Sunday, March 26, 2017


By Tim Rohr

The number of persons claiming to have been abused by Archdiocese of Agana clergy now number in the 30's with many more to come, I'm sure. And the law suit amount, now into the 100-plus Million, is rivaling the amounts of much larger dioceses.

As the person who took the public risk of breaking all of this open, not to mention the hundreds of hours of research and writing this cost me, I very much want to see each and ever victim receive justice.

I don't know what that "justice" will eventually look like. For the most part it will have a dollar figure on it and I hope a sincere apology from the perpetrator if they are still alive, and of course from the archdiocesan leadership, now headed by a bishop who had nothing to do with this mess. 

And here is what I want in return. 

I want each and everyone of you (the victims) to sincerely desire the purification and rebuilding of the Catholic Church on Guam. And if possible, I want you to work for it, to join in the efforts to rebuild this Church, and if nothing else, then at least pray for it. How will I know this is done? I won't. It's just what I want. 


If I EVER get the slightest hint that anyone of these people, ESPECIALLY the persons I personally worked with, that they are only in this for the money, then I will use every ounce of energy that I employed to bring this about in the first place, to take down, discredit, hound, pursue, smear, expose, and otherwise pin you to the wall with Apuron, the Stinking Monk, and the whole filthy lot.

We risked everything to help you. We risked everything to do the right thing. And if you think you can give us "the finger" and walk off with your filthy check, then we will make sure the whole world knows who and WHAT you are. 

For that hundreds of millions of dollars in sex abuse bills will not come from the perverts who used and abused you. It will come from us. From the people who helped you. From the people who worked day and night to get the law enacted so you could see some measure of justice. We were willing to pay that bill to clean our Church. 

So believe me, if you are only in this for the money, WE WILL FIND YOU. 

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