Saturday, July 30, 2016


Posted by Webster.

Pale Paul seems so enamored with Hon now that he has Hon stroking the back of his head like a little puppy. I guess Pale Paul FEELS THE LOVE! SMH.

Well Pale. I am happy for you now that you are back in the good graces of his excellency.
But I can't helped but smell the stench of self-righteousness now that you have been appeased, forgetting that what love has been given to you has not been offered to many others, especially the victims who have been raped, sodomized, and sexually abused. If Hon is indeed sincere in his desire to reach out to the victims, why would such a man ignore Walter Denton a mere 10 feet away or less on the steps of the Cathedral, even after Walter walked forward and reached out to get their attention? And if he indeed inadvertently missed Walter's presence, which I doubt since Fr. Ted spoke to Walter, why didn't Hon make an attempt to call him after mass? Why did it take Hon seven weeks to acknowledge the victims in public? The lawsuit maybe? LOL. I mean, on his first public appearance at St. Anthony, he asked the faithful to pray for Apuron but no mention of the victims. He was more concerned of a fellow archbishop and his status than the welfare of the victims. He could have easily included both in his prayers but he didn't. Why?

Respect is earned. Hon hasn't earned it, and no amount of patience can offset that. If Hon is to be respected, then Hon has to stop making excuses, talk straight, and take immediate, appropriate, and significant actions to clean up the mess in Guam. Here's one way: Hon simply cannot say he has no authority to investigate Apuron, only Rome can, and leave it at that. He says he is only a messenger. If that is the case(and I doubt highly that he is only a messenger) then as the messenger, he should immediately connect Attorney David Lujan with the official who is in charge of the investigation and prosecution of Apuron in Rome. He cannot say he is ignorant of what is happening in Rome. For goodness sakes,  he was personally sent by the Pope so he has some connections! As the Pope's personal representative, he wields enormous power in Rome. Saying otherwise is just plain old bulls#*#.

Your good to go Pale Paul. Please pass this message on to your buddy Hon.

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