Sunday, April 3, 2016


" warned: the agency responsible for the surety that your property records are safe from tampering and alteration may not be so secure.

Catholics are disheartened over Neocatechumenal Way

I am disheartened. My fellow Catholics are disheartened; many have had their faith tested and are on the edge of, if not in, despair. We are fed lie after lie after lie by the Chancery Office of the Archdiocese of Agana. They have co-opted their members in the Neocatechumenal Way to continue their fabrications about Church property and matters of faith. Now, it appears that this complicity has extended into the secular segments of our community.
For those who think that this divide that continues to fester is a family fight among Catholics and is of no concern to everyone else, be warned: the agency responsible for the surety that your property records are safe from tampering and alteration may not be so secure. Is all one needs to muddy up titles, a buddy or other sympathetic person within the Department of Land Management? Are these careless mistakes? Is this but one incident among others that may have transpired in regard to land titles, memorials, liens and notices?
This latest episode of chicanery originating from the chancery reveals that the reach of the Machiavellian horde known as the Neocatechumenal Way has no boundaries. Money is one big grab of “gimme more, more and more.” Property is “best given to the church” so as not to have “ingrate children” sell after one has passed. Better to have the church sell to fund the incessant traveling of its many itinerant “missionaries,” you suppose?
Some of the properties given by hapless individuals in Neocatechumenal Way’s cultish scrutinies are already being sold within these poor souls’ lifetimes. At least, if left to children or other blood relatives, one would be in the cold ground and not know what had transpired with one’s legacy.
I will be the voice of doom to my fellow Catholics in Guam. You are losing your families to this nefarious cult, the Neocatechumenal Way. … Will you continue to open your doors in welcome to this marauding band of interlopers? Our God gave us free will and brains to think. Please use your God-given gifts to seek the truth. Truth does not threaten, hide or force itself. It just is.
Teri Untalan is a resident of Dededo.

My note: This is what more of you anonymous people need to do. Stand up like Teri. Be not afraid. 


  1. My utmost admiration to you,Teri for taking on this role. I pray that your warning and advice is heeded by all. Let us all stay connected. I, too, have an idea which I would like to share with our people. Stay connected! Hold hands! Let us all unite in prayer and deed against the forces of evil that persist within our Church. Truth, justice, unity and harmony will prevail in the end. Thank you, Teri. - jrsa (4/3/16)

  2. Interesting conversation between the Almighty KAKA filled Zoltan and the ArchNEO Cult Anthony Sablan Apuron really going to attend the information hearing chaired by the Honorable Senator Ada?

    ZoltanApril 3, 2016 at 5:59 AM
    Teri Untalan is at it in the PDN's Voice of People section on this beautiful Sunday morning... Please, take it with a pinch of salt what she says.

    Here is my response:

    Teri Untalan, in the Chalan Pago parish there are several Neocatechumenal communities. Why don't you come and visit us once at our Holy Day service to see if your sisters and brother adoring Jesus Christ are indeed a "Machiavellian horde, a nefarious cult, a marauding band of interlopers" as you say.

    Your language for us is not the language of truth but the language of unbridled bias, burning hatred, painful ignorance and a threatening intent of persecution. The Attorney General does not agree with you regarding the title certificate of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. What is at issue is whether the information recorded on the document is correct or not. Nobody claims it is incorrect.

    In a civilized society you cannot make public accusation about people without making the slightest attempt to justify your charges. We still have to wait for you to make civilized argument about the Neocatechumenal Way.

    You say you "will be the voice of doom to my fellow Catholics in Guam." I don't know what that is supposed to mean. Your opinion piece sounds more like the voice of a demagogue from the Völkischer Beobachter getting a free ride on the pages of the Pacific Daily News.


    DianaApril 3, 2016 at 7:18 AM
    Dear Zoltan,

    Right now, the jungle is expressing their frustrations because after three years, they still produced nothing. The jungle was recently jilted when the Attorney General finally announced that she agreed with the methods taken by Director Mike Borja. Now, Mike Borja can go into the information hearing room with confidence saying that what he did was in accordance with the law. And he has the Attorney General's support.

    The jungle will be even more jilted after the information hearing when the archbishop produces all the documents he has showing that he is the owner of RMS. The only thing Bob Klitzke has is a Bronze OPINION. And Bob Klitzke will most likely name Gennarini as the owner without any supporting documents to show for it.


    1. LOL. They have been saying we were finished for three years. We grow stronger daily. And if Apuron has these documents and has not yet produced them then he is guilty of the division and scandal that is racking his own church. LOL. So much more fun to come. Who ya gonna believe, the anonymous coward DIANA or Bob Klitzkie. Run Jackie, run.

    2. Well they are very predictable.
      Zoltan has regressed to his infamous spoon fed arguments:
      " you cannot judge us, if you have not visited our communities"
      "if you criticize us, you are full of hate, you are ignorant, you are biased, and you intend to persecute us"

      His final and repetitive argument being as always: "In a civilized society". The latest being used all the time, as an underhanded suggestion, that his opponents are not civilized, as he obviously is.
      Talk about a load of crap. But then the Zoltan is never afraid to take his shovel to steer more manure.
      I always find it edifying that Zoltan continues to refer to civilization, while being the product of a society that attempted to eradicate said civilization to replace it by something nefarious, and having found freedom in the USA, elected to join another mind-controlling organization: the NCW. Talk about contradiction.

      Finally as always it is a one/two punch, with the dungbat becoming an echo chamber to everything the Zoltan advanced.
      I guess Pius thinks he is so smart, and people do not see what he keeps regurgitating from his bag of poisons.

    3. The voice of doom: Jonah. The nefarious cult way meanders through the Holy Bible just like our separated brethren.

  3. Tim,

    Would you please link to the Washington Post April 1st article about abuse in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese? Need all to read this one.


    1. the diocese of altoona-johnstown also includes the main campus of penn state university. you might recall the highly publicized child sexual abuse scandal that happened at penn state, and how that institution also failed miserably to protect the victims right away. instead, they focused on protecting the institution and its football gods.

      the church in pennsylvania suffers from its heavily clerical culture, which parallels its heavily institutionalized culture in the rest of society. we see a little of that in action on guam, unfortunately. guam tends to put so much trust in its institutions, including and especially the Church hierarchy.

      i went to school at penn state. after the scandals, i disowned the university--i only mention my association with the school when i'm required. i would have done the same with the Catholic Church, if it were not for the fact that it's the true Church established by Jesus Christ, Holy even though it's made up of sinful people.

  4. How deep are the Neo tentacles? We are finding out little by little. The only feelings we have are now a stronger resolve to bring this to a head. Then again if the Neos have corrupted other government agencies we will be in for a tougher fight, but one that we will win in the end.

  5. Zoltan loosing it on PDN, and trying to go rogue.
    Very funny