Sunday, April 3, 2016


As you may know, the Kiko's are cheering Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson's decision. They, of course, believe they have shut us down for good: game over, go home. shut up, sit down, etc. 
  • The same stuff they told us a couple weeks ago when they published another version  of the certificate of title.
  • The same stuff they told us a couple of months ago when they published the first version of the certificate of title.
  • The same stuff they told us after they published the so-called "Denver opinion." 
  • And the same stuff they told us after the Roman visitors were here and did nothing to correct them. 

LOL. They cheer too early. They must have no idea who they are up against in Bob Klitzkie. 

But we'll leave Bob out of it for now. So why do they cheer? Specifically, why do they cheer Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson's opinion?

In short, Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson's opinion was to back up an opinion which kept the issue from being reviewed by the court. 

So why are they cheering?

One would think that as desperate as the Kiko's (Apuron et al) are to put an end to this, and being that there is no higher local civil authority than the Superior Court, and being that it would not have cost the archdiocese a dime, that the Kiko's (Apuron et al) would have jumped at the chance to put this years-long controversy to rest. 

But not only did they not do this. They had Jackie the trained lawyer "work something out" with Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson's assistant so that they could keep it out of court.

And so instead of putting an end to this, they have now paved the way for more FOIA suits, a legislative hearing, a petition to pass a new bill (that you will soon hear about), months more (if not years) of controversy,  public fighting, more protests, and more scandal to the faith. 

So why are they cheering?

Simply letting the title be reviewed and corrected by the court as the law already requires would have put an end to all this. The CCOG and the LFM and even JUNGLEWATCH would be no more. Bob Klitzkie would be discredited. Tim Rohr, gone. 

So why are they cheering? 

They could have put an end to the division they say they detest. They could have done this simply by letting the court review the documents. This could have been over. Done. Settled. Finished. 

Instead they are cheering for a decision that will keep the division going, the tempers rising, the hostilities growing, the church's emptying, and the faith dying. 

So why are they cheering?

They are cheering because Jackie the trained lawyer, with the help of Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson, kept those documents from going to court. 

They had a very good reason for doing so. And we'll be getting to those reasons in the coming weeks. Brother Tony knows what those reasons are. That's why even now he's trying to reach out to Blockley and Toves. He needs them to shut up and threats haven't worked. But like I said, we'll get to that.

Meanwhile, whenever the Kiko's cheer, ask them why. Ask them why they consider keeping the documents from being reviewed by the court a victory. 

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