Friday, April 22, 2016


I couldn't have asked for a more perfect reply to my comment.

Ummm Anyone seen the Archbishop?

My comment is actually a commentary. Throughout all of this, the one man who has the authority to answer and resolve everything has been hiding.

We see Adrian run out and blab. We see David run out and blab. We see OJ. We see the "trained lawyer." We see the whole train of fools, but no archbishop.

Can you imagine Archbishop Flores hiding like Apuron does?

But anyway, here was the perfect reply:
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW, TONY? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?":   
Umm... anyone seen Msgr. Benavente or Fr. Gofigan? 
Exactly! You see the Neos see Tony as having no more authority or power than the priests he has stripped and ripped and kicked to the curb. In the Neo world, all power lies with the Catechist. And the Chief Catechist for this part of the world is Giuseppe Gennarini. He is what our Archbishop is supposed to be, and Pius the Putrid is his Chancellor.

This is why it is a different church. In our Church, the authority lies with the bishop. And so when I ask where is the bishop I am asking "where is the authority?" Then Dingbat here replies with where is Msgr. Benavente and Fr. Gofigan? LOL. We know where they are. They were told to shut up and stay out of the way. And so they are. They have no authority to address anything. But Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron DOES.

And where is he?


And why is he hiding? Does he have something to hide? Well, yes he does. What you saw last night at the airport was not just a couple years of anger, not just twenty years of anger, but going on FORTY years of anger...going back to Tony's first days as a pastor of a parish in Agat.

Tony knows it. David knows it. Adrian knows it. And the Gennarini's know it...which is why they were desperate to move that property out of the Archbishop of Agana's control and into the hands of RMS.

You will find the clue in Public Law 31-07. And now, RIGHT NOW, there is a petition going around asking the Legislature to reintroduce the same legislation since the window opened by P.L. 31-07 expired in 2013.

It expired because there was so much fear about coming forward. But now...THINGS ARE DIFFERENT.

I will be publishing the petition here soon.

Where are you, Archbishop?


  1. Fly on the Wall reporting from a luxury suite at the Hyatt:

    Giuseppi Gennarini = Gee
    Claudia Gennarini = She
    Archbishop Apuron = Flee
    David the VG = Whee
    Adrian the Joker = Shee
    Pius the Putrid = Reek
    Deacon Larry = Doh

    Gee: That was the most horrible greeting I have ever had! Reek, I
    thought you were in charge of the festivities?
    Reek: Yes, master. We had all the brothers and sisters set, but then
    some Catholics decided to come and spoil our big ceremony.
    She: And why did you all leave us with that horrid crowd? What ever
    happened to ladies first?
    Shee: Sorry Claudia, but there are times when every "person" fends
    for themselves.
    Doh: For sure, for sure. I almost wet my pants, I was so scared!
    Flee: You idiot. You did soil yourself. I could smell it all the
    way to the hotel.
    Whee: No, your excellency, that was Pius you smelled. He was way
    stronger than Larry.
    Gee: Imbeciles! We have a serious problem and you talk about who
    smelled was Pius. Now let's move on. Brother Tony,
    your lack of skills have created a huge problem on Guam.
    Now the world sees what was not supposed to be seen.
    Flee: Hey, why are you blaming me? I'm just a brother trying to
    find myself. You and Pius are in control.
    Gee: Pius, I thought I could count on you! What happened?
    Reek: The brothers and sisters are as strong as ever. But those
    pesky Catholics think they can save their Church. And then
    these four idiots keep getting caught in lie after lie.
    Flee: But you told us to lie.
    Whee: Yes, that's what I heard, too!
    Shee: Me, too!
    Doh: Huh? Oh, yes, when asked a question lie. It's easier than the truth.
    Reek: Giuseppi and Claudia, see what I have to work with? I also
    told these idiots to make it believable. But they are
    completely lost.
    She: Yes, we know. That's why we are here. None of you can do
    what needs to be done. But Seppi and I have a plan...
    Gee: Reconciliation! That's our plan.
    Flee: That's what I've always wanted. This stress is killing me! I'm hated
    Reek: See, master. I told you they wouldn't understand. Be
    simple with these fools.
    Gee: We can never have reconciliation with these Catholics. If
    we did that means we would have to compromise our own
    theology. I mean we FAKE reconciliation.
    Duh: Huh?
    Gee: Cardinal Cordes will be here to help. We invite all the
    malcontents to meetings to talk about fixing the problem.
    Gee: At this meeting with Tim Rohr, Chuck White, and all the
    leaders of CCOG, LFM, and disobedient clergy, we agree
    to remove the NCW from Guam.
    Reek: This is brilliant, because I still get to keep my job!
    Doh: Huh?
    She: Idiots. The agreement is a ruse. After reaching this
    landmark agreement, which will be held at my seminary,
    we have a toast to celebrate.
    Gee: What the Catholics don't know is we have spiked the
    Kiko kool-aid with a very strong poison.
    Shee: But won't that kill us all?

    (to be continued)

  2. Fly on the Wall reporting from a luxury suite at the Hyatt:

    Giuseppi Gennarini = Gee
    Claudia Gennarini = She
    Archbishop Apuron = Flee
    David the VG = Whee
    Adrian the Joker = Shee
    Pius the Putrid = Reek
    Deacon Larry = Doh

    Reek: Before the toast, we will serve an appetizer. Inside that
    appetizer is the antidote. When you drink the poisoned
    cocktail, you will feel light headed, but you won't die.
    Only the Catholics will die. With them out of the Way
    (no offense Kiko) we will completely control Guam.
    She: Brilliant. They think they have won, and then they die.
    Whee: But how do we know the antidote will work?
    Gee/She: Trust us!
    Reek: We prolong the talks and then cave in on Saturday morning,
    and have a huge signing event that evening at 5PM. We can
    still make our Eucharist at 7:30.
    Flee: I think I have to go to San Francisco to check on John Wadeson.
    Gee: Cancel that trip. You will remain here as I command!
    She: As a sample, Brother Larry was instructed to add the
    antidote to your cocktails this evening. Soon we will
    give you a cocktail with a tiny amount of the poison.
    You will feel a little dizzy, but nothing more. Brother
    Larry, go to our bedroom and get the vile with #2 on it to
    give us a little poison for a taste.
    Doh: Huh? I added all of your antidote from vial #2 to the
    cocktails we just had. Is that a problem?
    Reek: (slobbering heavily) You fuc*ing idiot! You added the wrong vile.

    Fade to black …….


  3. Its over Apuron. 2o years of hatred to you and im seeing you fall. You bastard.

  4. So, is Apuwrong here or not? This lying, cheating coward is hiding right here under our very own noses? If true, unbelievable what this non-leader will do to avoid the angry masses. Fakmata, Antonio, sa' man la'la' i taotao tano! Hagu este chumogue contra i mismo taotaomu i man Katolikun Guahan. Hagu mas taimamalao, mas tailaye.

    1. He's here. Drove his Equus himself into this morning's workshop in Yona.

  5. Lyin Apuron on island
    Protestors please continue to protest.
    Suggest water hose to sray at them.
    Throw eggs at their cars
    Throw eggs at any of the Lyin theives.
    Only way to deal with roaches.
    Throw eggs at them.

    1. You willing to join us? Because we do not do things that are illegal.

    2. Welcome anon @ 4:39pm. However, we recognize the tactics of you neo, to deceive and manipulate. It's all just pretend for you.

    3. 4:39 trying to incite people to do things that will get them in trouble. Don't fall for it folks. Also, don't get too close to those yahoos because any physical contact may be regarded as assault. Keep your distance.

    4. Charges of battery...careful out there. They'll own your house, your car and your boat! That's not necessary. Keep on track. Courage! Hee, hee.


  6. I see no problem with throwing eggs. But may be you need to see if its ok under guam law. For sure dont be surprized if they get hit by eggs.


  7. Im telling you to throw eggs. Im not telling you to form a private army. Be thankful you live on Guam. If you live in my country we would blow them out of guam with our private armies. This is war. Im only telling you to use eggs.

    1. Please don't throw eggs. They've gotten so expensive lately. Anyway, let's just chill. I can understand how things got out of hand last night. You had 30 minutes to look at OJ and Putrid. I think that could have sent anybody over the edge. So let's relax for a bit. And don't worry. What we've got coming is ... Well let's sign the petition to lift the statute of limitations on sex crimes involving minors. Then we'll get to it!!

    2. Who's circulating it and where can I sign? Let's get this show on the road!

  8. Please don't waste eggs on these thieves. Whoever you are, fellow anonymous person, encourage responsible action for others, otherwise you are asking people to stoop to the level of uncivilized and immature deeds that might land us in trouble. I have a faint idea of what country you are from, but you clearly do not have a sense of how laws work in the US of A. I also have a gnawing clue to your identity. Leave the war of private armies to your political family friends, okay? Tim's advice to chill makes a lot more sense during this time of flared nerves and disgust for these interlopers. No violence please, this will jeopardize what we are both working for and working against.