Saturday, June 11, 2016


Grace's AP article has made it into over 50 publications!

HAGATNA, Guam — Members of the Catholic church in Guam are reacting with devastation to the accusations that Archbishop Anthony Apuron sexually abused young boys decades ago, but they’re saying they’re still resilient in their faith.


P.S. Pat Perry is quoted as saying "the truth will prevail." The truth remained hidden for over 40 years. Now why was that?


  1. - Because 40 Years Ago on the Beautiful Isolated Tropical Island of Guam, the Priest was considered second to God and was revered as such. A Priest would never do anything sinful against "His Children" and when it does happen, it is kept undercover. Children were never expected to say that something happened to them and when it does, it is "Not True" because the Revered Priest is not capable of doing such evil things. The suffering that those precious young men suffered into their adult lives is beyond believe. People now-a-days do not understand that and I hope that they never go through similiar situations to finally realize how much these young men have suffered. But of course, Common Sense is Dead, so no explanation will ever satisfy.

  2. - Triple Ditto on the "Awesome Job Grace Bordallo! Guam Catholics are Devastated, But Resilient in Their Faith!

  3. Great article! Very astute, the church will prevail.

  4. I just found out that Hon did NOT say he would not enforce the decree. I don't know who the author spoke with who told her that.

  5. So, Archbishop Hon Tai Fai will continue apuron's order? That does not sound good at all. I'm keeping my armor on.

  6. I thought Grace and her husband were both NEO's from the ACB. I remember when he attended the first CCOG meeting at the Hagatna Mayor's Office and was confronted and challenged by the members when he questioned the presentations. Makes you wonder about her sources. When did she start her new job writing for the Associated Press?


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