Saturday, July 30, 2016


Created by Robert Klitzkie, aka Bob.

AB Hon who at one time wouldn't even give Walter Denton the time of day, now apparently has talkitis--a press conference, radio and newspaper interviews, on-and-on. It's funny how being served with a summon and complaint bearing his name so suddenly caused a metamorphosis from no-talk to talkitis!  

But an increase in quantity was not matched by an improvement in quality.  It's still all Hon Doublespeak.

Today Hon took to the airwaves of the Chancery's own radio station, KOLG to be interviewed by the Chancery's equivalent of Mike Wallace, Tony Diaz, that is. Fortunately for us newly elected CCOG President Dave Sablan was listening in to Tony's hard-hitting interview.  Dave put together a summary of the interview and included his well taken comments in red:

Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai was on KOLG radio, 90.9 FM at noon today.
I tried to hear if there was going to be anything of significance he was going to bring up or address with regard to the issues CCOG brought to his attention when Greg Perez and Bob Klitzkie met briefly with him on 1 JULY, and with regard to the "investigation" of Apuron and the allegations of sexual abuse by him of young altar boys when he was pastor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in Agat.   
First, he cited he had an audience with the Pope before he came out here.  The Pope held his hand and advised him to let the people of Guam know he loves them and prays for them.  MY COMMENTS:  Okay.  Thank you.  We love you too, Holy Father, but could you send us someone who can act swiftly using real "urgent measures" as you instructed to clean up this archdiocese?  Archbishop Hon is setting up committees to study things; doing pastor parish visits which mean little more than showing the people that he is a "smiling archbishop". 
He then went on to explain his objective is unity here.  He said he is doing pastoral visits to the various parishes; he met with his clergy, the religious and some of the lay people (probably neocats).  MY COMMENTS:  Okay, we've heard this unity objective too often already, so we get it.  Thank you for visiting the parishes, but a two-three hour visit is not going to appease the Faithful who are inflamed with the insignificant "action" you have taken thus far to bring true unity and calm in this archdiocese.    Two months you have been here and nothing from you, except removing Fr. Adrian Cristobal and Msgr. David Quitugua from their responsibilities in the Chancery; and changing the Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator for the Archdiocese.  The jury is still out on these replacements.  But you have not removed others who are part of the cancer in the Archdiocese. 
When are you going to address the list of things CCOG representatives gave you at the beginning of July?  When are you going to take "ACTION" to clean up the mess in this archdiocese?   
We dissected your 26 JULY press conference, Archbishop Hon, and found NOTHING, but nice words.  Are you going to issue decrees officially to clear the good names; restore and reinstate Monsignor James and Fr. Paul to their parishes and former responsibilities before Apuron kicked them out and sent them to exile in Tamuning at Sts. Anthony and Victor parish?  An official decree clearing them of all accusations and wrongdoings, with an official apology, would be significant. 
Then he explained what "Sede Plena" is, and how he took over this archdiocese as its apostolic administrator, and that he is the Pope's representative here.  Tony Diaz, who was interviewing him, then explained that it was basically administrative authority.  Hon agreed. 
He then explained he had no authority to investigate sexual abuse claims involving "a bishop".  The Holy See takes care of this.  He simply is to send them documents, including news reports--and he thanked Tony Diaz for helping him with this, to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatican.  Tony asked him if there was anyone who will be coming out here from that Congregation?  He did not know, but he welcomes them if they do. 
He so methodically and carefully pronounced the names of:  Roy Quintanilla; Doris Concepcion; Walter Denton; and Roland Sondia, when he said he would like to meet with the "plaintiffs". They are to call his secretary anytime at the Chancery.  MY COMMENTS:  Is this what you consider "outreach"--that is, to have these survivors of Apuron's sexual molestations, call you to make an appointment?!!  You want them to call to make an appointment to see you; then come to the "Hill" to meet you?!!  Archbishop Hon, we are not talking about these survivors wanting to see a dentist;  YOU should contact them, and YOU should make an appointment to see them, if YOU are truly sincere in your humility and commitment to healing their pain and suffering all these decades past.  If this is the way you show compassion;  well, you are the WRONG person to be in charge of cleaning up this archdiocese.  You have no idea how insulting this suggestion of yours is to the survivors of sexual abuse by one, Archbishop Anthony Apuron.  It shows your lack of compassion to even suggest this way of your "outreach" to these sexual abuse survivors of Archbishop Apuron.   
He went on to explain his pastoral visits to the parishes.  MY COMMENT:  Nice but not enough.
Then Tony asked him about the RMS.  He said he is checking into the two seminaries.  I did not hear all that he said about this subject.  Maybe someone else heard his full response.  I left his interview before he finished his response. 
Frankly, he does not seem to be all that committed to really cleaning up this archdiocese.    
He spent nearly 45-minutes (the length of time that I listened to his interview; but he talked for a little while longer) talking about "form"--unity objective; meeting with clergy, religious, some laity; parish pastoral visits; explaining his visit with the Pope before coming out here, and the message the Pope asked him to convey to the People of Guam (no mention or reference to the written order to him from the Pope to use "urgent measures" to clean up this archdiocese); explaining what "Sede Plena" means; washing his hands of any investigation of Apuron--he  emphasized that he was just the documents clerk for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome; and saying he would like to meet with the "plaintiffs" of the defamation lawsuit against Apuron, by requesting they contact his office. 
We shall not lessen our crescendo of wanting some real action in cleaning up this mess in the  Archdiocese of Agana. 
Dave Sablan


  1. Some new Junglewatch Nation vocabulary: "Talkitis" is an outpouring of Hon Doublespeak whenever someone puts a microphone in front of Hon. "Hon Doublespeak" is the content of Hon talkitis. No-talk is what Hon used when he encountered Walter at the Cathedral.

  2. I hope that the lawsuits against apuron et al, continue to include the Archdiocese of Agana, with specific mention of Hon. With lawsuits putting a fire under his ass, perhaps Hon's "talkitis" will someday (soon, I hope) develop into "actionitis."

  3. Way to go David. Please keep us informed.

  4. What are we waiting for, people? Rome???? Hell will freeze over before "Rome" decides to "really" do something. AB Savio is Dead Wood at best. Just floating around and doing nothing of significance. We, the laity are the ones who can affect change. Stop looking towards Rome.

  5. "What are we waiting for, people?"

    See you on the picket line tomorrow 0900 t0 0945 at the Cathedral, Raymond.

  6. Just imagine if Hon had first reached out to the laity the way he is now reaching out to the press. But then he wasn't included in a lawsuit then.

    1. Exactly 6:24 AM - Had Hon just acknowledged the Laity and CCoG when he first got here, he would have gotten to the bottom of all the problems. But, there is a But, he was here only year ago and he did not see what the problems were then? Another Vacation? I am a little leery about this. A person needs to educate himself with all the problems before he starts fixing. Well, he has cosmetically and supposedly restored the wronged Priests but I see nothing in writing. And Another But - He has not reached out to the abused Survivors! So What Has Hon Truly Done! Nothing! Nada!

  7. With AB Hon we apparently have two choices, either no-talk or Hon Doublespeak, the former being the default for just regular Catholics.

  8. It took Hon and the Vatican FOUR long years to finally believe what we've been telling them about Fr. Paul and Msgr. James. As I told the Legislature, we cannot expect the Church to fix itself. We have to rely on Civil authorities. Support Bill No. 326-33 to stop child sexual abuse, and allow us to begin fixing our Church. See you all at this morning's picket line.

    1. Actually the Vatican does not believe what we said about either priest which is why neither will be restored to their former positions.