Saturday, June 11, 2016


Dear Archbishop Hon. This is what happens when you keep Adrian around. The Umatuna goes to press on Thursdays. That's a full day after you arrived and three days after the decree announcing your appointment was first made known.

It even says so here:

The Umatuna is printed and delivered to the Cathedral on Friday. That's the day after the decree was publicly read and you made it know that Apuron no longer has any authority in this archdiocese. 

Yet apparently Sister Marian Arroyo and Tony Diaz saw to the printing and distribution of this edition of the Umatuna

Sorry, it's crumpled. Had to take it out of the trash!

KNOWING full well that Apuron had been officially neutered by the decree signed by the pope. Yet, he shows up in the Umatuna, courtesy of Marian Arroyo, Tony Diaz, and to be sure Adrian Cristobal, preaching from the pages of the Umatuna.

Don't let them tell you it was too late to stop the presses. Two years ago, during the Msgr. James firing fiasco, Apuron received a letter from a certain lawyer on a Friday at 4pm, and he hurriedly ordered all the copies of the Umatuna retrieved, some of which had already gone to the parishes. The copies were retrieved and destroyed because Apuron had place another false story in the Umatuna about Msgr. James. (Read that story here.)

Archbishop Hon. These people are making a mockery of you. We do hope you will not be going to their Gala tomorrow.

P.S. Who the hell is Archbishop Anthony? What a fake name. But then he's a fake archbishop. 

Seriously Tony (Diaz). WTH? Are you going to throw a lifetime of developing a respectable name away for this piece of trash?


  1. Buzzer, buzzer, buzzer!! archbishop Anthony Neo name...Hon also calls him that.

  2. The Gala! I almost forgot. The Korean Cardinal is coming. Who will entertain him, Putrid Pius?

  3. Buzzer, buzzer, buzzer!! archbishop Anthony Neo name...Hon also calls him that.


  4. Archbishop Hon the chancery insulting your intelligence

  5. Respectable name? He's a sell out working for dirty money stolen from the people of Guam for years. Everyone knows that! Go get fat off honest work Tony instead of feeding junk and BS to the faithful in that useless paper you put out every week.

  6. A picture of the victims over some kind words would have been preferable to that picture of Apuron over his title. If anyone is paying attention to Archbishop Hon, Apuron's name can't appear on the masthead as publisher.

    What a shock it was to read the Umatuna after Mass and see a picture of Apuron on page four. But after the VG, Mons. David C. Quitugua, ran a picture of the bogus Certificate of Title for the Yoña property in the November 29 Umatuna, given the names on the masthead what is a reader to expect from the Umatuna?

  7. Hopefully that's the last piece of trash published with Apuron as it's publisher. Marian and Tony, it's time for you posturing clowns to go. You have both knowingly aided and abetted Apuron and Chancery Goons in the distribution of crap to the faithful to intentionally mislead from the truth and submit them to silence. You are both unprofessional and unethical. You both should be delivering news papers, not involved in the production of them.