Saturday, July 16, 2016


The answer appears to be a resounding: NO

Lets review the reasons for such an indictment.... 

One of the few things you cannot take away from an individual is his word.
His word of " Hon or".........In the case of our Apostolic Administrator "Hon or" is a word he does not seem to understand, comprehend, and even  less abide by.

Why will you ask, am I so difficult with Archbishop Savio Hon Tai?

The reason is simple, the Archbishop, the man sent here by the Vatican, is not a man of his word.
Worse he seems to lie, in the same manner our failed Archbishop lied to us in the past, and continues to do so in Poland as we read these lines.

 When Archbishop Hon arrived on island, many had great hopes, including the clergy, that things would finally change for the better.
I was one of the few cautionary voices who reminded people that the proof is in the pooding.
I asked then, that people watch carefully, arguing that actions are much louder than words.

After a very slow start, Archbishop Hon started by meeting will "all" the priests on the island.
His argument being that he wanted to fully grasped the issues and have a personal rapport with the clergy.
 I)    We know that during these meetings, Fr Paul was reassured by Hon himself, that he had been wronged, and that he (Hon) would take appropriate steps to remedy that situation.

II)     We also know that the meeting with Msg James did not go as well, and that he was told he would not get his old job back.

Lets fast forward a few weeks to the meeting with the Clergy as a group.
When Hon finished his personal one on one with every priest, he convened a clergy meeting, which gave us an idea of his real intentions.
At that meeting, there was a round table of what people thought.
Of course the presbyters spent most of their time defending the fact that Fr Luis was "innocent".
(the usual deny, and deflect) a good opportunity to not talk about the real issues.
One priest was so upset he could not formulate what he wanted to say.
Another questioned the status quo
Most stayed silent, and did not challenge any of the non-sense.

When Hon was asked point blank to clarify Fr Paul's situation, he went on a tirade, that while Fr Paul case was clear, Msg James was not so clear. (typicial dodge and cover).
His main argument was that he did not want to give the impression there were winners and losers, and therefore he would not give Fr Paul justice....
To his credit Fr Jeff intervened and tried to finagle his way out, in explaining the Archbishop did not really mean this.....but.....
That same night Arch Hon made similar declarations during the service at Santa Barbara.

The next day Fr Jeff went to con-celebrate the masses of both Fr Paul and Msg James at St Anthony, with a message of love and understanding.

The tide had already turned.

The Cherry on the  proverbial cake:
Now that Arch Hon has embarked in his "pastoral visits" of parishes, he is keeping to his devious way. While at first he tried to put a wedge between Fr Paul and Msg James, (Paul good, James bad)
He has now gone back to Apuron's dark hours of trying to destroy both priests, and maligning their character.
Last night while visiting Mongmong, it was said, he was moving cautiously on Fr Paul and Msg James, because there was some validity to some of the accusations.
Talk about a 360!!!
If you thought Apuron suspension would bring a breath of fresh air.....think again.

The stinking monk is still in the shadows and pulling the strings.

So Father Jeff !! Any Statement regarding this situation???
Or, are you going to pull a Cristobal and remain silent, until you can hit the nail on the head?

The main question now, will be if the two priests in question, will continue to be charitable and passive, or if they will finally take their pilgrim stick and hit hard with it???

My feeling is they will continue to be charitable despite the persecution, the lies and the destructions.

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