Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Anyone who knows anything about the cancer which has crippled this diocese can trace it to the arrival of the stray monk 20 years ago, Pius Sammut (aka Pius the Putrid).

Pius was Apuron's spiritual director these last 20 years. That should tell you something. But he was more than that. Pius was Apuron's director, period. This archdiocese, these last 20 years, has been at the mercy of this Da Vinci Code monk who co-opted Apuron's heart, mind, and soul (not that that was hard to do) and steered it towards his ends.

One day soon we'll lay out more of the doings of this evil monk, but perhaps his most devilish coup was installing himself as rector of RMS.

As you may recall, the rector of several years, Fr. Pablo Rodriguez, mysteriously disappeared a year or so ago and Pius immediately installed himself in his place.

It was a clever move because now neither Archbishop Hon nor any other bishop can get rid of him (though I know a legal way).

As already noted, RMS is a legal entity, a Guam corporation, separate from the Archdiocese of Agana. The Archbishop is only one vote on the Board of Directors and one vote on the Board of Guarantors. Both boards are stacked in Pius' favor, so there's no hope in him being voted out.

As nothing more than Apuron's spiritual director or even a part of the responsible team for the NCW on Guam, he would have been subject to the new Administrator. But as rector of RMS, he is not. Pius is the new "can't touch me."

Well done Pius. We'll get back to you.

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