Sunday, July 31, 2016


I(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Calculated stupidity. I know that sounds like a contradiction in terms, but with Ab Hon, it somehow seems to fit. As Forrest Gump says, "Stupid is as stupid does."

In light of his being included in the lawsuit of the victims of Apuron/Edivaldo/Tenorio, Hon finally got around to acknowledging that there are indeed grievances against our child-loving archbishop and his goon squad up on the Hill. These are grievances for rape, molestation, defamation, and threats of excommunication—not just complaints that upset the herd (or in this case, flock).

Well, imagine that. Grievances from real-live victims. And in preparation for those victims of Apuron who have not yet come forward, Hon in all his Curial brilliance appointed a Capuchin to be the go-to man for the Archdiocese. But given that Apuron is a Capuchin, appointing another Capuchin as the liaison for victims is like expecting people to report a police chief's corruption to his secretary.

This is quite possibly the stupidest move yet by Hon. Really, your Eminence? Not just a priest, but a priest in the very same order as Apuron? Of all the people on island to be chosen, you had to choose a priest? And among priests, it had to be a Capuchin? And among Capuchins, it had to be Fr Patrick Castro? THAT's your plan?

Don't get me wrong--I love the Capuchins, and my pastor for years is a Capuchin. Nevertheless, with all due respect to Fr Pat himself, Hon is using him in the most shameless way possible, and he's letting it happen. Our apostolic administrator’s realpolitik is now capitalizing on the “good reputation” of the Capuchins (that’s “good reputation” compared to NCW presbyterial types that none but the Kiko Kool-Aid drinkers trust). But in the end, the Capuchins will pay a heavy price for going along with this, regardless of their best intentions. Caught in Hon’s web of ambitious trickery, they risk losing what credibility they have, and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Added to that is the problem of Fr Pat himself who—like Fr Jeff—is a nice guy.  So nice he's uninspiring (the sight of him with Hon at the press conference was precisely that--uninspiring to the point of making me chuckle). Fr Pat is too nice to say, “No thanks, I’m not going to betray victims nor my brother priests just so you can go back to Rome and be made a cardinal.” So that smiley face put out there by most (not all) at the press conference is a whole new level of problem. And it’s a whole new level of stupidity since the Capuchins seem to be quite willing to be put in the position of being left holding the bag.

So what’s the alternative? Simple: find someone on Guam—preferably a layman/laywoman—with some knowledge of helping the abused and knowledge of their legal recourse. THAT person can coordinate from there. To send people directly to a priest—especially a Capuchin priest—is ridiculous even at first glance. Even a child can see that.

It’s not a matter of caring nor compassion, nor of clerical representatives being there to make up for wrongs done by others. All of that is just to ease the Archdiocesan conscience, not to mention civil culpability.

No, this is a matter of the most suitable agent being in place for a very difficult task. Yes, this person must be suited to helping those who come forward, but they must also be suited to getting those who need help TO COME FORWARD now that Apuron practically dared them to come forward and threatened them in case they did (as did Hon, for all these weeks, by his refusal to saying anything contrary to the malice of Apuron and those who speak for him).

Hon’s sleight-of-hand at that news conference was just a reaction to being sued, and we all know it. Even if people buy it, so what? Does it undo the harm done in any way to the victims? No. But since Hon has given every indication of being all awash in NCW theology, apparently he doesn’t believe in anything more than demanding that others forgive without do anything to bring about the healing required for forgiveness. Kind of like the Sacrament of Confession without the confessing or contrition part.

Here's a quick kindergarden example. Instead of saying, "I retract thus-and-so" and "this isn't how I feel about thus-and-so," how about a simple, "I'm sorry. I really am sorry about how all this went down. I'm going to do what it takes to fix it."

So what is Hon playing at? Is he stupid? I’m guessing no, but apparently he makes really stupid moves in the name of proving he's clever. Or is it clever moves to prove he's stupid? All his calculation is designed to make himself a hero by pacifying us dumb natives like he’s buying our mineral rights for pretty glass beads. But he does it with such a cavalier attitude that he's like a doctor who sees you bleeding and tells you it's all in your head. Talk about malpractice.

On the surface his "stupidity" is obvious, so that gets me thinking: is he crazy like a fox? Or like Apuron, is his lust for being a cardinal so great that he’s fully in Kiko Arguello’s pocket and will do anything--ANYTHING--to make everything harmonious and to his personal benefit?

For the record, I say it's stupidity, but if it's not, then it's evil, plain and simple. And if that's the case, then everyone with Hon is participating in a demonic deception. That is a terrifying thought. Out of charity, let's just call it stupidity. For now at least. 

Pray the Good Lord that this stupidity will eat itself. But that devouring will gladly include those priests who acquiesce in the name of go-along-to-get-along. I almost feel sorry for Fr Pat and the Capuchins. Hon's stupidity like this always has a steep price tag for everyone involved. This involvement in Hon's scheme will not end well for the Capuchins. Mark my words.


  1. Thank You Mr. Glaucon

    For seeing the hon for what he truly is, and for seeing through the clouds of injustice in his leadership, the only thing that has changed in the past two months for Archdiocese of Agana, is the IDIOT running the place...

  2. The KAKA theology in full bloom! The "toxic" cloud of the NCW must be removed, one parish at a time, until they are confined to the RMS.

    As it appears Hon's mission is to protect the RMS for the prophet Kiko, so be it (for now)! The RMS will be their "refuge" from unjust persecution at the hands of the manamko and the fanatical Traditionalist who wish to keep the Church in the dark ages.

    Keep your twisted theology away from our Churches and Catholic Schools. And keep your hands off our children. Go preach your error elsewhere!

  3. The religion classes in Catholic School uses Neo religion books.

    1. I doubt that is happening at Mt. Carmel in Agat because it's not a Catholic school since Apuron gave Mike Phillips the key to run the place a bit over 5/6 years ago. The school can't even be use for CCD Programs. Lol. Hey, heard Alberto was taken out of the parish to work up at the Chancery. Wonder who's been appointed.

    2. Please do not send your kids to Mt. Carmel. My son was being physically abused by his teacher and I told the principal, Mike phillips and even the Archdiocese and they did NOTHING. By law they are required to report the allegations to the police and CPS within 24 hours and they completely ignored us. And my son was not the only one being hit and belittled by that teacher. There is absolutely no oversight there and I don't know what deal Mike phillips made with Apuron for him to give phillips complete control over that school but now I wonder if it may be a price paid for his silence.

    3. Anonymous at 6:01 AM, I'm just now reading your comment about your son's experience at Mt. Carmel. I am very sorry that he was abused physically and emotionally. As you indicated, the School authorities should have reported the allegations to the Police and CPS. Once you realized that you were being ignored, you could have contacted the Police and CPS yourself. I don't know how long ago this happened to your son. Maybe you can call and find out what — if anything — can be done for him.
      Good luck.

  4. Ncw perverts keep your hands off our children.

  5. Archbishop Apuron threw his fellow Capuchins under the bus a long time ago. Now brother Hon is using, yes, USING the Capuchins to pave the way for Apuron's return or a Neo replacement. Wow! Sneaky devil that Hon.

  6. Correct abbreviation for Archbishop is Abp. not Ab

    1. Noted, and thank you. I'm sorry that was the only noteworthy point to be made.

  7. Dear Jungle Watchers,

    Archbishop Hon has fallen short of what the situation and what we demand of him. I get it.
    He has fallen short of the glory of God, as do we all.
    But some Jungle Watchers go beyond pointing out his mistakes, and, on this thread alone, have belittled the archbishop by calling him an idiot, sneaky devil and stupid, and belittled some local priests by referring to them as the goon squad. Is this part of our catechism? Our catechism is worthless if we feel invited or entitled to belittle others in this way. Christ acknowledges our sinfulness, but also extends a hand to us in love. I don't think belittling others is what Christ had in mind when He beckoned us to be perfect as the Father is perfect. The Father chastises us, but for our good, not our belittlement. Criticize yes, but criticize in charity, please.

    1. He has not fallen short. He has done exactly what his real boss, Kiko, sent him here to do. If he has done anything at all other than what Kiko has sent him here to do, it is only because of law suits and public ridicule.

    2. There is no charity for subterfuge.

    3. My good Timothy,
      Thank you for your comment. Allow me to respond (and for other readers, if you find it long, please move on--Timothy and I both attempt to make our cases, and with charitable respect).

      Goon squad refers to chancery officials who threaten canonical action against those who make valid claims. In light of the "recantation" later made by Hon, I'd say that makes them a goon squad, yes? Christ our God says not to mock our neighbor, yet he refers to the Pharisees as a brood of vipers. What say you? Is the Lord being uncharitable?

      Speaking for myself, I do criticize in charity. Justice requires such charity, but it also requires follow-through beyond statements for justice that are hollow without demanding the same (including justice in ourselves).

      Fighting for victims who cannot get a phone call or recognition unless there's a law suit hanging isn't a lack of charity on my part. Indeed, fighting for the good of the Capuchins when either Fr Pat (at best) or their leadership (at worst) has been duped or bullied is my duty as a Catholic Christian who aspires to be more like the Seraphic Father.

      I have admitted on this blog that I was woefully silent for far too long, all in the name of peace and reconciliation. Sometimes charity requires recognizing that (to coin a phrase) the archbishop isn't wearing any clothes.

      All that said, your words bear truth, and as always, I am glad you have said them. The tendency does exist--and persist--for us to go too far. Again, speaking of myself, I have not gone too far bay referring to Frs Adrian and Edivaldo as the goon squad (after their press releases, I'd say they got off extremely light). Calling Hon's moves stupid is also generous, for if he is not, then his acts are duplicitous, evil, and calculating. As I said, such demonic workings spells destruction. Besides, he has risen extraordinarily high in the Curia, which is notoriously corrupt. Stupidity is the one thing that morally excuses him not only from gross injustice but also of the accusation of aspiring to be Judas.

    4. Dear Glaucon,

      I have often thought about the passage you cite where Jesus calls the pharisees a brood of vipers. Jesus, however, had a (for us mere humans) uncanny ability to deal with the devil himself. Perhaps He saw the devil in them at that moment recounted in the Gospel. And maybe you see the devil in Archbishop Hon or the curia on the hill, and therefore feel justified in referring to them in the way you do. I pray you are not being presumptuous.

      That being said, I think the overwhelming tone and content of the New Testament is that of conversion and announcing something wonderful in order to pull sinners over to a new way of living, loving and forgiving. If you agree, then you must also agree that the brood of vipers passage stands out as something exceptional and should be applied very cautiously.

      Thank you for your response; the dialogue is very helpful, I think.

  8. When AB Hon is being deceitful And appears to be looking out for his image and interest instead of the victims, we need to call him out on it. If he is persistent in spite of all the admonitions, despite the witness of many, We do not want to treat him as a tax collector, but choose to admonish him strongly. I am certain that many in JW do not hate AB Hon, however will no longer tolerate being jerked around.
    His yes have to mean Yes, and No mean No. He has been operating in between these past six weeks.

  9. It seems that whenever I respond to Timothy, the comments dry up afterward. We really are interested in what you have to say. Please don't let our conversation stop yours. Post away.

  10. Dear Glaucon,

    Rare is the struggle where one side can claim complete moral superiority over the other. (I used to think that the winning side won because of its complete moral superiority over the other side. I no longer think so as experience has taught me otherwise.) I encourage us all to pray each day, in addition for justice and reconciliation, for an understanding what our afflictions and trials within the archdiocese really mean for us. What are they trying to tell us? Only that the Church bungles sex abuse cases? That priests of God are not supermen and have limited competency? They have come for me to mean those things but even more: We are all still human, despite our divine destination. We are incomplete, as St. Paul says, and on the way, slippery and muddy as it is.

    1. Dear Timothy,

      your point is well taken. I will repeat what I said in a previous comment:

      Are there any specific concerns of the CCOG, Laity Forward Movement, etc., that are off track, missing the mark or just plain wrong? Love and charity should motivate anyone to point us in the right direction. We welcome constructive dialog. Our groups have enumerated specific concerns and have documents to back them up.

      Abp. Hon said in an interview that the disputed Yona property belongs to the archdiocese, "no doubt about it." This reminds me of the famous quote from The Ten Commandments movie: "So let it be written, so let it be done." Are we to take Abp. Hon's statement as official and legally binding? How did he come up with this definitive conclusion? Is the dispute over? if so, HALLELUJAH!!!!! Unfortunately Abp. Hon's words carry no more weight in a civil court than yours or mine. This issue is far from over. And there are many more issues we need to resolve.

    2. I would also add that while the New Testament is overwhelmingly of conversion and love, it is also clearly drawing a line in the sand (as in Galatians 1 where St Paul says that whoever teaches any gospel different than his is anathema--and then repeats it. Likewise Annas and Sephora, and the illicit marriage in 1 Corinthians 5, etc). The line in the sand is itself a mercy to everyone because it keeps us from straying from the Truth.

      Just a thought.

  11. So, it appears we return once again to espouse a mob mentality. I just find it so ironic that "no one" wanted to be a party to the "sexual" claim I brought forth in 2014. Now, it is in fashion.

    The Capuchins I love dearly have been a stalwart of reason and faith. But, now we begin to question them, as we do Father Paul and anyone who expresses support for him. WE are adding ugliness to this already tortuous fight for justice.

    I have been privy to every breath, name, document, and cry from the start. Do I use that information to add to the ugliness? I choose not.

    We all are clear what recourse there is for the victims, and we all are clear on our commitment to achieve justice. However, I can't see how micromanaging an institution is in order. We can have stringent expectations for the outcome of this madness, but let us not turn on each other.

    We can speculate all we want, but let it be productive. I'm am happy that many of the faithful are on board, but let us not cloud the issues for them, most especially with the bickering.

    I could reveal all I know in my anger, but for what? To have the modicum of justice we've gotten so far to be unraveled.

    LET US FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. I did not take that from Hallmark.

    1. Bullshit! Who paid for you to come here in 2014? You didn't. Go ahead. Reveal all you know. Then stay the hell out of our way.

  12. I think the typhoon was just downgraded to a depression.

  13. Church Militants' fightJuly 31, 2016 at 5:19 PM

    In retrospect, when we found out that Archbishop Hon was sent from the office in Rome of his boss, neo-friendly Cardinal Filoni -- (not the same office of the Holy See, Pope Francis, at the Vatican in Rome) and was appointed by Filoni to come to Guam, we should have kept our red flags up, waving and alerting the faithful to the potential neo games Hon would be playing from the over-used and worn out neo deck of cards. We also should have warned the faithful to the potential for the local neo hierarchy’s cajoling Abp Hon into cooperation in protecting the neo foot in the door of (or reserving neo seats in) our Archdiocese. Why wouldn’t they. Archbishop Hon comes to us directly from a neo stronghold which has acquired seats in Rome! That’s no secret!

    It is good that now, more of our Catholic faithful see for themselves that: Hon talks the neo dialect called Double Talk; that Hon has no qualms scheduling subtle deceptive parish meetings and photo-op public appearances, and that Hon engages in outright "bull" when he does his press releases and interviews. Were our clergy given special neo-magic glasses by Hon to look out from? Is that why they don’t see what we clearly see?

    Yes, we pray for each other because we agree, we are all humans with frailties and because the spiritual battle waged against our Church is a spiritual one. Since Satan after all, is who wages this battle, we call on our spiritual allies in heaven to fight Satan. But we also pray that we, prayer warriors, may know to remove our blinders and acknowledge that timidity is not a likely weapon in times of war when we’re battling deceptive human individuals.

    1. The crazy thing, but comes as no surprise, is that Apuron's backers are still proclaiming his innocence and telling people that his accusers are doing the work of the devil. From the pulpit this evening, the Jucatan told the church goers that he truly believes Apuron is innocent, that he's being persecuted publicly without giving him a chance to defend himself. He told the attendees not to side with the victims and their supporters. Hmm...makes me wonder if he knows what's coming down from his superiors. Maybe a statement clearing Tony the same way they cleared Louie? We shall see.
      David Lujan might want to add Jucutan to the list.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hon has a boundless supply of rose colored glasses for gullible.