Thursday, May 26, 2016


If you're planning to visit the Children's Art Exhibit today, don't bother going to where the FestPac schedule in today's PDN says it is. 

From a report I recently received, the Children were turned away from exhibiting their art at the Basilica Museum by David the Villain who after agreeing to host the FestPac event decided at the last minute to charge the FestPac organizers an exorbitant fee, causing the organizers to scramble to find another venue. 

Apparently, this schedule has appeared in the paper over the last several days with many people showing up at the Basilica "Museum" only to find the place empty and the doors locked. (Of course there is no such thing anymore as the Basilica Museum. It was dismantled after David the Villain got rid of Msgr. James. See related stories here.)

I was told the Children's exhibit and the other exhibits listed were moved to Agana Shopping Center. And while there's been a whole lot of hollering going on about the alleged lack of organization, how about a shoutout for Apuron, David the Villain. Adrian the Drain, OJ the primatologist, and the other jokers who are making an international ass out of our local church. 


  1. Is David the VG trying hard to be stupid, or was he just born that way?

    1. Janet B - MangilaoMay 26, 2016 at 2:51 PM

      It has to just come natural for him. He's too lazy to try and be that stupid.

  2. It is really messed up this Basilica Museum thing. Remember, the skull that was donated to Guam. It was supposed to be the attraction at the Museum but they closed it right after opening it. It is one misstep after the other.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, some family and friends who "don't want to get involved" will see how things are on the level they're operating on. Sucks, right? Venue closed in our guest's face. Terrific.

  4. Let’s not be surprised by the search
    For Agana’s unwelcoming church.
    After all, their Monsignor
    Has a doorman’s demeanor
    And soon Neos will call him St. Lurch.

    1. How do we find neo St. Lurch?
      Go into the big down town church
      And look for the fellow
      Whose sickly and yellow
      And lanky as that old tall birch.

  5. You can't fix stupid! For sure, for sure.


  6. David VG be a man defend Archbishop.

    1. He can't because everything he says now can be held against him in a court of law. It may well be proved that he was complicit in the cover up. That could change many things...!!!!

  7. Replies
    1. Janet B - MangilaoMay 26, 2016 at 2:54 PM

      Alternate NCW
      Never Can Win

    2. Janet B - MangilaoMay 26, 2016 at 2:55 PM

      NCW = Nincompoops Called Wolves

    3. Numb Catatonic Wimps

  8. It is unfortunate that David the VG and his group at the Cathedral are unwilling to support anything that would benefit the island's cultural and artist community. A month before the one day opening of the Basilica Museum in August 2014, Monsignor James opened the museum to the local visual artists, CAHA and the Fespac committee for a workshop in preparation for Fespac. The artists were so very impressed to see the museum coming together. The catholic church on Guam was an integral part in the our local art, culture and customs. The group was so impressed and very pleased that Monsignor offered it (even though it wasn't completely ready) as a place for local artists to display their work during the Festival and that the church would be a part of this historic event- at no cost to the FesPac Committee. It was about sharing what we have....isn't that our Chamorro it is all about the money...

    I also think that David and his group are afraid to open the museum in fear that everyone would see the good work that Monsignor James did for the church. It would be a reminder of their continued failure. Too bad, once again instead of sharing the rich history of Guam's Catholics to the international community, the Museum's doors are closed because of greed and little minds.

    1. Vangie and friends are concerned
      With all of the things they have learned
      About this diocese
      Whose corruption and greed
      Has left all of the Catholics burned!

    2. Janet B - MangilaoMay 26, 2016 at 3:03 PM

      Poor David is so filled with greed,
      He works hard to fill Kiko's need.
      The sign at the Church is a ploy-
      It says "Come and listen to joy".
      And please fill the trash bag with money, indeed!

    3. Said the David to James and his crew:
      "There's one thing that I know to be true--
      Though a mitre's desired,
      if I can't be admired,
      o my brother, then neither will you!"

    4. Said James to the erstwhile VG
      "It means more to you than to me
      Do you think my vocation
      Requires admiration?
      O my brother, how confused you must be!"

    5. Vangie, I bet that if there was an influential neo in that FestPac Committee, there will be no hesitation. Ghostly David will give his A-Okay right away - and all for free. I still lament the dismantling of that Cathedral Museum. What an educational loss to our locals and to international visitors. All because of petty jealousy and vendetta from these three monkeys on San Ramon Hill.

  9. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONMay 26, 2016 at 5:04 PM

    There is serious work to be done with Adian "turtle, and vicar David Duh. Need to do some catchup.

  10. Janet B -MangilaoMay 26, 2016 at 9:22 PM

    The three idiots on San Ramon Hill,
    will soon be getting their fill.
    They can duck for some cover,
    But soon they'll discover,
    That kiko had exercised free will.

  11. Story from a friend...She went to Cathedral today and was stopped from entering and had to pay a tourist price to get in, she told the lady she was local and they still insisted she pay to go in...smh

    1. Wake up Guam...Are we going to let these NEO Cult Zombies take over our Churches...Last I heard, it was the sacrifice of the locals that built these churches. We have a right to enter without paying a fee to pray...

  12. FestPac delegates also being asked to pay to visit or venerate Santa Marian Kamalen? Unbelievable, while the rest of the island is doing their best to project the hospitable nature of Chamorros, the Cathedral-Basilica is exploiting the event to get a few more dollars from our guests? While the rest of Guam gives out non-perishable food, water and others, the Catholic Church takes? How sad!

  13. I guess David is working hard at further alienating the island's Catholic Community. What an idiot. He's brainwashed enough to see everything outside the Neo as idols. And where's Tony on all this?

    Where's Tony the Phoney
    Is he even home?
    Rumor is he's back in Rome

    I wonder why? Another alibi?
    Or, does he know who's coming next week
    When all the King's men will be up the creek

  14. Ponder all the comments and heed, because it reflects our disdain for Tony and his merry men of Neo Cats. We will no longer tolerate your prescience within our Church. Your days are numbered, your leader is disgraced and lost and only a matter of time, before he steps down or be held to account for his misdeeds. The only bright light is that Tim, Faithful and JW has been a beacon to the world in exposing the misdeeds and money hungry antics of Kiko, the profit" The world has to be grateful to Tim, JW and the army of Faithful who stood strong in ridding our Church of this cancer. The rest of the Catholic World has now been provided a actionable plan to launch when infected by this purge. Kiko, Arch and your minions. Kudos to the brave ones who defended the Faith. Our Church can once again look forward when this cancer will be removed. The only viable plan that is now opened to them to to begin to build their own churches. Your protector and benefactor will soon be an embarrassing footnote in the history of our One Holy Catholic Church. We have also taught Rome a much needed lesson in the process that NCW is a poor pseudo of the Church. They are not Catholic. They are only Catholic for convenience and a source of funds for them. We should all say a fervent prayer to the Holy Spirit, for His role in this endeavor.