Friday, April 22, 2016



  1. Well said Vangie and Gerald!

  2. Well done, Vangie and Gerry! It was a peaceful protest, just louder out of enduring years of frustration and "civility." It has been our innate welcoming spirit and desire not to be shamed that got us to today. Lessons learned: question everything before bidding "Welcome!" Be not afraid (ashamed) to stand for truth.

    Oh, and we did not encounter many tourists, so did not wipe out our number one industry in one swoop. The tourists take the early morning flights to begin the day in full.

  3. These people should be ashamed of themselves. No respect. Our elders are teaching the young that its okay to disrespect. Good job. No wonder why the new generations are filled with this BS and you wonder why the children disrespect. For example, a student disrespects the teacher because they see their parents and grand parents doing the same. So its okay. Good teaching. Shows that this division is not caused by the neos but rather the CCOG and LFM. Maybe you should protest at every parish and disrupt all masses and show the other faithful Catholics your true self. Haha.
    If you come to my non-neo parish, you will get the same treatment as how your are!

    Good job CCOG and LFM. You just proved that your are the division. Looking at the video makes me sad that you call yourselves Catholic. You are not Catholic to do such thing. This is not the way to go. Wow!
    "Love thy neighbor as I have loved you."

    1. Typical example of what I was writing about earlier.

      Somebody who is ashamed of himself, telling others they should be ashamed of themselves.

      BTW. This is typical of neo-speak. Whenever faced with opposition, they tell their adversary to be ashamed of themselves. (remember Bishop Ballin, to Chuck White?)

      A little kindergarten like, as far as argument, but to those who live their religious lives in guilt, fear and shame it makes sense.
      Please refer to social media for last night demo, and you will find hundreds or arguments with that nonsense.

      Of course, then in the great Kiko tradition of shooting the messenger, it is the CCOG and LFM causing a division that they have been combatting for years.

      Don't forget Kiko's rants on feminism two years ago, this is typical of this illogical look at the world.

      Finally to nail it at the end, this rabid kiko coocoo tells us he is sad that we call ourselves Catholics. This makes sense, since they see themselves as better than us, and holier than thou.
      The end quote, is hilarious, as it is obvious that this person has not loved anybody in a long time, and is obviously a self-loather. The whole speech is one of hate and superior condescendence, yet it pretends to teach a higher moral viewpoint. Give us a break.

      Excellent demonstration of the inanity of this sect, and why it is important to stand up to them, and their sickening view of a fantasy religion, based on the illusions of false prophets.

    2. Edmund Burke said the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. He also said that nothing is so fatal to religion than indifference.
      @ 8:44 open your eyes and learn about what is happening in our midst, then take a side. God willing you will find it in your heart to stand for the true teaching of our Catholic church.

  4. OLÉ!!!!! Dear friends of Guam: you are an example for all of us!
    Thank you from Spain, the land where was born such cultic leader dressed on phalse catholicism.

  5. From one Anon to another: 8:44 P.M, get back into your glass house so I can throw those NCW Old Farts through your walls and windows. You are an idiot pretending to be Catholic.

  6. We have righteous indignation. But it is time to bring it out of JW. The neos are out in full force on social media. Dust off your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and engage! This is not the time to be lukewarm, soldiers of Christ!