Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Walter's love for his faith and Our Lord is a great testimony for us. 

Despite being raped by the pastor of his parish, a man he looked up to and wanted to emulate, the man who represented his Catholic faith and all he wanted to be as a boy, and despite his being humiliated not just several years later when he confronted this same man who had molested him at age 13, but also humiliated on the steps of the Cathedral just moments before his message on this video, he unequivocally voices his deep faith in God and commitment to the Catholic Church, the leadership of which so far has treated him so terribly.

This video affords a unique perspective of Walter's request to speak with Archbishop Hon. The person recording is directly behind Walter on the steps of the Cathedral, and the audio picks up his request as well as Fr. Ted telling Walter that Hon has to go say Mass. Just Imagine!

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