Thursday, August 18, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

In the Guam Daily Post:
"Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai, the apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of Agana, yesterday issued an announcement to “the faithful of the archdiocese and local media” in which he called on the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona, “to spontaneously and effectively renounce, without any litigation” the use “in perpetuity” of the seminary property which it obtained from the Archdiocese of Agaña...."

Archbishop Hon's actual announcement:

Listen to Bob Klitzkie and Tim Rohr discuss this startling admission with radio host Travis Coffman on Guam's K57 radio station today:



  1. My my my. The plot thickens as the ice gets thinner. What new collusion and subterfuge is in the works now? If you haven't read it yet, see Tim's post from yesterday

  2. Uncle Screwtape: Arrrrrrrrrrrgggg WORMWOOOOOOOOD! DAAAMN YOU LITTLE IDIOT! We are not in the business to appease these natives. This parlay is obvious even to the novice reader.
    Wormwood: But wait uncle, this is just a disturbance from the real matter and the greater good for our father below. It will only appear to be the prudent path for our Legion in his diocese and to keep the minds and soul of those lost ones intact yet drunk with false tenants that Luther and Erasmus proclaim, reformation but in truth ‘deformation’.

    Uncle Screwtape: Hmmmmm…yeeesss, you do that my little imp, let’s see what your so called legionnaire’s next move will be. Our floor below can always use more skulls of these so called priests and bishops. One day we will give insight and visions for all to see Who’s Who and why they have chosen to make residence in the valley of Hinnom and to lay with Moloch.

    Wormwood: Yes, Gehenna is such a warm place this time of the year. Why with all the nonsense and errors they preach on their very own sacraments even the Luthers are now able to receive “Holy Communion”. Such easy pickens these days.

    Uncle Screwtape: Watch for the truly faithful ones, those recipients of The Lady and the Saints of old, we will lose much souls from these who are enlighten. Strike the core of the family, wound them with false teachings, occupy their day with loose manners and objects, for their priests are no longer Holy and unable to kneel when they pray!

    1. * false tenets (not tenants)

    2. Damn that lieing spellcheck!

  3. This bit is weird. Seems like babble:

    "These statements, however,should be understood as a clear intent of the current archdiocesan administration to hold firmly that the title of the "property" and the legal right over it should uniquely belong to the Archdiocese of Agaña ...."

    So, when Hon said "No doubt about it", he was merely trying to communicate an intent by the Archiodese to intend that the property SHOULD actually belong to the Archdiocese.

  4. Will Hon's statement that the critics are right abouat the ownership of the RMS property make it to the front page of the Umatuna Si Yuus?

    1. I doubt it will be as prominently displayed on the front page of the U Matuna Si Yu'us as the bogus documents from the former VG had been.
      Maybe this statement will be featured on Page 3.

    2. And what will the Umatuna Si Yu'us say about "HON: APURON DEFIED POPE" article in PDN, Friday, August 19, 2016 issue?

      For the past couple of years, I took the Umatuna only to line the bottom of my birdcages. But, lately, I noticed that even the birds refuse to "donate" to it!

    3. Looking at the 21 August edition of the U Matuna Si Yu'os, I admit I was wrong about the placement of the Apostolic Administrator's announcement regarding RMS.

      It was actually featured on the front page, beside the article about the elevation Saipan's second Bishop Ryan Jimenez.

      It certainly was not as prominent as the article featuring the bogus documents from DLM, but the announcement was not "buried," as I had expected.

      I'll be in front of the Cathedral-Basilica 0900-0945 on Sunday with my DEFROCK APURON sign. Hope to see you there.

  5. Bottom line is Apuron did not follow the directives from the Vatcan. Seems to me that Apuron has a thing for dismissing letters from the higher upswho represent the Vatican.

    If only he would have done as asked by Arnuzr, Balvo and the Vatican we wouldn't be in this mess. Underhanded deals will eventually get uncovered.

    God help us all. With all the mess the Archdiocese will eventually go bankrupt. Churches will close and the battle between good and evil will continue.

  6. So after all the drama of the last 2 years., we find out that we were right and that Apuron and Quitagua lied through their teeth. Sorry Diana and consort, another proof that you were dishonest or stupid or both

    1. Actually the following exchange appeared in the blog of the Delusional Dingbat Diana:

      "Anonymous August 18, 2016 at 6:11 PM
      News Flash: The Holy See has been telling Tony to rescind and annul the deed of the RMS for years because they knew that it was conveyed illegally and he refused. Tony has been very disobedient. Where is Tony hiding now?

      Diana August 18, 2016 at 9:58 PM
      Dear Anonymous at 6:11 pm,

      I actually know something you do not know. Time will reveal the truth on this one. :-)

      They're still operating from their KAKA-addled POV since Delusional Dingbat Diana claims to "know SOMETHING" that the rest of us do not.

      For those who think that this is something we can check off as being accomplished … Tim pointed out that "It's not over til it's over" …
      So we shall continue to picket on Sunday 0900-0945 in front of the Cathedral-Basilica.

  7. My gut instinct tells me there is more to this than meets the eye! This statement by Hon does not coincide with Hon's statements in response to questions about the RMS property.
    To the news reporters,on Jess Lujan's show and the Patty Arroyo show Hon either "knew nothing" or "was confident" that the RMS belonged to the Archdiocese!!!! And to top that off the Holy See asked Apurun to annul the illicit marriage with NCW & the RMS A YEAR AGO?!?!?!

    Holy Shit Batman Hon just threw Tony under the bus!

    Now there is that part of me that wants to believe this is genuine and finally happening, BUT I cannot shake the obvious questions, "Why now? And why all the prior "deceptive statements"?

    Hmmm....Did Filoni pull the plug to stop the "SPOT LIGHT" on the NCW's nefarious cult for damage control?

    Or did Kiko decide to dump the pedophile Apurun to prevent a "BIGGER STORY" from being "EXPOSED"?

    Whatever the "motive" for the sudden move, it's going to get interesting and the Diana's are going to start "howling". I suggest gathering pass ports and making reservations to join Apurun. Stay tuned.....

  8. Okay, so let's say that everything goes the way Hon wrote it. Control of the property is returned to the Archdiocese without a fight and nowhere on any legal documents is RMS as a corporation listed as a perpetual occupant.

    What happens next?

    We got our property back but how will this benefit our fight for the truth? What will returning the property accomplish? RMS will remain there no matter what, Kiko will ensure that. Imagine the headlines that an RMS was closed, he won't have that!

    I say its time to cut the locks on the gates, take them off their hinges, and rip down those No Tresspassing signs. RMS and BDI will be exposed for what they truly are... but not without the continued involvement of the laity.

    Those signs in front of the Cathedral should now read: "SELL YONA; FEED THE POOR" or something of that nature. Let's use those millions and millions to pay for the lawsuit and restore order in the church's finances so we can do what we're supposed to in regards to caring for sick, imprisoned, and poor.

  9. As Tim and Bob said during the interview, it is a good first step, but, I don't like that Hon implied that we, the faithful catholics, were disobedient when Hon said,

    "Thus, I hereby sincerely ask the collaboration of all the faithful to act with obedience to
    the directive of the Holy See. And ..."

    Am I reading this wrong? or is it a Freudian slip wherein Hon really, really, hates admitting that he was wrong and can't help himself TRY to put some kind of "blame" on US? !!! Rather than tell us to be obedient, he should THANK the faithful for our persistent protests; he should thank Bob K., in particular, for pursuing and exposing the illegal land transactions! Then, he should say that he has already prepared a letter to the "Board" requesting that they return the property to our archdiocese! Sorry, I am kinda pissed ....

    1. Or was Hon refering to the "NCW faithful who could use the property in perpetuity.."? I was a puzzled when I first read this.

  10. "In truth, more than a year ago, the Holy See recognized the problems such a Deed Restriction created. Ever since then, more than once the Holy See has instructed Archbishop Anthony Apuron to rescind and annul it. Clearly, this instruction has not been carried out accordingly."

    Of course Archbishop Apuron did nothing, like all in the NCW they are only obedient to their catechist and to not any Bishop or even the Pope. Rome has got to fix this grave error.

  11. This mess should tell us that we have to get rid of the root problem, pius and the entire NCW. Get them all out of Guam.

    1. Leche, some of those people in the NCW are from guam, you plan to deport them? Come on guys, thats a little extreme not talking about their leaders.

    2. Anonymous at 2:46 PM, I think that Anonymous at 5:31 AM was actually referring to the likes of Pius and presbyters when s/he suggested that we had to get rid of the ROOT of the problem which, as most of us know is the NCW.

      Your observation is accurate that some people in the NCW are from Guam. I don't think Anonymous at 5:31AM included them in the suggestion, although I think exiling Brother Tony's "partners in crime" David and Adrian to some monastery for the rest of their lives might be good.

      Our Separated Brethren in the NCW need to know they will be welcomed home with open arms should the deportation — or the voluntary departure — of the NCW leadership come to fruition.