Friday, July 1, 2016


NOT these guys
Word is that non-neo priests will be assigned to pastor parishes. This is a good thing for many reasons but probably not the one most have in mind. 

The fact is that the neo-priests who have been made pastors have been forced to do something they did not sign up for, and it is only fair to them to take them out of the parishes.

Here's what I mean.

As you are aware, RMS was incorporated for the sole purpose of forming priests according to the "life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way" (RMS Articles of Incorporation, Art. III). 

This means that they were formed to serve in the NCW "small communities," not pastor parishes. 

It also means that they were not formed to say the Mass according to that which is required by the Liturgical Books, but to perform their "eucharist" according to the instructions of Kiko. 

It also means that they were not trained in homiletics because in the "Kiko-eucharist" the homily is a bunch of "echoes." including the celebrant's. 

There are other matters: refusal to do funerals on Saturdays, refusal to pray for the sick because they are "supposed to suffer" (I have documentation), mocking the "regular" Mass while saying it (or trying to), believing Jesus "is a sinner," meandering self-serving sermons where we have to hear about the presbyters personal problems, etc. 

Plus there is the additional problem that most of these guys from RMS grew up in the NCW communities and know nothing of traditional parish life other than - per Kiko's vision - it is "dead" and must be replaced with NCW communities. 

Now, we really can't blame these guys. They did not sign up to be priests and pastors in traditional parishes. However, Apuron began sticking them there. And he did so for two reasons:

1. He had to keep up the illusion that RMS was a "seminary for Guam" so that we would keep forking over our money for it, and

2. He wanted total control of every parish. To do it he needed pastors who were completely docile to him. And no better "docile" presbyter than a neo-presbyter, especially if they were from a third world country and their stay in a first world America depended on Apuron. 

There's also another reason. Since April 2008, Apuron wanted to PUNISH his local priests, a resolve that began on the day he was publicly humiliated by the first ever public protest against him at the beginning of the Cathedral Jubilee Mass. I don't have time to go there right now. 

In short, neo-presbyters need to get out of the parishes simply because they are not formed to serve in them. I am sure they will be very happy to be back with their NCW communities and leave the parishes to the big boys. 

So let's get on with it...but by the way, that means the Cathedral too. 


  1. Thank you Tim for this posting.

  2. Really waiting for this to happen! Thanks be to God! The devil is in the temple!

  3. YES!!! I agree 100% that the parishes are best left to the "big boys".

  4. Start with the Cathedral and Jucatan. After several years this guy can not even give a decent homily. He is long on bravado but short on being a priest. Get rid of him,

  5. Absolutely true. The first sentence of article 3 of the Articles of Incorporation states it clearly and plainly: "..... to establish and conduct a House of Formation to prepare men for the priesthood for the new evangelization following the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way, ....."

  6. Does this include neo-deacons, for sure for sure?

  7. Do we have enough non Neo priests??

    1. We here in Guam have been very fortunate. In other places a priest will come for Mass and other sacraments every few weeks or months. If we had to drive from one end of the island to the other for Mass we could do it. It's better to have a few authentic priests rather than many "half-baked presbyters."

    2. Totally agree with you, Andrew (at 5:39pm). If worse comes to worst, and Archbishop Hon cannot man every parish with a non-Neo priest, there are two options:

      (1)Convince true Catholics to make the supreme sacrifice to go from their Neo-pastored parishes to non-Neo parishes to assist at REAL MASSES on Sundays, and receive the Body/Blood/Soul/Divinity of Christ. And receive the Sacraments from there as well. It’s a big sacrifice, I know, but if people are willing to save the TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH from the Neo cancer, they should be willing to make the sacrifice to go to parishes where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated, not just observed and officiated as a eucharistic festivity; AND,

      (2)Have non-Neo priests double/triple up at 2-3 Neo-pastorated parishes, e.g. Ordot with Chalan Pago; Mangilao with Barrigada; Yona/Talofofo with Inarajan/Merizo/Umatac; Maina with Asan; Piti with Sta Rita/Agat; etc. etc. It CAN be worked out, if Archbishop Hon is serious about eliminating the Neo influences in our parishes. We used to do this (doubling of parishes) in the early years of the Church (the 50’s-early 60’s). Priests and Laity both made sacrifices! Why not now?

      SERIOUS and MAJOR problems require DIFFICULT and SACRIFICING solutions. These "solutions" will be temporary until "the Phoenix rises again from its ashes"!

      Now, who’s asking for my opinion? Just thinking out loud, and praying hard for possible solutions! ! Food for thought as Archbishop Hon and the new Curia struggle at re-organising the archdiocese! (jrsa: 7/1/16_

  8. Wow! Never in my wildest dreams I'd be alive to witness the state in which the Catholic Church is in today especially having all the problems happening right here in front of our noses, on our beloved island. The road is narrow? There is no other short cuts, follow it the same way Jesus WAS, IS, and for all eternity. Darn it? Stop the appetite of mans teachings. The world has changed and man changed it. Why did Archbishop Apuron had to change! It also changed the people. Isn't he enough with the blessings granted unto him? Jesus is always the same, man isn't......Have we ever wonder how much pain we're causing to the Blessed Mother Mary! She knows which priest are Her authentic beloved son's. Mother of God, have mercy on us all!

  9. Anon 5:03pm and JRSA both identified a vital component to healing and co-existing, NCW intrusion in our churches and financing is like having a stranger move into your home with you and your family having to provide both shelter and money, without any assistance from the interlopers. I have said many times, I personally have no problem with members of NCW, they however have to build and fund their own facilities. What is this obvious and simple solutions being missed by Rome? THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE OR GOODWILL AS LONG AS NCW continues to try to hi-jack our Faith. Please take this very simple solution to heart, it will work miracles.

    1. Word of the Day: Symbiotic

      "In biology, symbiotic refers to any diverse organisms that live together, but in this case, the relationship is not necessarily beneficial to both. Parasites, for example, have a symbiotic relationship with their hosts, but only the parasite benefits."

      symbiotic - Dictionary Definition :

    2. I agree. Parasites have invaded on our parishes, taken advantage of our faith and goodwill. Bring on the flea collars and strong tick spray. Washing the dog alone will not do the job.

  10. The NCW Seminary reminds me of the medical schools in South America that cranked MD degrees to students rejected by medical schools in the USA.