Friday, April 29, 2016


Joshua Aglubat has left a new comment on your post "JOSHUA AGLUBAT'S CHANCE TO BE A HERO":

COUNTDOWN to Mr. Rohr going out and protesting himself... starting NOW! lol 

Little Joshua is new to this game. Let’s review why these children are so anxious for me to go out and protest. Are you ready?

Apuron’s only defense is what is has always been: that there is no problem in the archdiocese; that the only problem is Tim Rohr who is supposed to have a personal grudge against the archbishop. (Actually he doesn't rise to the level of meriting anything personal from me, grudge or otherwise!)

This is an important argument for him to maintain because he knows what will happen when Rome gets the message that the opposition to him is widespread. (Too late, by the way.)

This is why at every opportunity they are always saying that the demonstrators only represent a minority of Catholics and then the next step is to tie them to me.

This way they can keep the finger only on one person as the instigator and Rome apparently will look the other way. This is their hope.

But things got out of hand when people on their own decided to take their anger to the street. The first time it occurred was at a CCOG village meeting in Yigo last year when a woman got up and turned to the crowd, challenging them to join her in regular public demonstrations. This was the beginning of the LFM.

In fact, I made it clear at that meeting that because I was aware of Apuron’s attempt to lay this all on me that I would not be joining the demonstrations.  I can say this loud and publicly because many people were there. 

As Apuron’s Gotterdammerung nears, Pius is becoming increasingly desperate to blame everything on me in an attempt to save Apuron (which really means to save his filthy self). But what the Putrid does not know is that every single piece of information that I have posted on this blog and that I have shared in the village meetings came from the same elderly people who are out there demonstrating and many who are not but are supporting those efforts prayerfully. 

It is THEY who really knew Apuron. If was THEY who knew of those horrible stories. It was THEY who were abused and mistreated by him over the years. It was THEY who were snubbed even as he thrust his ring in their faces. It was THEY who endured Tony's Thirty Year Reign of Terror (and longer for a some - if not many - who were only children). And finally it was THEY who took their anger to the streets. 

This is DEATH to Apuron’s reign of terror and Pius knows it.

Thus you see the little children like Joshua here going apoplectic demanding to  see me demonstrating. It’s laughable I know. After standing for nearly two years all by myself on this blog and in the media, after two years of threats to my person and to my children, after two years of, after two years of attack after attack, little Joshua wants to see me on the street.

Make no mistake. This is Pius’ desperate talking point. The desperate challenge to paint me as the instigator is a sign that they know the end is near. It is also a massive insult to the people on the street who have held back so many terrible years of hurt from this horrid man named Tony, and who have decided that they will not take their secrets to the grave like so many who already have. (Though Enrique Reyes will soon speak from beyond the grave. Be afraid, Pius. Be very afraid.)

Oh, and P.S. Joshua, we are still waiting for you to show us where Kiko teaches that the Mass is a participation in the One Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Funny how you - like the Archbishop - just can't seem to "FIND IT!"

Come on back and show us more of your fruit! BTW, I gave you your own label, just like Zoltan.



  1. Obviously Joshua doesn't have it cause like all neos, they pretend they can show things, but they can't

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    1. I agree frenchie. Tim is definitely on a roll.

    2. Hey TIM you put a cartoon character exactly how you are, good one! you;re nothing but a big crybaby :''''( NO property! NO Casino! NO Commission real estate man!! Just trying to get the Bishop own people against him, his people not yours, for what just to hold a grudge against him,you're definitely on a roll :''('''''