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Posted by LaPaz, a JungleWatch correspondent in Madrid

The Neocatechumenal Way it is a charism for, supposedly, calling distant catholics to come back home, the catholic Church.

Of course, that charism was never inspired to make catholics leave home, the catholic Church.


As it seems by reading former members from different countries in Europe, through quite helpful blogs like Cruxsancta and Neocatecumenali, for NCW the luxury is allowed and a lot of well formed people have to face the decision of leaving the charism and, in many cases due to practical circumstances, leaving their life as catholics.

Kiko and his mess

In one hand, people as me one time got actively into the catholic Church thanks to the Way. In that sense, we could say the Way was where we were "gestated" and were incorporated to our adult faith into catholic Church. 

As Kiko and specially Carmen used to say, the Way could be as an uterus. When a woman is pregnant, she knows that wonderful life she carries inside is to be given. Despite her loving state she knows her baby has to be born and gone out of her body. 

In normal conditions, that woman accepts that creature is not her own body. Her baby is into her body but is not her body. Her baby is not like her arm, nor as her nose. Her baby is not "her" self. 

What could we think if we know a pregnant woman who desires being for the rest of her life wiht her baby inside? As a metaphor you could say pregnancy is so special that you would like to feel as pregnant all your life, but of course it is only a way of talking.

In normal conditions, a pregnant woman can love her pregnancy but she loves more to gave birth her baby, she wants to know his or her face, to embrace him, smelling his skin, listening his voice...So she assumes pregnancy is a transient time. It is not an end in itself, for wonderful and plenty it could be.

If I was in the NCW as a transient period when I was discovering and "nurturing" my catholic faith, from absolute lack of conscience until an adulthood, the NCW was not the end itself but the way through life outside.

There is an expression Kiko uses a lot: "cut your umbilical cord" with your idols, with your goods, with everything, to be free. 

But I could never had imagined that freedom Kiko wants from all your umbilical cordons are only relatives to everything or everybody who are not neocatechumenals.  While you are cutting them, the NCW extends its own laces around to tie you up. 

It is quite strange to cut the umbilical cordon without breaking the amniotic bag. It has no sense. It is impossible. Or keeping the baby alive in the amniotic liquid for half and a year. As mortal as stopping the labour work because you would prefer your baby's birthday was on Monday, not on Friday. 

Kiko and his system are bent on giving birth a great number of supposedly adult on faith catholics who, at the end, are just clonic copies "dependants on" and "servers of" the NCW. When he describes the Church as a community of communities, he really means that. An unchained sequence of neocatechumenal cells. 

So, when you finished your gestational time, you are not born to the catholic Church but to a new stage on NCW, where there are no more steps to do but you still depend on your catechists and them depend on theirs and so on until Kiko, who continues telling you what to do, when and why. 

What is happening with the Way? Catholic Church might pay attention to those cases where the NCW fails in that "pregnancy". Why so many "babys" do not end to live as adults in faith after being gestated and being have birthed. Did they have their umbilical cord cut? Were they suffocated by amniotic bag? Why did they not survive at all?

Using the same example, what can we think about a maternity hospital where for each woman who leaves with her baby in her lap there are five who do not survive? 

by Mariano Rico, Chernobyl Series

In the Way the amount of people who enter and stay at least for 5 years is comparatively much higher than people who finishes the itinerary. Why catholic Church, then, is so happy with that maternity hospital? Does catholic Church realize those numbers are a bleeding? 

Talking with former members, based on their own experience with their respectives communities, we calculate an average of 1/5 of success or 5/1 of fail, comparing how many people started Initial Catechesis and wanted to stay after the first weekend convivence with people who received the white linen tunic in Election at the end and renewed their Baptism's Promises.  Per five who started and walked for some years, just only one finishes. Or per each one who ends the Way, there were five who left.

by Quino

In dramatic secularization times as we live, that is a fatal bleeding, more if we consider that a considerable part of people who left the NCW after having finished it, at the end left the Church as well. And worst, they left and do not want to hear more about faith. They become unrecoverable for catholic Church.

If an active life of faith is the whelthiest state for a catholic, what is worst: to die of flu or to die by a cancer? Please, do not such stupid questions! The worst anyway is to die. The worst thing is having your faith dead. 

What is the matter if somebody who started the Way left it five or ten or twenty years after? When the NCW is related with the fact of leaving at all the catholic Church, that is the real problem. That is the pandemic threat.

by Quino

I used to say to be exposed to a cult it is like being exposed to a radiation source. Of course, you are not being identicaly damaged if you are exposed two hours or six months. The more exposition time, much more is your risk. 

Many people who left the Way after decades of involvement are extremely burned.
Steve Hassan, expert on cults, with Paul Lennon, ex-Legionary of Christ and member of REGAIN, a network for helping former members of catholic religious cultic organizations, were talking about Adam and Eva and their given by God free will.

When a leader or a organization pretends to give rules to undermine that human's free will, not allowing people think, ask and choose options by themselves, based on a supposedly special ability given by same God to understand His willing for others, then run. God never can go against Himself. If God created humans with intelligence and free will, do not sofocate them in the Name of God.

I am not sure if Kiko trust on God as much as he says. I think Kiko doesn't like he had been created with free will because he does not respect free will of others.

El Camino a ninguna parte. 

Posteado por LaPaz, corresponsal de Jungle Watch desde España.

El Camino Neocatecumenal es un carisma para, supuestamente, llamar a los católicos alejados a volver de nuevo a casa, la Iglesia católica.
Por supuesto, dicho carisma nunca fue inspirado para hacer a los católicos abandonar su casa, la Iglesia católica.

¿De verdad?

Tal como parece leyendo a ex-miembros de distintos países católicos de Europa, a través de blogs tan útiles como Cruxsacta y Neocatecumenalli, el Camino Neocatecumenal se permite el lujo de que muchas personas muy bien formadas tengan que enfrentarse a la decisión de abandonar dicho carisma e incluso, en muchos casos debido a determinadas circunstancias, a abandonar su vida como católicos.  

Kiko y su lío

Por un lado, hay gente que -como yo- entró a formar parte activa en la Iglesia católica gracias al Camino. En ese sentido, podríamos decir que el Camino fue donde fuimos gestados y fuimos incorporados a una vida de fe adulta en la Iglesia.

Tal como Kiko y especialmente Carmen solían decir, el Camino es una especie de útero. Cuando una mujer está embarazada, sabe que esa maravillosa vida que porta en su interior es para ser dada. Por mucho que ame su embarazo, sabe que su bebé tiene que nacer y salir fuera de su cuerpo.

En condiciones normales, esa mujer acepta que su criatura no es su propio cuerpo. Su bebé está dentro pero no es su propio cuerpo. Su bebé no es como un brazo ni una nariz. Su bebé no es su “sí misma”.

Qué pensaríamos si conociésemos a una mujer embarazada que desease permanecer con su bebé dentro por el resto de su vida? En sentido metafórico podrías decir que el embarazo es tan especial que te gustaría sentirte así para siempre, pero por supuesto eso es solo un modo de hablar.

En condiciones normales una mujer embarazada puede amar su embarazo pero ama aún más dar a luz a su bebé, quiere conocer su rostro, abrazarlo, oler su piel, escuchar su voz...Así que asume su embarazo como un tiempo de transición. No es un fin en sí mismo, por maravilloso y pleno que sea.

Considerando el Camino Neocatecumenal como un periodo transitorio en el que descubir mi fe y ésta sea nutrida, desde una absoluta falta de conciencia hasta la adultez, el Camino no constituye un fin en sí mismo sino un medio hacia la vida exterior.

Hay una expresión que Kiko usa mucho: “corta tu cordón umbilical” con tus ídolos, con tus bienes, con todo, para ser libre.  

Jamás habría imaginado que esa libertad que Kiko pretende de todos tus cordones umbilicales se refiriese solo a lo referente a cosas y personas que no son neocatecumenales. Mientras los vas cortando, el Camino Neocatecumenal va extendiendo sus propios lazos para tenerte bien atada.

Es algo sumamente extraño cortar el cordón umbilical sin romper la bolsa amniótica. No tiene sentido. Es algo imposible. O mantener al bebé vivo en el líquido amniótico durante un año y medio. Es algo tan mortal como interrumpir el parto porque preferirías que tu bebé nazca un lunes y no un viernes.

Kiko y su sistema están empeñados en dar a luz a un gran número de supuestos católicos adultos en la fe que, al final, son réplicas “dependientes de” y al “servicio de” el Camino Neocatecumenal. Cuando Kiko describe la Iglesia como una comunidad de comunidades, realmente se refiere a ello literalmente. Como si aquella fuera una secuencia de sucesivas células neocatecumenales.

De modo que cuando alguien finaliza su periodo gestacional dentro, no es nacido a la Iglesia católica sino a un nivel superior del Camino Neocatecumenal, en el que ya no hay más pasos que hacer pero aún sigues dependiendo de tus catequistas y ellos, a su vez, dependen de los suyos y éstos de Kiko, que sigue diciéndote lo que tienes que hacer, cuándo y por qué.

Qué está pasando con el Camino? La Iglesia católica debería prestar atención a esos casos en los que el Camino Neocatecumenal falla como gestación en la fe. Por qué tantos bebés no terminan viviendo como adultos en la fe después de haber sido gestados y haber sido paridos? Se les cortó el cordón umbilical? Se ahogaron en el saco amniótico? Por qué no sobrevivieron al final?

Empleando el mismo ejemplo, qué podríamos pensar de una clínica de maternidad donde por cada mujer que sale por la puerta con su bebé en brazos hay otras cinco que no sobreviven? 

En el Camino la cantidad de gente que entra y permanece al menos por 5 años es comparativamente muy superior al número de personas que terminan el itinerario. Por qué la Iglesia católica, entonces, está tan contenta con esa clínica de maternidad? No se da cuenta la Iglesia de que esos números son una sangría?

Hablando con otros ex-miembros, basándose en sus propias experiencias con sus respectivas comunidades, hemos calculado un promedio de 1/5 de éxito o de 5/1 de fracaso, comparando cuánta gente comenzó las Catequesis de Inicio y quiso quedarse tras la primera convivencia de fin de semana con el número de personas que recibe la túnica blanca de lino al final del Camino y renueva sus promesas bautismales. Por cada uno que termina el Camino hay cinco que lo abandonaron. 

En estos tiempos de dramática secularización que vivimos, eso más bien parece una hemorragia, más aún si tenemos en cuenta que una parte considerable de quienes abandonan el Camino después de haberlo terminado también abandona la Iglesia. Peor todavía, la abandonan y no quieren volver a saber nada más de la fe jamás. Se convierten en irrecuperables para la Iglesia católica.

Si una vida activa de fe es el estado más saludable para un católico, qué sería peor: morir de cáncer o por una gripe? Por favor, qué narices importa eso? Lo peor en todo caso sería la propia muerte. Lo peor sería que se te muera la fe.

Qué importa entonces si alguien que empezó el Camino lo abandona cinco o veinte años después? El auténtico problema es que el Camino esté relacionado con el hecho del abandono definitivo de la Iglesia católica. Es una amenaza pandémica.

Suelo decir que estar expuesto a una secta es como estar expuesto a una fuente de radiación. Por supuesto, no te causará el mismo daño estar expuesto a ella dos horas que seis meses. A mayor tiempo de exposición, mucho mayor será también tu riesgo.

Mucha gente que abandona el Camino después de décadas en él están completamente quemados. Steve Hassan, experto en sectas, con Paul Lennon, ex-Legionario de Cristo y miembro de REGAIN, una red para ayudar a ex-miembros de organizaciones católicas sectarias, charlaban sobre Adán y Eva y su libre voluntad, que les fue dada por Dios.

Cuando un líder o una organización pretende dar normas que socavan la libre voluntad humana, no permitiendo a la gente pensar, preguntar y tomar decisiones por sí mismos, basándose en un supuesto don que el mismo Dios les ha concedido para saber cuál es la voluntad divina para los demás, lo mejor que puedes hacer es salir corriendo. Dios nunca puede ir contra Él mismo. Si Dios creó a los seres humanos con inteligencia y libre voluntad, no los sofoques empleando Su Nombre.

No estoy segura de si Kiko confía en Dios tanto como dice. Creo que a Kiko no le gusta haber sido creado con libre voluntad porque no respeta la libre voluntad de los demás.  


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  2. Hafaloha La Paz!

    Kiko has manipulated the “crisis” of apathy within the Catholic Church to build his church, the Neocatecumecal Way. The Church has welcomed the increase in vocations that the “WAY” has produced through the 70+ RMS seminaries and ignores the abuses of liturgy, heretical teachings and cultic tactics used by the Way to manipulate and ensnare souls.
    Let's look at their (NCW) recruiting methods.

    "Come and Listen" or “Invitation to Joy” sessions designed to "identify" the vulnerable who fit into two categories;
    • Poor catechesis (formation) and
    • Victims of loneliness, tragedy and despair.
    Those in these two categories get the attention of the NCW catechist and become receptive and accept the "invitation to joy". Now the “walk” begins. And as La Paz has alluded to, there is a high percentage of “walk aways” during the process of indoctrination.

    The indoctrination methods;
    • Catechists
    • Responsibles
    • Community
    • Scrutinies
    • Public Confession
    • Convivence
    • Rite of Admission to the Catechumenate.

    Archbishop Hon, you apparently approve of the above indoctrination methods used by the Kiko to ensnare and trap souls walking in the way. That makes you complicit with heresy and incapable of completing the mission assigned to you by the Holy Father.

  3. Bruce, has there been any writing, blog, comment, homily, etc. from AB HON where he makes mention of the NCW in Guam? I haven't heard or read of any. Does not that speak volumes? The Catholic Faithful know full well that the root of the division/disunity within the Catholics in this archdiocese lies in the infiltration, promotion, prolifiration, and influence of its heretical teachings and disobedient practices of the Liturgy - yet, AB Hon has not even made a single mention of this. Does that not speak volumes? Are we far from wrong in concluding that his mission here is to protect it (the NCW)?

    I wish that more of the commenters of the JW blogs will speak of this issue, and take AB to task for the very obvious stand he is taking on this issue. I just did. - jrsa (7/24/16)

  4. JR San Augustin, sadly, you might just be right. This was something I've thought of too but was I was willing to give AB Hon just a little more time. From the feedback of parishioners from Mangilao, there was no mention of the NCW and the division of our archdiocese due to the infiltration of our parishes. Yes, I fear that Hon's mission on Guam was to protect this group's heretical teachings and disobedient practices of the liturgy. We've been getting committee meetings, surveys and NO MEANINGFUL ACTION TO DATE. And he has the gall to ask us for more money to fund the NCW seminary!

  5. That is quite an analogy, LaPaz! Members of ncw are not allowed to "be born" until Kiko says so! I hope you don't mind if I make a flyer of this post to share with people I meet, or better yet, to fwd via email. As to the ratio of ncw members who stay the course (1/5), I wonder how we might be able to conduct a survey on our island to compare with yours; but then, we have to stay focused to eliminate this heretical group without distraction.

    The first major step is to advocate for the passage of Bill 326-33 by providing supporting testimony. Once passed, the Governor can sign it into law, and then the Survivors of Apuron's abuse can sue him civilly.

    But as we all know, this is only the beginning to the desired outcome: To extricate our Catholic Community from the "heretical teachings [of Pius and his posse of Neo presbyters] and [their] disobedient practices of the Liturgy" (quote from J.R.San Agustin)!

    I never in my life thought that one day I would call a high-ranking church official a traitor to the One, Holy, Apostolic Catholic Church, but that is what you are Archbishop HON, you are a TRAITOR! Aren't you embarrassed that WE, ALL-of-US-Faithful-Catholics, CAN SEE QUITE CLEARLY that your loyalty is to Kiko, Pius and the heretical NCW? Maybe you will see the light clearly when Apuron is taken down by the Survivors! Take your cue and exit the stage before the Law forcibly removes you!