Thursday, July 28, 2016


Posted by Frenchie.

I was approached by world famous "Church Lady" who asked me about Archbishop HON.

After I explained a little bit the issues we had with the Archbishop from Hong Kong, and his latest "Press conference" she declared:

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, we will get some help from our friend  in our fight.

As you have all seen, Archbishop Hon gave us a demonstration of what the European call the "wooden tongue" which loosely translated amounts to double talk.

We were fed a couple of bones here and there, with some reassuring (if not hearfelt) declarations about the survivors, which were meant to appease.

We also received some reassuring words regarding Fr Paul and Msgr James, albeit half measures of sort.

As I pointed in two previous posts, Archbishop Hon is the champion of doing thing with all the minimum necessary to appear as if he is doing something while actually giving very little.

So while Apuron had the two mean idiots on the hill to do his dirty work, they could not be kept in place by Hon, because of how much luggage they carried.

Yet in the shadows, there are two individuals at the Chancery who do their work , without much fanfare.

One is Deacon Kim, the Champion book cooker.
He is a dedicated Neo, who works quietly and will do anything and everything for his boss.

The old one, and the new one.  He does not question, he does.

The other is Fr. Jose Alberto Rodriguez

Father Alberto is a whole different game. He is discreet, efficient, and so far has not got caught into the web of competition, between all the ambitious priests at the Curia.

In fact he runs the day to day operation at the Chancery, and is doing probably the best job, out of all the neos on the Hill, but do not be fooled, he is a dedicated man to his cause. And his cause is not justice, nor reconciliation.

Of course compared to this caliber of individual
and his fascination for feathers and other fetishes, the Vice Chancellor and the Finance officer look quite normal.

Yesterday, we saw that Archbishop had chosen Fr Jeff and Fr Lito for their likeability, and dedication.

Yet we see he has kept key players from the Apuron administration, and these people, while discreet, played a key role into the climate of fear and intimidation at the Chancery.

Pius can still count on them.

As our dear friend the Church Lady told me:

So while we are being distracted, Archbishop Hon is rumored to be preparing the next step of his plan. That step is finding a suitable possible replacement for Apuron, should the Pope decide to sideline our failed Archbishop.

And there is another quiet one lurking in the shadows, waiting for his opportunity.....

Frankly I don't think we will like it at all.....
More to come very soon. We shall need all the help we can, to stop that bomb to go off.

Meanwhile, the new Bishop of Chalan Kanoa, seem to have some big issues to deal with.

to be continued.....

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