppressed all non-neo vocations and with 47 more seminarians in formation for Guam and this region it is only going to be a matter of time before they take over all parishes. I have written several letters to the Nuncio, but only received polite acknowledgement. Let us not forget that Kiko has very powerful allies in Rome. An appeal from the clergy to have the Vatican investigate the cause of the division will have more weight than letters from the Laity and may encourage the Vatican to take a closer look at our situation.

  8. Archbishop Caught in Another LieMarch 25, 2016 at 12:22 PM

    The Archbishop gave a secret deed document to the Gennarinis and the seminary corporation. In it he says: "...Owner hereby covenants and declares that the Property is and shall be held, used, transferred, sold and conveyed ..."

    Do you think the Archbishop still owns it, or do you think it now belongs to the seminary corporation?