Saturday, August 13, 2016


Posted by Webster.

Fr. Pius Sammut is the Chief Catechist of Guam and the Pacific for the Neocatechumenal Way, a cult movement that operates in the shadows of the Catholic Church to take over dioceses to achieve their nefarious ends, that is, to transform the Catholic Church into the image and likeness of its founder and cult leader, Kiko Arguello, who sees himself as the Savior of the Catholic Church.

Fr. Pius reports to Giuseppe Gennarini, the Chief Catechist of the United States, and Giuseppe in turn reports directly to Kiko.

Fr. Pius has four prized pupils in Guam that he uses to implement his orders, instructions, and directives. They are Archbishop Apuron, Attorney Jacqueline Terlaje, former Vicar General Monsignor David Quituqua, and former Chancellor Adrian Cristobal.

All four prized pupils walk in the Way and thus are subservient to their Catechist, Fr. Pius. Fr. Adrian walks in the 1st Community of Barrigada. Monsignor David walks in the 1st Community of Agana. Archbishop Apuron walks in the 2nd Community of Agana. Attorney Terlaje walks in same community as Archbishop Apuron, and most importantly, is, along with her husband, the Responsible leader of that community. Thus, Archbishop Apuron is subservient to her. He takes orders from her.

All four pupils report to Fr. Pius.

This is how Fr. Pius used them: 

He used them to open a seminary in Guam, a seminary that does not even come close to offering basic admission, academic, and formation standards that is required of every Catholic seminary.

He used them to have the Archdiocese of Agana subsidize the $1 million to run and maintain the Neo Seminary, via archdiocesan appeals, direct cash payments from the Chancery, paying the wages of  employees and priests related to the seminary, and connived donations from Neo communities and their families, friends, and businesses.

He used them to allow Neo seminarians from foreign countries to come to Guam who cannot or barely can read, speak, or write English, who do not possess a high school degree, let alone a Bachelor's and Master's degree, and ordains them despite the fact that they are unqualified.

He used them to treat these Neo seminarians like princes to be served upon, pampered, and adored, something that no other seminary in the world does or would do.

He used them to allow Neo communities to hold masses in hotels, homes, gyms, and other non-sacred places, to violate liturgical rules, and to transform churches and other church facilities in the style and manner of Kiko's artistic renderings.

He used them to allow Neo communities to use parish and church facilities for free.

He used them to acquire the seminary property for the Neo by deceptively conveying the seminary property to the Neo Corporation in Guam under a deceptively false title: Declaration of Deed Restriction.

He used them to fire the former members of the Archdiocesan Finance Council in order to hide the secret recording of the Declaration of Deed Restriction.

He used them in turn to stack the Archdiocesan Finance Council with Neos.

He used them to fire Fr. Paul Gofigan.

He used them to fire Monsignor James Benavente.

He used them to intimidate and silence any priest or deacon that gets in his way.

He used them to replace pastors and priests in our parishes with Neo priests.

He used them to rid Guam of priests from the Philippines.

He used them to take over the Catholic Church in Guam.

He used them to establish the PIUS LEGACY of being the only Neo Catechist to not only establish a Neo in an archdiocese, but to open a seminary in record time, to have a multi-million dollar property transferred to the Neo, and to have the Archbishop, Vicar General, Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and the Attorney for the archbishop all become dutiful members of the Neo. Pius became the beloved favorite of Giusuppe and Kiko and the world Neo community. He went where no catechist has ever gone before.

Fr. Pius and his prized pupils were arrogantly getting away with it...

Until a faithful and devout Catholic, Mr. Tim Rohr/JungleWatch, stood in their way.

Then, the war to reclaim the soul of the one and only true Catholic Church in Guam began.

The war is far from over! Press On! Do not let your guard down! Continue the Pickets! Walk Longer! Hold the signs higher! Attend the Village Meetings! Support the Silent No More petitions! Call the media! Talk to your Senators! Confront your Priests! Demand transparency! Demand accountability! Continue the fight! Fight Harder! Pray and Pray Harder! Anywhere and everywhere!

Clean our Church, and then we can fix her.


  1. Ha! Is a friggin lie. Where did you get this source? Tim? LMAO!

    1. Nervous laugh much?

      People like you have severely underestimated how speaking truth to power will always topple false foundations. In your arrogance to preserve your cult, you have also destroyed many people, some who have the courage to humbly speak of how they were manipulated by your cult.

      That you cannot speak with confidence (ie anonymously) says a lot about your own convictions. Courage? Just a petty trigger word for Pius. These days, he might as well be exclaiming "Cower!," ... as he has, deep within the walls of the RMS.

    2. Posted by Webster (not the dictionary)! Back up your statement with FACTS and your NAME.

    3. To 6:43 AM. I read this post and can corroborate. I used to walk in tbe community of archbishop Apuron and attorney Terlaje. Check out Pius and his background. How did he get to Guam? Who introduced him to Archbishop Apuron? Why is he allowed to freely use the archbishop's house when he wants? He even has his own separate and private room there permanently reserved exclusively for him. I understand he even gets a monthly salary from the archdiocese. The Chancery staff are practically all neo. He is present in all of archbishop Apuron's high and important masses. How does a foreigner and outsider get to have so much access to the archbishop? Our local priests do not have access at all unless your a Neo of course. Facts are not lies no matter how much it hurts you 6:43 AM. Courage and do not resist the truth facing you. It's for your conversion.

  2. Don't forget how he directed Guam women to his fake Monastery of Nuns in NJ. Off to Malta, girls.