Thursday, June 2, 2016


chong has left a new comment on your post "DEACON STEVE MARTINEZ: "THE ARCHBISHOP HAS PURPOSE...": 

I am grateful to Deacon Martinez for taking a stand. I have so many emotions that I cannot begin to find peace with it all or to find the words to express them.

Has the Clergy reached out to the victims and their families? Isn't this what the policy states should be happening? This is what the commandments call us to do. Love our neighbor as ourselves.

So much from Father Adrian and Waldo on defending the Archbishop. So much concern for the Archbishop and nothing for victims, their families and US the faithful.

It is very hard to continue to read the accounts and stories from the victims and their families. My heart aches for them, I am saddened to the point of crying. I find that I cannot focus on our local church without hearing these things over and over again. And I wait and wait for someone to help us, to come out and guide us. We are left to blogs (which I appreciate) to share our feelings and find some peace or comfort or a means to make sense of it all.

Archbishop, who claims to love us, his people, is not doing anything to spare us the hurt and pain of what is happening. If he loves us as he has repeatedly claimed, then one would think that he would do all in his power to spare us. It makes you feel as if he has never loved us. 

Father Adrian, you are supposed to speak on behalf of us, the faithful who are at this point "sheep without a shepherd." When you speak on behalf of the Archdiocese, you should be speaking on our behalf and not the Archbishop. Your comments should reflect assistance for victims and families, outreach for the community. We desperately need to feel like there is someone who cares for the victims, their families and us and how all of this is affecting us. 

The island church need to hear from our Clergy...that we will get through all this...We need to know that they do not all support the Archbishops position and comments...We need to know that they will help us heal from this, cope with it and the damage is has caused. We all live on this island, and will continue to do so when this is all said and resolved. Life will continue at the parish level. You will all have to face us on Sundays and at daily masses. Someone needs to take the lead and help us all come together and get through this. 

Perhaps this does not make sense to the followers on this blog. It is so hard to write how you feel when everyday there is a new emotion, another story, another tear and more pain. I do believe the victims and their families and I am sure what I am feeling is nothing in comparison to what they are going through. That in itself, is the greater pain. God Bless Us! 


  1. Dear Chong, my heart goes out to the survivors and to you too. We are experiencing the bitter fruits of decades of pathological narcissism: a driving, incessant, and exclusive pursuit of self-interest on the part of our Archbishop and the men he surrounds himself with, so I am not surprised that they have no regard for the victims or their families or the hurting faithful. You mention that you are waiting for someone to come out and guide us. Unfortunately, we cannot count on it happening soon, so we must pray for the grace to act, and to stand together. God bless.

  2. Thank you, Chong, for opening up your wounds to the faithful on Guam. Know that many stand with you, under the cross.