Sunday, July 31, 2016


Posted by Robert Klitzkie, aka Bob

Finally after being served with summons and complaint filed by Roy, Doris, Walter and Roland in which Apostolic Administrator Hon himself was named, AB Hon went on a media blitz, holding a press conference, doing the talk show circuit and even taking up a the whole front page and most of page 3 of he Umatuna Si Yu'os,
Ad appearing in the PDN
Hon wants us to know that he is NOW very concerned about Roy, Doris, Walter and Roland and others who have suffered similar fates and have not yet come forward.

While Hon publishes the Chancery phone number and a request to call him or his secretary to "make arrangements," (how cold!) the Concerned Catholics of Guam published ads in the Guam PDN yesterday and today--in effect doing Hon's job for him.

Newly elected CCOG president Dave Sablan said, "AB Hon has done little to distinguish himself from Apuron. Our organization of concerned Catholics is determined to help victims of child sexual abuse come forward and obtain justice."

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