Friday, July 1, 2016


I wanted to spend more time on the appointment of the new VG and Chancellor, but the comments are coming in faster than I have time to engage them. Here's a couple of points:

  1. No one is more wary and suspicious of neo-subterfuge than I am. I am firmly convinced that Apuron and Kiko are doing everything they can to pressure the situation here. 
  2. The appointments of Frs. Jeff and Lito are very likely a product of that pressure, albeit indirectly.
  3. Neither Frs. Jeff or Lito wanted these jobs.
  4. They were selected because they are not seen as controversial. 
  5. Their selection is more about getting rid of David and Adrian and buying time rather than a permanent fix. 
  6. Neither priest can act on his own. Their jobs, duties, and even words must by those of Hon's. 
  7. I will post some recommended actions soon, but as for their personalities or personal practices, let's leave them alone for now. It would be different if they had been maneuvering for the jobs, but they weren't. 
  8. Finally, I truly believe that Hon did not originally intend to replace David and Adrian, but our continued efforts to expose these crooks eventually made them too toxic.
  9. NOTE: We are NOT done exposing David and Adrian. So let's take the energy being used for comments about Jeff and Lito and redirect it right back at David and Adrian. They are NOT gone. Ultimately, we want to haul them into court and expose their part in Apuron's cover up and heist. STAY ON THEM. 
  10. Meanwhile, some major news later today.

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