Monday, June 27, 2016



13 year old Walter Denton to Fr. Tony after he raped him.

I woke up feeling something or someone on top of me smothering me and I felt something going in my ass-hole and it was hurting me. I was pinned down to the bed on my stomach with my legs spread apart. I could not move. I could not move my arms or my legs. I was pinned down. I felt something going into my ass and it hurt so much. I shouted out to Father Anthony to stop. I kept shouting and I tried to move but, all I could feel was him on top of me thrusting something into my ass.  
He told me it will be alright.  He said he will take care of me and give me straight A's in Theology. It seemed like forever that Father Anthony stayed on top of me. I was crying out to him asking him to please stop. I kept saying that it hurts and to please stop. I could hear him moaning and him thrusting his penis in me. He finally stopped and he laid down on me like he was resting. He got off me and I immediately got off the bed. I was crying and breathing hard. I can feel my butt was all wet. I asked him why he did that to me. I kept asking why. He said if I said anything to anyone, no will believe me.


  1. I am behind you 100% Walter! Justice is Just Around the Corner. God is Blessing You 100% Also!

  2. Monster Apuron! You deserve to go to jail, you have forfeited your place in civilized society! All the flapping, clucking and quacking all these years, and you were hiding an ugly part of you! It was ugly not because your past caught up with you but because you dared betray the innocence of a young boy! By force and threat you did the unthinkable and destroyed someone who trusted you because of your lust! This boy had parents who protected him from harm, and you took advantage of that! Prison time is not adequate for a snake like yourself! You should be barred from young people as a sex predator! Thank goodness that you brought the NCW to Guam, for unwittingly their unwelcome presence and your arrogance exposed you for what you are! You are greedy, ambitious, callous and devoid of holiness! God does not sleep - ti mamaigo si Yu'os!

  3. Mampos tailaye i bidaña si Apuron! Taotao Hagat, debi di hamyu mas man huyong ya in suppotte i lalahin miyo. Na anok na man sen lalalo hamyu, ya demanda na u'malaknos si Apuron gi ta'chongña. Demanda lokue na u'mana pa'ra i babarias gi halom i guma Yo'usta. Ta na fan hu'yong esti siha i man chat'pale ginen otro lugat, ya kun'to i pale'ta siha ni trumaiduti hit. Fanohge Katolikun Guam!!

  4. 9.01am. Please can you translate.

    1. Apuron's misdeeds are terribly wicked. People of Agat, you should come out and show your support for your sons. Show how angry you are and demand that Apuron be removed. Also demand that there be a stop to all wickedness in our church. Let us drive out the malformed priests from other places, and also included our priests who have betrayed us. Stand up Catholics of Guam!