Thursday, June 9, 2016


Sexual abuse allegations[edit]

Although rumors in the community of abuses at the hands of Apuron had existed for quite some time, in mid-May 2016, Hawaii resident and former altar boy Roy Quintanilla became the first to publicly accuse Apuron of molestation; the Archdiocese responded by announcing it would sue anyone who made such accusations, which it called "malicious lies".[7]
A week later, Prescott, Arizona resident Doris Y. Concepcion, the mother of another former altar boy who had since passed away, came forward with further allegations of sexual abuse. She said her son, Joseph A. Quinata, revealed shortly before he died that Apuron had molested him. Her family and Quintanilla's both lived on the same street at the time that the abuse was allegedly occurring. Concepcion stated that after reading about Quintanilla, she felt compelled to speak out. The archdiocese responded by threatening legal action against her, in addition to Quintanilla.[8]
On June 5, Apuron issued a decree "banning" the Concerned Catholics of Guam (CCOG), a community group not officially affiliated with the church, which has been involved with victims' advocacy issues. Apuron deemed them a "prohibited society", and forbade members of the church from associating with them on the basis of, among other things, their dissemination of "fraudulent or otherwise malicious allegations" against him.[9]
That same day, Pope Francis placed Apuron on leave and appointed an administrator, Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai, a Vatican official, to lead the archdiocese while Apuron deals with the charges against him.[10] Only one day earlier, the pope had issued updated guidelines in an apostolic letter regarding the ouster of those in the church who have allowed sexual abuse to occur there.[11]
On June 7, Casa Grande, Arizona resident and former Agat altar boy Walter G. Denton held a press conference to state that he too had been sexually abused by Apuron, in April 1977. Denton's lawyer, David Lujan, stated that other alleged victims of Apuron had also been in touch with him.[12]


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