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April 27, 2015
By Louie Gombar [Mr. Gombar is a new reporter for JungleWatch. We are sure you will love his reports. Here's his first]

Its amazing how a beautiful day with skies mottled with soft, cotton-like clouds can suddenly turn into dark, gloomy layers thick enough to blot out the sun.  I speak not of the weather but of the vitriolic nature of man when he is forced into a corner of desperation.

Some of my older LFM friends called and asked me to help out in their protest at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona yesterday.  What started out as a benign poster-carrying walk eventually turned into a march toward the compound by some 30 older women who tested the ownership of the building. We are repeatedly told by that Brazilian primatologist, Fr. Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira, that the RMS is owned by the archdiocese of Guam,  that we are the stewards of the structure. I call him primatologist because of his knowledge of monkeys.  He once made a statement at a youth rally that 98% of monkeys masturbate.  I didn’t know that.  Did you!

Anyway, the neo bloggers were quick to point out that these older women were brainwashed zombies pointed in the direction of the multi-arched structure.  It must be my aged eyes that failed me.  I did not see one blood-soaked tee shirt.  Incidentally, these “brain-washed”  ladies were the ones who called me to join them.  

The bloggers also accused us of blocking the road to make passage impossible, a perfect example of anal vocalization.  We blissfully held our signs up and waved to the vehicles.  One driver, a small black car with a handicap tag viciously swinging from the visor, came screeching in the road and whizzed by us at dangerous, breakneck speed.  The ladies yelled “That’s Rudy, that’s Rudy,” whoever Rudy is. If his vehicle accidentally jumped the curb he could’ve easily run us down.  Another driver, an older lady known for her demure and blushing nature, insolently stopped her car, rolled down the tinted window, and screamed, “You go home!”

Terrible examples of human nature but I can understand.  It is quite common for people to lie and bury themselves in forgeries to bolster the condition of their human frailties.  Like I said we are continuously reminded that the RMS is ours.  Yet,  Tuesday’s march toward the structure proved otherwise.  We were confronted by a women who told us we were not invited and later called the police who would’ve arrested us for causing a disturbance on private property. Instead, they politely escorted us off the grounds.  Simply put,  we could not enter our own domain, we could not go home.

How does one explain the giving away of multi-million dollar asset.  One day it is the property of the archdiocese of Guam and the next it is controlled by a Neocatechumenal group.  We want to know and the Archbishop must tell us.  This is a situation that pleads for disambiguation.  So far the archbishop has done nothing more than lead his sheep to the wolves.

Louie Gombar

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