Sunday, April 17, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Here's a report that we recently received from Northern Arabia, accompanied by a link to a video featuring Bishop Camillo Ballin, Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia. It sounds familiar...Read more.


  1. It is also a government rule that they are not to wear anything symbolizing their religious affiliation outside the church grounds. No crucifix, no cassock, no nothing.

    If I am not mistaken, so correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it a rule that it is also against their law, that people can convert to the Muslim religion, but that Muslims cannot convert to other religion.

  2. Perhaps the government would ignore a great deal of internal strife in the parish or or between denominations, unless it spilled outside the compound or if it involved a crime.

  3. Today is the Sunday of the Good Shepherd. Beware of false prophets.

  4. Thanks Chuck. On another note, the Umatuna issued a statement on Baby Luis. First of all he was accused of "custodial interference" and not for sexual misconduct. That's a relief, I thought he was arrested! Now the second line confuses me, why do we need a "canonical investigation" if he did not have "sexual misconduct with a minor"? Why did he have to resign if he only interfered with the custody of the non minor. Why does he need to be "psychologically and spiritually followed? He only interfered with the custody. So after a year the AG's office did nothing with pursuing any legal action if there was wrong doing to begin with. Kind of par for the course when the AG did nothing in the recent title debacle. I wonder if Finney was involved here as well? The "victim' did mention that something was "consensual". Was it the custodial interference that was consensual? I seemed to have misplaced my Canon Law Book. Can someone help me out with canon 1722? Thanks.

    1. Canon 1722 is also known as "the Examination of the rights of Priests accused of misconduct."
      It is basically a set of procedures to follow for canon lawyers to insure a proper investigation for all parties.
      It is quite long and detailed.
      This is the procedure that AAA failed to follow with Fr Paul and Msg James.

    2. Thanks Frenchie. Anon 10:48, I prefer an honest answer.

  5. Just a few impressions from both the article and the video: (1) Did I miss the reporter's name? or did he/she request annonymity? The Neo cancer is everywhere! Chuck, please convey to this reporter our condolences and share with him/her our shared frustrations with Rome and the Pope. (2) I am dumbfounded that EWTN would be so unaware, so NAIVE of NCW's influence in that part of the world! Really? So now this Bishop had the opportunity to bilk Catholics world-wide for funds to build a Cathedral which I suspect will have the Neo architectural design! We should all send some articles to EWTN about our situation here on Guam and send a copy of this report to enlighten EWTN! I am horribly disappointed in EWTN's naivete!!

    1. The Naivete, you describe dear anon, is what is called in the intelligence community, plausible deniability.

      They know exactly what is going on. Actually Tim alluded to this story at the beginning of the year.
      It is another case of legal money laundering for the neos.

    2. Bilking is what a former Neo described his experience when he was part of the Neo cult. He was constantly being asked to fork out money by his Neo community.He had joined because he had thought that were just another laity church group.

    3. Frenchie, If EWTN knows the damage the NCW is doing under that NCW bishop, why would they host that NCW bishop on their program and give him a forum?

    4. They don't know. Look how hard it has been for us to uncover what they're doing and we've had 20 years of up close and personal. Plus I believe that video was done before Ballin fell in with the Kikos, which appears to be recent.

    5. Another 100% "neo" cathedral:

  6. Why does Rome turn a blind eye to these abuses?? People to Rome, Our Church is being attacked! Help

    1. The neo problem is miniscule and really just another mosquito on Rome's radar. It's time for us to put on our big boy pants and take care of these things ourselves. The Laity Forward Movement is showing how its done. They are relentless. More than anything else, the picture of our elders and other out there Sunday after Sunday is what will bring this thing down.

    2. And people in other countries must learn to do the same.

  7. To Neo-free Guam.
    At the danger of repeating myself one more time.

    Rome does not turn a blind eye to the Neo issue.
    It is a little more complex than: "you bad, you good" type of situation.
    The Neos represent around 1 million followers (kikos' figures), which most likely means about half.
    The Church is over 1.3 Billion members. or 13hundred millions.
    So in the best scenario it is a 1 for every 1300, or 1 for 2600 ratio.

    Compare that, to the number of unborn children being killed every year around the world.
    Compare that to the number of Catholics being murdered, martyred and forced to leave their homes.
    Compare that to the empty churches in Europe.
    Compare that to the number of Catholics leaving in abject poverty.

    So, yes it is not a priority. Plus it is a difficult issue to wrap yourself around.
    Rome has been pastoral in its way of approaching the NCW.
    This Pope and Benedict have given gentle but firm lectures to the kikos, albeit without much improvement in the way they have listened and heard.

    The main issue with the NCW, is that it is basically a swindle masquerading as a Charisma. It is a money machine, which uses its ill gotten gains, to corrupt local and Curia officials, as well as corrupt businesses and lay authorities in some cases.
    Then again, just because the organization is corrupt, does not mean that all their members are. We have demonstrated that many are indeed, honest God fearing Catholics that are being misled.

    These types of cases are difficult to unravel, and even more difficult to demonstrate. This is even more true, when you get a veil of protection from the people you corrupted in the first place.
    This is one of the oldest con in the world.

    Rome was never put together as a religious administration to fight these kinds of evil. Look at all the flack Cardinal Pell is getting for attempting some timid financial reforms inside the Vatican.

    At best, what we are fighting is a corrupted organization which feeds like a parasite on the body of the Church.
    At worse, we are fighting an heresy. My personal belief, being we are fighting an hybrid of both.
    I believe this site, like several others around the world, have without a doubt highlighted this issue.
    Many people around the world have taken up their cross and embarked into fighting this sect. But it is a long and perilous journey.
    The Zeal of the kikos does not have to be demonstrated.

    What the Nuncio, Archbishop Krebs, what Tim and many other have told us, is that if we want help, we need to start by standing up and be counted. We need to be like the LFM and the CCOG, and be willing to bring the fight to these mecreants.
    "Ask, and you shall be given"

    It is a learning process, we have to find the proper way here on Guam, that is adapted to our island, just as the faithful in Qatar will have to find ways adapted to their area.
    The Japanese, the Philippinos, the French, the Germans, and some Spanish have learned to do it.

    It is not an easy fight, but if you refuse to be fleeced, lied to, abused in your own Church, you will have to stand up and be counted, in whatever way you think is best for you.

  8. Thanks Frenchie, I understand what you are saying, problem here on Guam is that we are made to fight with both our hands tied behind out back, the individual who should be standing up for us, is the same individual who invited the culprits that is trying to destroy our faith. The only way that this issue can be resolved is for outside intervention, and if Rome has larger problems than the one we are facing here, then we will continue our struggle our selves. Notice to ALL, There is no assistance that we can expect from anyone. I am ready to fight this alone it is a fight that we cannot loose. Continue the fight for our ancestors who taught and gave us this faith and more importantly fight for the salvation of the next generations to keep them neo free. I am perfectly willing and able to take this fight to the Kiko. Now that I know that no help is coming, I am fine with this. I will fight even harder....Thanks

    1. Hello, Neo-Free Guam April 18, 2016 at 5:35 PM

      I feel you…

      The very same people, who we as kids were taught to seek out to report a problem, are the very same people, who are the cause of the problems…

      On top of that, these idiots who are the cause of the problems can’t seem to grasp a basic concept, that is the stink they smell, is coming from within…

      On most days I wait for those people who dress up as a priest to leave before I enter the church, one day the tall one had snuck up on me, he asked, have I heard the word of the lord, I said which one…

      My favorite one, you see him walking up and down the aisles at home depot, maybe he is buying materials for his own church, I can only hope…

      Neo-Free, keep your chin up, in the early days of boxing the fights lasted many many rounds they fought till someone won the fight, or only one fighter remained standing…