Wednesday, March 23, 2016


(Published by request)

I was truly saddened at Mass this morning by the comments of the presiding Priest. He remarked that he will be attending, along with other clergy, the Chrism Mass offered by the Archbishop.  He remarked that he was deeply saddened by the division within our Church and the impact that it has had on the Laity.  I wrote an opinion suggesting the Clergy must confront the Archbishop regarding this division since he is the only one who can end it.

My heart goes out to this priest. His frustration and genuine desire for this great divide to be concluded is palpable. This divide is affecting not only the laity, but the clergy as well.  We all know it is very difficult to confront the Archbishop, but we are also bound by God and our Faith to expose the misdeeds of the Archbishop.  He has abandoned the Church, given away assets, and has been demoted to a mere Brother in his Neocatechumenal circle. His allegiance to the NCW means that the archbishop, the shepherd of the Guam faithful, is under strict obedience from Father Pius and Jackie Terlaje. He has abandoned his Office, his solemn responsibility to lead our Church and its flock and, most disgustingly of all, has his allegiance to Kiko and not to Rome.  

Unlike our archbishop, our total loyalty is to the Holy Mother Church. The Archbishop and his minions are not only at the gates, but have invaded the inner chambers.  We are duty bound to defend The True Church, even at the expense of removing the Archbishop. In fact, this is what needs to be done!  Father, I understand your pain and frustration. I pray as fervently as you that this division within Guam’s Catholic Church will be mended.


This division is happening because it was permitted to by those who could have addressed it earlier, even if it cost them something. Now there is much more damage to souls, and the culpability does not just lie with the perpetrators, but those who did nothing. 

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