Tuesday, June 14, 2016


"The victims and their families want Apuron permanently removed as archbishop, and want Hon to also offer prayers and recognize the alleged victims of clergy abuse in Guam."

Archbishop sent to Guam by Vatican joins prayers for Orlando victims


  1. What about the victims of sex abuse Archbishop? Do we not also decry the crimes against the most innocent and vulernable in our community. Do they not also deserve our prayers and compassion? Does not compassion mean to suffer along with these victims the pains of the violence that was inflicted upon them? Why are you so fast to acknowledge the victims from several thousand miles away, yet the very victims in our back yard are disregarded? Could it be that it it is because an Archbishop commited this crime, and there is coverup taking place??

  2. The mass slaughter of over 50 people in Florida by a radical Islamic terrorist is beyond tragic, it is a shame because the murderer was on the FBI's radar! Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

    It appears the horrific and unspeakable crimes against Roy, Sonny and Walter are not deserving of the same recognition and prayer. Is that because the allegations "maybe false", therefore Apuron could be innocent? Would regognition of Apuron's victims offend the NCW's Prophet, Kiko and cause the Archbishop problems with his pro-neo prelate? Has Pope Francis sent you here to enforce Apuron's "prohibition" of the CCOG Society?
    Yes these are assumptions borne from the silence which is deafening! We are asked to be patient... we ask you, your excellency, to show compassion for the victims before you, here on Guam.

  3. But no prayers for Guam's victims of sex abuse, not even a silent nod of acknowledgnent. Pretty SAD.

  4. - I am giving Archbishop Hon some consideration that he is still thinking or being told that the allegations are just that - allegations - but three are more believable than one and one is one too many. I believe the abuse happened. Archbishop Hon should have at least acknowledged the victims who were/are physically here on the island during his first week. He did not and that signaled to me that he is waiting for all of them to be gone from the island so that when the discussions come up, there are No "Live" (in person) Victims/Victim's Mother to tell him their pain in person. You cannot see the true pain with words written on paper or on camera/videos but face-to-face is a different story. Archbishop needs to act on this problem now. No more "Unity" gatherings, NEO Galas, and so forth and so forth. It is time to "Come to Reality" and Reaching for Solutions! And those solutions have already and still are being outlined in Jungle Watch! Praying to My God that He Continues to Bless My Beautiful Island of Guam and the True Katolikos!

    1. It is time for these sorts of thoughts to be submitted to the local papers as letters to the editor. Today, the PDN has opened that door. Let's not let them stand alone. Send in your letters.

    2. Tim - I am not on the Island but I will look into putting what I just posted on the PDN "Letters to the Editor". We need to get this resolved. BiBa Guam Katolikos!