Thursday, April 28, 2016


"I decided to come out because I think this thing has gone on long enough and the line in the sand has been drawn very clearly so I decided to come out to make it very clear as to which side of the line I am on."


  1. Strong Statement from Sen Ada. The world as starting to crumble. Time to continue blowing our horns.

  2. Thank you, Senator Ada. Your efforts to stand up for what is right is very much appreciated.

  3. When the NEO Cult Zombies saw Senator Tom Ada amongst the people protesting at RMS, they quickly became nice and offered water to the crowd....This different attitude was because they knew the impending review chaired by Senator Ada on the actions of the Department of Land Management on handling Certificate of Titles.....

  4. Thank you Senator Ada for your support.

  5. As Senator Ada said, a line is drawn. And those on the other side are seeking forgiveness for their sins the wrong way. One does not change the Act of Contrition by replacing the words. Gennarini, go home!

  6. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONApril 29, 2016 at 7:30 AM

    God bless you Senator Ada.

  7. are the mortal sinners still in hiding...

    a past comment was asked, what sins did tony commit?
    the responses truly describe tony to the "T", it also describes adrian, david and larry, because they are willing enablers, and these are men are suppose to represent "in the person of Christ"...

    i bring this up, because in reading Mr. Taitano's comment he mentions "Act of Contrition", and in thinking back to the comments about tony, i re-read the article and all the comments...

    what struck me the most regarding the sins of tony, was the "Mortal Sins", the numerous times he committed them, these sins you just can't pray them away...

    where Venial sins can weaken our relationship with God... and we see this by his very own actions and inaction's, the man is 70, wow, the number of years tony spent having a relationship with a mere man instead of God...

    tony, i believe you meet all of the following conditions.

    Its subject must be a grave (or serious) matter.

    It must be committed with full knowledge, both of the sin and of the gravity of the offense.

    It must be committed with deliberate and complete consent, enough for it to have been a personal decision to commit the sin.

    for the enablers, i believe you meet all of the above conditions...