Saturday, June 11, 2016


Because this message was sent by Adrian, and because it is at the Cathedral at about the normal time the neocats do their strange liturgy, and because the flower-laden zoo presided over by Cardinal Cordes on his recent visit is fresh in people's mind, and because there is still that big plywood sign in front of the Cathedral, there is GREAT suspicion that tonight's event is a set up to sucker people into attending a neo-eucharist. 

I do not believe that is true and I will explain why. However, it is hoped that our new leadership will understand the consequences of letting the name Adrian Cristobal appear on ANYTHING issuing from the chancery. This man has so mutilated this diocese, this man has so lied to us, this man has so abused us, this man has so damaged the faith, that our new leadership CANNOT afford to have this man's name or face anywhere near. 

Now, to the event at hand. The invitation reads:
His Excellency, Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai, S.D.B.,
the newly appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Agana,
invites the faithful to participate in a
Vigil Prayer Service for Unity 
on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 7:30 PM
at the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica in Hagatna.
We HAVE to assume that this is NOT a Mass or anything resembling the celebration of the Eucharist, neo or otherwise. A "Prayer Service" is NOT a Mass. The Mass, the Celebration of the Eucharist, must be called exactly that. It CANNOT be simply called a "Prayer Service." 

Now, what kind of prayer service, I don't know. Perhaps it will be once again a participation in the Liturgy of the Hours which is the prayer of the whole Church. That would be nice. 

Also, if we are to take a positive glance at this, the fact that it is scheduled DEAD CENTER of the normal neocat liturgy time, it could possibly be a message from Archbishop Hon to the neocats saying: The Church comes First. The neocats, if they want to attend (if only to show their "fruits") will have to reschedule their sacred time, a time so important to Brother Tony, that he made all the parishes change their normal fiesta Masses so he could get back to his community in time for their separate and private liturgy. 

I don't know Archbishop Hon's agenda, motives, desires, whatever. I assume he is here for exactly what he said he is here for. But what I am SURE of is that he is not aware of the damage Adrian Cristobal's name is doing to his initial efforts. 

P.S. I also think that it is time for Archbishop Hon, even though he is not here to investigate the allegations of sex abuse against Apuron, to acknowledge that these allegations exist. There are some terribly wounded people out there, and so far, they haven't gotten so much as a nod. 


  1. Yes I agree Tim. Hon's silence on the existence of these victims is discouraging. It is like ignoring the existence of evil of the worst kind. Anyone can see and feel the authentic and sincere pain and anguish emanating from the victims. It is hard to understand why Hon is still silent on their existence. Roy Quintanilla's niece said it best. How many more must come out before the Church takes action? Isnt one enough? Yes, an Apostolic Administrator has been appointed but he's temporary and Apuron is still Archbishop. As far as I can see, nothing has changed.

  2. Archbishop Hon, REMOVE this Chancellor immediately. Nothing good ever comes out of his mouth or decrees in the name of Apuron. You want Unity in this diocese? Then start by cleaning house and put people who are considered trustworthy in positions to effect your decisions. Remove Adrian the current Chancellor and remove David the Vicar General. These men cannot be trusted! The climate of the church that you ask for was once vibrant here on Guam. It is Adrian and David who have contributed to the current climate of mistrust, division and scandal yet they cling to their positions knowing the church is divided and make decision that further divide this Archdiocese? What does that tell you Archbishop Hon? Give me some breathing room Archbishop Hon so that, as a faithful Catholic convert i can once again fully participate in the climate of the church you speak of. Please remove these men.

  3. Archbishop Hon was not silent about the victims. Yesterday at the St. Anthony 4:30 mass in honor of it's Patron, Achbishop Hon during his homily spoke at length about the Popes' June 4th decree. He spoke that we are all sinners but, especially those in the church, it's priests/clergy are entrusted to be cautious and not let any harm come to anyone, especially to the defenseless little ones.

    he went on to say, Mea Culpa, Mea Cupla, and then on to say about the investigation, the cooperation, etc.

    If you sat there listening you could feel that playtime was over..


    (we've had coffee a couple times in the earlier years of this blog)

    1. That’s nice. So only the select few at the 4:30 Mass at St. Anthony’s heard this. This is a matter of importance to the whole diocese. Where’s the media release about the mea culpa, the investigation, the cooperation, etc.?

      Today on the steps of the Cathedral, the most famous face on Guam right now stood right next to him only a few feet away. The only way to miss him was not to look at him and turn away. Hon did exactly that.

      Sorry, Pete. I wish I could be positive. It’s about to go from bad to worse.