Monday, August 15, 2016


Posted by Bob, aka Robert Klitzkie

How about a satirical sequel? Same plot, similar characters and setting but add a couple  new guys, Archie and πass.

Archie  is sent to the waterfront. He soon discovers that  Father Barry is keeping company with Terry, who is suspected of complicity in Joey Doyle's murder. Archie orders Fr. Barry to stay way from Terry. When Fr. Barry reaches out to Terry, Archie fires him just after Archie chases Fr. Barry out of the hold where Fr. Barry gave his crucifixion homily.
In the ship Archie gives his own soliloquy. He says that on the docks harmony and unity is what's important. He asks that everyone pray for Johnny Friendly and his "brothers." Forgiveness, Archie says. When Edie goes to the church looking for justice, hoping that Archie will reach out to her, Archie turns his back on her and walks into the church. 

When several angry stevedores tell Archie that they know who the men are who killed Joey and Kayo,  Archie appoints those same men to the Committee to Bring Harmony and Unity to the Waterfront. Archie  then sets up a bucket at the shape-up and requires all the men to contribute to the New Category of Workers on Ships school which is set up in a building that Archie's predecessor  gave to Johnny Friendly. The NCW school has no regular faculty, is not accredited by anyone and is run by a man named πass who is close to Johnny Friendly. The ostensible purpose of the NCW School is to train stevedores how to unload ships, actually galleys,  that were built before 400 A.D. but it's really there to quickly and poorly train men to take over all the jobs on the docks. It also houses men loyal to Johnny Friendly and πass.

In the final scene on the steps of the church Archie urges Terry and all the stevedores to forget Joey, Kayo and Fr. Barry and his "crucifixion." Archie says never mind about all the bad stuff that has happened on the docks over the years. Forgive. Harmony, Unity. Archie emphasizes. Mumbling, "Unity. Harmony." Archie then turns his back on all the men and reaches out to Johnny Friendly to light his cigar as the screen fades to black.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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