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To laicize or defrock, that is the question.  For months Catholics asked that Archbishop Anthony Apuron resign. Then they asked that Archbishop Apuron be removed. When Roy, Doris, Walter and Roland came forward  and Apuron publicly trashed Roy and Doris the signs changed to:


Scale of justice
Part of a series on the
Jurisprudence of
Catholic canon law

Members of the Catholic Church clergy may be dismissed from the clerical state, an action known as laicization. The term "defrocking" is not normally used within the Catholic Church, although journalistic reports on laicization of Catholic clergy sometimes use it.[1] Laicization differs from suspension. The latter is a censure prohibiting certain acts by a cleric, whether the acts are of a religious character deriving from his ordination ("acts of the power of orders") or are exercises of his power of governance or of rights and functions attached to the office he holds.[2] As a censure, suspension is meant to cease when the censured person shows repentance. Laicization, on the contrary, is a permanent measure, whereby for a sufficient reason a cleric is from then on juridically treated as a layman. Laicization is sometimes imposed as a punishment (Latinad poenam),[3] or it may be granted as a favour (Latin, pro gratia) at the priest's own request.[4] New regulations issued in 2009 regarding priests who abandon their ministry for more than five years and whose behaviour is a cause of serious scandal have made it easier for bishops to secure laicization of such priests even against the priests' wishes.[5] From Wikipedia.


  1. Help us finish the job.

    1. I would be there with you if only I was on My Island Of Guam which I wish! But please know that I am Cheering From Afar and There in Spirit! Continue with the Protest My True Katolikus of My True Catholic Churches on Guam! We Shall Over Come These Evilness!


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