Saturday, July 23, 2016


Posted by Jose Martinez

Yesterday at the ITC intersection, a new sign was introduced in response to the latest attempt of misappropriation as sent by AB Hon.

(See the rest of this set here.)

Why this latest message to AB Hon?  First, let’s put the Annual Appeal into perspective:

The Liberation Queen Candidates raise money as part of their competition activity.  This year, from late April to sometime in May, it was a mere 45-50 days. In that short time span, the 2016 candidates collected over $100,000.00

This year the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal (AAA) took place from February 10 to May 15.  That’s 95 days - almost double the time of the Queen candidate’s effort to fund raise.  In those 95 days, the AAA was only able to garner a little over $85,000.00

There are many other entities on Guam that are able to raise funds in such a short amount of time and usually  the projected amount is exceeded.  So why is it that the AAA was not able to generate its projected figures? Why the shortfall? 

Keeping in mind the accomplishment of the Queen candidates of the 2016 Liberation of Guam: the shortfall is not because Catholics on Guam are experiencing financial hardships.  The shortfall is not because there was not enough time to solicit. The shortfall is not because there are so few parishes on island.  

The shortfall occurred because the Catholic people on Guam, the laity, do not believe in the cause. We do not believe in the cause because we have no confidence in the leadership. We do not believe in the cause because we know the RMS is not truly for our island.  The AAA is in decline because AB Apuron failed us and the pseudo seminary in Yona is a failure.

The message should have been made loud and clear when the AAA did not meet this year's goal of collecting $250,000.00.  However, in light of AB Hon attempting to jostle us again in meeting that amount, he is simply ignoring the fact that the majority of faithful on island do not want the NCW seminary to remain on Guam. We have already given our vote of no confidence by declining to support the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal.

This Sunday, 9- 9:45am at the Cathedral, please join the LFM and CCOG  in introducing:  

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