Wednesday, June 1, 2016



  1. This was the first chance I got to view this video and I have to say it brought me to tears of sadness and anger. Thank you Doris for doing the right thing and bringing this to light for all to see and hear. If there were any doubters, there shouldn't be now. There is nothing comparable to a mother's undying love for her son and the genuine tears you cry for him. As a mother of sons who were also altar servers, I stand in support for you and will welcome you as you make your way home to bury your son's ashes in his homeland. Please do not beat yourself up for your perceived disbelief in your son. In light of our cultural and religious practices at the time it is totally understandable that you would feel the way you did. What matters is the truth revealed in the end and the your bravery in sharing this horrible crime and malicious act so that others may act too. Si Yu'us un binendisi.

  2. What a courageous and blessed mother.

  3. Makes one feel very ill to read and Diana's blog about "THAT ARIZONA WOMAN". That Arizona woman?????? My good Lord. How low can you go.

    1. Well Anon at 9.07 the answer to your question is pretty low obviously.
      But we should not be surprised by the poor May, almost as ugly as sin.
      She was so desperate that she invented herself a family with kids and husband to give herself some legitimacy in talking about abuse of children.
      Obviously the poor women is very deranged.

      One would obviously be under much stress hanging around the likes of Eddie the Waldo, Pius the Putrid, the Amazing Zoltan, Cristobal transgender extraordinaire, Father Rude, Deacon for sure for sure: I didn't see anything wrong,"Did you ring?" Lurch, the trained lawyer, Bishop Ap "Oh what a cute rear you have" and their legions of ill at ease dazed zombies.

      After all she is under a lot of pressure, and totally lost.

    2. Frenchie, reading the whole cast of characters made me have a relapse.

  4. - She is the lowest of all sub-human beings that I have ever read about. I wonder how proud her family is of her postings - if she has any. How dare you belittle a grieving mother who held this horrible secret for all those years not knowing what she can do. You do not know what her life has been and you have the nerve to make fun of her? Diane or May (whatever your name is) - Your mother must have been the saddest person on earth to have given birth to you for you to turn out the way you are. I am praying that you will never become a mother or if you have children, they will be given to people who will teach them morals and compassion.

  5. Tim, or anyone out there...please give us heads up as to Mrs Concepcion's arrival back to Guam with her son's remains so we can meet and give her a HERO'S WELCOME reception at the airport.

    CCoG, LFM...we are ready for this? Let's do this!

  6. Lurch said, "You rang?"