Saturday, July 16, 2016


The answer appears to be a resounding: NO

Lets review the reasons for such an indictment.... 

One of the few things you cannot take away from an individual is his word.
His word of " Hon or".........In the case of our Apostolic Administrator "Hon or" is a word he does not seem to understand, comprehend, and even  less abide by.

Why will you ask, am I so difficult with Archbishop Savio Hon Tai?

The reason is simple, the Archbishop, the man sent here by the Vatican, is not a man of his word.
Worse he seems to lie, in the same manner our failed Archbishop lied to us in the past, and continues to do so in Poland as we read these lines.

 When Archbishop Hon arrived on island, many had great hopes, including the clergy, that things would finally change for the better.
I was one of the few cautionary voices who reminded people that the proof is in the pooding.
I asked then, that people watch carefully, arguing that actions are much louder than words.

After a very slow start, Archbishop Hon started by meeting will "all" the priests on the island.
His argument being that he wanted to fully grasped the issues and have a personal rapport with the clergy.
 I)    We know that during these meetings, Fr Paul was reassured by Hon himself, that he had been wronged, and that he (Hon) would take appropriate steps to remedy that situation.

II)     We also know that the meeting with Msg James did not go as well, and that he was told he would not get his old job back.

Lets fast forward a few weeks to the meeting with the Clergy as a group.
When Hon finished his personal one on one with every priest, he convened a clergy meeting, which gave us an idea of his real intentions.
At that meeting, there was a round table of what people thought.
Of course the presbyters spent most of their time defending the fact that Fr Luis was "innocent".
(the usual deny, and deflect) a good opportunity to not talk about the real issues.
One priest was so upset he could not formulate what he wanted to say.
Another questioned the status quo
Most stayed silent, and did not challenge any of the non-sense.

When Hon was asked point blank to clarify Fr Paul's situation, he went on a tirade, that while Fr Paul case was clear, Msg James was not so clear. (typicial dodge and cover).
His main argument was that he did not want to give the impression there were winners and losers, and therefore he would not give Fr Paul justice....
To his credit Fr Jeff intervened and tried to finagle his way out, in explaining the Archbishop did not really mean this.....but.....
That same night Arch Hon made similar declarations during the service at Santa Barbara.

The next day Fr Jeff went to con-celebrate the masses of both Fr Paul and Msg James at St Anthony, with a message of love and understanding.

The tide had already turned.

The Cherry on the  proverbial cake:
Now that Arch Hon has embarked in his "pastoral visits" of parishes, he is keeping to his devious way. While at first he tried to put a wedge between Fr Paul and Msg James, (Paul good, James bad)
He has now gone back to Apuron's dark hours of trying to destroy both priests, and maligning their character.
Last night while visiting Mongmong, it was said, he was moving cautiously on Fr Paul and Msg James, because there was some validity to some of the accusations.
Talk about a 360!!!
If you thought Apuron suspension would bring a breath of fresh air.....think again.

The stinking monk is still in the shadows and pulling the strings.

So Father Jeff !! Any Statement regarding this situation???
Or, are you going to pull a Cristobal and remain silent, until you can hit the nail on the head?

The main question now, will be if the two priests in question, will continue to be charitable and passive, or if they will finally take their pilgrim stick and hit hard with it???

My feeling is they will continue to be charitable despite the persecution, the lies and the destructions.


  1. To be clear, AB Hon was not at the Mongmong parish visit. He was too busy with the NCW to bother with visiting our parish. But I digress (or do I?)

    What was mentioned of the status of both Mnsgr James and Fr. Paul was in response to a comment by a parishioner. The parishioner wanted to express that these parish visits mean little if AB Hon has not addressed the removal of both priests and the absence of any retraction of their removals sans due process.

    Fr. Dan Bein, the Mongmong representative member of the Parish Visitation ad hoc committee was the one who alluded that there may be some validity to the accusations.

    That statement, I believe, was intended to pertain to only one of the clergy and not both.

    1. Frenchie does not appear to say that Hon was there, only that "it was said"

    2. anon@5:14am. That is because the sentence was corrected - Thank you Frenchie.

  2. No sweet sour pork for this cHON artist.

  3. Who determines the status of Fr. Paul and Msgr. James? AB Hon? Some committee in Rome? The Pope? Is it appropriate for the Catholics of Guam to ask these questions? Do we have any right to know? Are we supposed to shut up and do what we are told like good little children? I can't wait to get back in the picket line and walk off some steam!

    1. Obey the Pope not your intentions!

    2. Blind obedience on a personnel or human resources matter? No thanks. I prefer to think for myself. Remember that tha Pope's infallibility is specifically for doctrine, dogma, etc. It doesn't extend to administrative matters.

  4. Me too, Andrew. See you there.

  5. Divide and conquer appears to be Hon's tactic.
    A priest like Bien repeats what he was fed at the meeting

    1. As far back as 2014, I heard from Fr Bien's own mouth the allegations about Fr. Paul. He was one of the associates at Santa Barbara at that time, and I felt the conviction of his words that the allegations as far as he was concerned were indeed true. If ever there is a hearing on this, Fr. Bien has to account for the stories he spread about Fr. Paul.

    2. I know I'm asking for it here, but hear me out: it is certainly possible that there was some inappropriate relationship of Fr Paul with another person in his parish. I'd hate to think so, but it's not impossible. Let's be clear that that may be an issue to factor in hee. But what's more important based on Tim's many articles is that Fr Paul wasn't given his canonical due. In fact he was seriously abused by AAA's actions here and his gossip at the retreat. So either way Fr Paul has a real claim for reinstatement and an apology for all involved.

      I say all this because I just don't want things to get confused if some evidence of something inappropriate did come out. But based on the bs with Fr Luis and the philandering priests, it's shouldn't matter to the chancery anyway.

    3. Fr. Bien is a good one to talk! Ask him what happened to his brother (Fr. Ysrael) here in Oregon.

    4. Fr Bien wanted Fr Paul's Job. He was the one trying to endear himself to Apuron, and replace his pastor.
      The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

  6. Andrew, we have the right to know what goes on in our church here on Guam. I believe that the usage of "visiting" priest to the parishes is only a ploy meant to appease the flock. Another "bone" if you will. As far as the status of Fr. Paul and Msgr. James, AB Savio has the power to affect the change....but he is choosing to wait....For what???? Only we can speculate. As far as shutting up....No Way, PALAU! We need to continue our efforts to have the Holy Father (or the powers may be) in laicizing apuron (the monster) and we need to tell AB Savio, Do Your Job or GO HOME!!!!

  7. Okay, so Archbishop Hon mandated ALL priests to turn in resignation letters from their current posts so he can make necessary decisions on their asignments. Now I heard that 25% of the clergy did not submit the required paperwork. I presume that these were the presbyters led by Juicer Edivaldo who boldly declared to the faces of committee members that as far as he was concerned, buddy Apuron is still his bishop. WTH? Tell me if this isn't insubordination? And why is Archbishop Hon tolerating this kind of disobedient behavior from certain clergy?

  8. Today at Agat fiesta, Archbishop Hon spoke with the mother of Walter Denton after the Mass. She introduced herself and the Archbishop warmly greeted her with a hug. She thanked the Archbishop first of all for celebrating the fiesta. It brought a smile to her face. Everyone was surprised. The mother, however, asked Archbishop if she could speak with him privately. Alberto and Ted were told to leave the room and the three of them (Hon, Walter's mother, and the nun - a sister or cousin of Denton) spoke in private for quite a while. Not sure what was talked about, but the mother seemed happy afterwards. Wonder if he apologized to her?

    1. If this is true and I am not saying it is not, I am glad that Doris finally had some time to talk to talk to Hon. It is about time! The victims are suffering and connection between them and Hon are totally necessary. Both sides have to be heard and this is one step forward. Still, the True Catholics of Guam need to continue to protest until They/We are satisfied that "Something is Being Done to Bring Back The True Catholics to Their True Catholic Churches on Guam"!

  9. MESSAGE TO ARCHBISHOP HON = While there is still time (i.e. before things turns from worse to worst, and the worst case scenario is put on your shoulder as blame) do what is most honorable for you): Resign from your position as Apostolic Administrator, and tell Pope Francis "I'm sorry, but I am not the right man for the job you sent me: to bring healing to a suffering Church. My loyalty too is divided between your mandate to bring unity to the Church in the Archdiocese of Agana, and the dictates of my boss (Cardinal Filoni) to keep the Neocatechumenal Way intact at any cost. They are diametrically opposed. Get somebody else who can work with an "indomitable people" who refuses to accept to my "ridiculous" plans to bring healing to a suffering Church! Get me outta here, please - rapidissimo! My suggestion (after a month here) - Holy Father - defrock or laicise Archbishop Apuron A.S.A.P." (jrsa: 7/16/16)

  10. I'm fed up! What is wrong Hon!
    Have you no "eyes" to see the mess! Have you no "ears" to hear your sheep crying in the desert? Will I ask if you have a "heart". No, we've seen it, it's "cold" and full of "ego".

    You ask how I dare make such a statement? Don't ask me, ask Doris, or Roland or Roy! But never ask Walter! Remember your visit to the annoying "protesters" prior to Mass at 9:30 am at the Cathedral?

    Never ask Walter, because I 'm sure he saw your heart that morning and he "shivered".
    You are "full of yourself". Walter was looking for you to "reach out" but you turned your back on him and went back into your "sanctuary". He followed you into the Church to hear you speak. And what did his aching heart hear...."This (protesting) will die down in a couple weeks". He shuttered this time and told his wife "let's get out of here!
    You had a "golden" opportunity to "help for those who have suffered such violence in the past"
    -Pope Francis
    “This is an important step on a path of healing and reconciliation,” said Father Lombardi after Pope Francis met with 6 sex abuse victims on July 7, 2014.
    Yet you would not (or could not?)acknowledge Walter!

    Def of Cold: marked by a lack of the warmth of normal human emotion, friendliness, or compassion

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  12. Growing up I developed a deep respect for priest and Bishops. The priest I knew were always pastoral and truly were great models for Catholics in Guam. Priests are humans and are not immune from making mistakes. The difference from my growing up years and now is who used their positions expecting blind obedience and all in the name of God. It was easy to overlook mistakes of priests I knew then since I knew deep down that they were good people and often see that they try not to repeat the mistakes they made.

    Our present crisis in our Catholic Church are caused by men who entered due to the awe and respect that these men get from the community and see it as the ultimate position for power and control. Some have used it to enriched themselves. The abuse of these positions were thir down fall. Young innocent children were taken advantaged of. Priests were told that it is their way or the highway. They rubbed salt into their wounds by destroying their reputations and future livelihood through malicious lies reported to the pubic without giving them their due process.

    People who follow these priests can do no harm and are given protection even from the law. Victims were called liars instead of makin them whole.

    So ABH, you need a paradigm shift. When you told the clergy that they had only 30 minutes, lectured them to be obedient and are not afforded time to provide you with information that woul help you or ask questions. You took this as being able to throw your weight around. Your role now is to find out what happened and make whole of those harmed. This may not go well for some people or factions, but hard and just decisions will always sit well with some people. Secondly look at the NCW, you are be holding of some of the most powerful of them all but their presence and high jacking of our churches by this sect has traumatized the faithful similar to when the Japanese invaded Guam. Too dramatic you would say? Hardly in that the high jacked leaders gave away properties they do not own to them to continue the incubation that half developed priests are torn from their cocoon and send out to conquer the world as the jJapanese did. ABH if you would not make this island whole again for us do it for yourself as in the end you will get hurt eternally on judgement day!

  13. Frenchie said, "The main question now, will be if the two priests in question, will continue to be charitable and passive, or if they will finally take their pilgrim stick and hit hard with it???"

    It's important that people participate in their own rescue, or at least not impede it.

    1. Oh, Bob, 8:22...or at least not impede it. A man with a way with words!

  14. the stage is set...

    as I have stated in the past, hon is not here to care for anyone NOT aligned with his VIEW, of god loving, forgiving and merciful Christians...

    hon believes good Christians DO NOT question the good works of the lord, which he (hon) is but an instrument...

    his MAIN function here on Guam is to pacify those he sees as critics of the church, and to minimize negative comments that leave the Island...

    as I look back since his arrival, his mandate is on track, the critics are quiet, media is minimal, everyone lulled into Saturday service, and like any good illusionist, hon will have everyone believing in his view...

    action stage left...

  15. RK. Sad in that team started to help but was kicked scratched and clawed figuratively as a chronically abused spouse who would fight her own rescuers.