Friday, July 1, 2016


NOT these guys
Word is that non-neo priests will be assigned to pastor parishes. This is a good thing for many reasons but probably not the one most have in mind. 

The fact is that the neo-priests who have been made pastors have been forced to do something they did not sign up for, and it is only fair to them to take them out of the parishes.

Here's what I mean.

As you are aware, RMS was incorporated for the sole purpose of forming priests according to the "life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way" (RMS Articles of Incorporation, Art. III). 

This means that they were formed to serve in the NCW "small communities," not pastor parishes. 

It also means that they were not formed to say the Mass according to that which is required by the Liturgical Books, but to perform their "eucharist" according to the instructions of Kiko. 

It also means that they were not trained in homiletics because in the "Kiko-eucharist" the homily is a bunch of "echoes." including the celebrant's. 

There are other matters: refusal to do funerals on Saturdays, refusal to pray for the sick because they are "supposed to suffer" (I have documentation), mocking the "regular" Mass while saying it (or trying to), believing Jesus "is a sinner," meandering self-serving sermons where we have to hear about the presbyters personal problems, etc. 

Plus there is the additional problem that most of these guys from RMS grew up in the NCW communities and know nothing of traditional parish life other than - per Kiko's vision - it is "dead" and must be replaced with NCW communities. 

Now, we really can't blame these guys. They did not sign up to be priests and pastors in traditional parishes. However, Apuron began sticking them there. And he did so for two reasons:

1. He had to keep up the illusion that RMS was a "seminary for Guam" so that we would keep forking over our money for it, and

2. He wanted total control of every parish. To do it he needed pastors who were completely docile to him. And no better "docile" presbyter than a neo-presbyter, especially if they were from a third world country and their stay in a first world America depended on Apuron. 

There's also another reason. Since April 2008, Apuron wanted to PUNISH his local priests, a resolve that began on the day he was publicly humiliated by the first ever public protest against him at the beginning of the Cathedral Jubilee Mass. I don't have time to go there right now. 

In short, neo-presbyters need to get out of the parishes simply because they are not formed to serve in them. I am sure they will be very happy to be back with their NCW communities and leave the parishes to the big boys. 

So let's get on with it...but by the way, that means the Cathedral too. 

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