Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Doris Concepcion, originally from Agat, is holding a memorial service at Veterans Cemetery in Piti for her son Joseph "Sonny" Quinata, laying his ashes to rest after more than a decade. Sonny was on his deathbed when he told his mother he was molested by Archbishop Anthony Apuron. Sonny was an altar boy at Mount Carmel Church at the time.\


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Dear Sonny, may your unnecessary and unwanted persecution as a child here on earth by the evil Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron be your key to salvation in heaven. May your soul rest in peace. 

Here is the recording of the full service at the Veterans Cemetery;

Here is the KUAM news report:



  1. As I watched Doris Concepcion reach into the space that her sons ashes were just placed and I saw the anguish and tears of a grieving mother I could only think of the scum bag who caused them both so much pain. There is a place in hell reserved for people like that and those who support them. There is no justice on this earth that can correct the pain and suffering of people like Sonny and Doris. It was painful to witness and the only promise I can make is that the sign comes off my truck when the bill passes with the Governor's signature. Either you are against "child sex abuse" or you are for it! There is no middle ground. Sign the petition and be "Silent No More!"

  2. Today, Joseph Quinata was surrounded by his mother, family, friends, Fr. Tom-Fr. Paul- Fr. Mike-Fr. Jeff-Deacon Steve, and other people attended (just because). It was beautiful, touching, and sad all at the same time. People of Guam "SILENT NO MORE!".........

    1. No Hon? No Adrian? No Msr. David? No Deacon Claros? No Deacon Tenorio?No Bibi? No Pius? None of those presbyters that tried to edge into the Yigo funderal service? No LOVE? No PEACE? No UNITY? No KUMBAYA? OYE COMO VA!

    2. Noticed spokesman Edivaldo missing, too! And just where is tony (arch of guam, OFM,CAP,DD)?

  3. Damn Tim you really got them going, what a bunch of b******* no- Neo