Thursday, May 26, 2016


If you're planning to visit the Children's Art Exhibit today, don't bother going to where the FestPac schedule in today's PDN says it is. 

From a report I recently received, the Children were turned away from exhibiting their art at the Basilica Museum by David the Villain who after agreeing to host the FestPac event decided at the last minute to charge the FestPac organizers an exorbitant fee, causing the organizers to scramble to find another venue. 

Apparently, this schedule has appeared in the paper over the last several days with many people showing up at the Basilica "Museum" only to find the place empty and the doors locked. (Of course there is no such thing anymore as the Basilica Museum. It was dismantled after David the Villain got rid of Msgr. James. See related stories here.)

I was told the Children's exhibit and the other exhibits listed were moved to Agana Shopping Center. And while there's been a whole lot of hollering going on about the alleged lack of organization, how about a shoutout for Apuron, David the Villain. Adrian the Drain, OJ the primatologist, and the other jokers who are making an international ass out of our local church. 

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