Friday, July 22, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondant from Spain.

I am in shock.
It is a pity that Diana is not in Guam to offer some neo-explanations.
Nevertheless, I hope this entry will reach any neocatechumenal wildlife member from Guam for a reflection about how people do see neocatechumenals from the other side.

by Mordillo
Yesterday I received a mail with some screenshots of Facebook with a picture of Carmen Hernández in her mortise, placed in the living room at her family's home in Madrid.

I did not like that picture. For me, there are some situations in human life where cameras and pictures are left over. One is this.

The worst is that picture has been uploaded to internet by own neocatechumenals. And of course that surely it was taken by somebody who belongs to Carmen closest circle, where standard neocatechumenals have not been allowed to know anything from Carmen's private life.

"You breed ravens and they'll take your eyes out..."

Kiko and Carmen's lifes are hidden for neocatechumenal people. Just a very few know where they lived in Rome or in Madrid.

Kiko could have provided that the exposition of the lifeless body of Carmen would be at the Catechumenium of any great Neocatechumenal parish in Madrid, but he did not.

Maybe Carmen told him her desire of staying at her family's home. I am sure if Carmen wanted to be exposed for public, Kiko would have done her will.

Then, whoever had sent that picture to be uploaded in Facebook has broken the desired privacy of a person.

Betrayal is bitter because Carmen's fans of the Way are fighting between supporters of showing publicly that picture and detractors.

And -belive me- the show is dramatic. What a wild jungle! Shuch a fauna!

I have captured that picture but censored it. I do not want to show it. I want you to check by yourselves how these people behave in public internet while they consider they offer an image of the truly love with their community way of life. They are convinced they look like complete holy for the poor non-neo but ordinary people. And this is the real life.

Look how they love: 
near 800 Likes and more than 400 times shared from
 "I belong to NCW" wall in Facebook

Let's have a look at the nicest fruits of that public love. 

Here there was one of the few with more than an only neuron and a modicum of prudence:

I will copy it in original Spanish and then translate it:

"No subid este tipo de fotos...esto no está bien!!! Soy del Camino Neocatecumenal y esta mujer estaba elegida por Dios pero os hago una pregunta, os gustaría que subieran una foto de tu madre, padre o hermano a las redes sociales así? Vamos a dejar los fanatismos a un lado y vamos a emplear la cordura. Que el Señor la tenga en su seno pero quitad estas fotos de la red, por favor!!"

"Do not upload these photos ... this is not right !!! I am in the Neocatechumenal Way and this woman was chosen by God but I ask you a question, would you like if somebody uploads a picture of your mother, father or brother to social networks? Let's leave aside fanaticisms and employ sanity. May the Lord rest her soul but take away these pictures from network, please!!"

but I am not in the Way anymore, sorry. 

Let's listen to your brothers and sisters in faith:

"Pienso que no hay ninguna falta de respeto, quitemos esa susceptibilidad en el Camino yo he aprendido a no ser susceptible  Mas bien ya Carmen esta enseñando el ultimo paso de la vida final por la tierra. La mejor catequesis que nos enseña que nada nos llevamos al final de nuestras vidas, mas que la obra que has hecho en esta vida, ella ya hizo lo suyo de habernos enseñado que Dios es nuestro padre y Jesús"...etc.

"I think there is no disrespect, we remove that susceptibility in the Way I've learned not to be susceptible. Carmen is teaching well the last step of the final life on earth. The best catechesis that teaches us that nothing we took at the end of our lives, but the work you have done in this life, she already did her thing having taught us that God is our Father and Jesus"...etc.

Get ready, here comes that neocatechumenal hyena!

Directly in English:

"Extrem moralists!! Wish we were so moralists when we are going to sin! Hypocrites! (...) Please (Carmen), intercede for this zoo so we can meet with the lamb (sic)!"

But then, a man called Adrian dares to answer neo-hyena:

"Aren't we all brothers??? 
Do we have to insult one to each other precisely at this moment (Carmen's death) and just in this website (Facebook's Neocatechumenal Page)?"

Oh, no, Adrian !!!!!
You'll wake the beast!!!

and here is neo hyena again!!!

"Adrian, sorry if I hurt your sensitivity 
but so we are or 
doesn't this happen in your community?
 We are useless servants who by pure mercy of God today have seen the light of day and 
the zoo is nothing but a figure that represents us as we are"

Oh, there must be a catechist behind that woman...she has so much discernment about neocatechumenal fauna in a community walking after Kiko and Carmen's teachings. Let's read the answer of a very clever student with a fine sense of smell who has detected the presence of a catechist on her:

"If someone calls me 'donkey' I answer 'thank you' because it is my own nature; I see you have not reached to recognize you are a sinner and then you do not reach to be a donkey".





With brothers and sisters like theese, who needs enemies?
With such fruits of true neocatechumenal love, who needs to walk decades in the Way?

Meanwhile they want to show themselves like this (a picture of TV Carmen's funeral cover on real time, at Cathedral of Madrid), I think they deserve being exposed as they really are.

This is the future of catholic Church if somebody does not stop them!
In a few days, they will show their power around Pope Francis, they will be the largest group clapping and cheering Him in Poland.

 Please, God help us!

For Guam and anywhere insider's of the Way:

It took me a long time to recovery my self from my time in the Way. If somebody had told me someday in my future I was going to have laughs about it, I would have never belived it.
I was extremely damaged. Laughing is the best therapy.
People who know me can tell which was the too expensive prize I have paid for belonging to the Way for so many time and after that being expelled and prosecuted by them. But now:

No more tears, no more guilt, just laugh and freedom to think and to talk.
Death is not the way out of the NCW to real freedom.
There is much life out of there before dying.
Please, do not wait your death to experiment real freedom.
God gives us a life to be happy, to laugh, to enjoy with other people.
God did not create us just for drama.
God has given as a free life.
Just live!


  1. Brava, La Paz! Congratulations, and welcome back to the TRUE CATHOLIC world!

  2. Si Yuós Maáse, La Paz! With all these prove about the Way, what's it going to take for our local non-neo priest to step up and do something. This is BAD for our island, our culture, the people and our soul when it's total the opposite from what we've been taught. Confusion is the devils work.

  3. ¡Gracias, LaPaz! I see details about her funeral on Thursday here. I would love to hear your comments!