Saturday, April 9, 2016


Mother Angelica "blew up" after seeing a woman play Jesus in a mimed Stations of the Cross at the 1993 World Youth Day. She took dead aim at the diseased source of the problem, the same diseased source which has let the Kikos into the heart of our Church. Much of what she criticizes was already happening in the Catholic Church on Guam 2 years before Pius the Putrid set foot on this island. We will not rid your Church of the Kikos until we rid our Church of what bred the likes of Kiko Arguello. And what bred the likes of Kiko Arguello is far more deadly than anything we think we are fighting. In fact, Satan must be glad we think the problem is Kiko Arguello.


  1. Thank you Tim, for sharing this with us.
    This is extremely powerful.
    I had never seen that particular intervention from Mother Evangelica.
    God rest her soul.

    A big Amen to her on this subject. It is something I have always believe, and I am glad, not to be alone in defending that belief.

    May we all reflect on this powerful moment, over the upcoming weekend.
    May this become a strong source of inspiration, for us here, and everywhere the faithful face the destructive forces that hide within our Church.

  2. nulla sanctio, nulla lex

  3. may she rest in peace. mother angelica was the right person at the right time to call out so many problems that have plagued the Church especially after vatican ii. some of the specific problems she lists are still going on here on the "left coast," but i sense a steady renewal toward correcting the errors and evils. it's up to the faithful to continue this courageous work.

  4. Powerful message. Thank you for posting this.

  5. This is a MUST SEE video for all of us! The message of Mother Angelica is not only so moving and powerful, but is also so relevant to us and to the times we are living in. If only we heed her message! - jrsa (4/11/16)

  6. THANK YOU ALL for a very successful and very enjoyable get-together at the LFM fund-raising this afternoon!

    To those of you who attended, you know what I'm talking about. To those of you who were not able to be there, let me tell you what YOU missed - and tell you what we missed! We missed your presence, and we missed your helpful donation to the CCOG effort. (Some, I understand, couldn't make the event but donated anyway - thank you so much!

    What YOU MISSED: Not only the camaraderie and the pleasure of each other's company, but the FUN activities we all had. To break the silence while we ate, and the chatter of trivial conversation, the ice was broken by a spontaneous and simple singing of "Our Lady of Fatima" and then followed by another spontaneous Joke-telling session as Dee took the mic and rattled off one joke after another a la Bob Hope style. Then there was more singing, then a very fun raffle, then the sale of Katoliko shirts - all made for a very fun event. Yes, we missed you who didn't make it.

    We'll see you all again at the Prayer Protest across the Cathedral steps in Hagatna next Sunday (April 17, 10 am). - jrsa (4/10/16)