Sunday, August 14, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch correspondent from Spain.

Kiko and Carmen lashed out "sacramentalism" of catholic Church during centuries with the excuse of the renewal of Council Vatican II.

They have always sold that the Neocatechumenal Way was inspired directly by God to realize CVII. They are convinced the NCW has to guide the whole Church into a new theology, a new faith, for a new evangelization for the Tertio Millenio which has just come.

Kiko and Carmen did not propose only a new method, but THE only. They feel the Way is exactly what catholic Church needs to survive for this new human era. The most surprising thing is they are just doing the same "wrong" things they criticized. 

For example, they thought catholic Church was trapped in too much hieratism of sacred and sacramentalism. Faith was more a question of theory and dogmas than a experience based on specific and real facts. Kiko and Carmen, with the helping brain of the expert in Liturgy Father Pedro Farnés, decided they will bring the Church the desired spring by Council Vatican II.

But if you watch the Neocatechumenal Way from the outside, you realize that "spring" is, at the end, a new catalogue of signs, meanings and orders about what to do, how and when. The Neocatechumenal Way is a replacement of a catalogue of "old" rules by another one, as hieratical and strict or more, since the moment those rules are decided from the upper and imposed to the rest. 

The only difference is who had decided all: a pair of lays. Of course Kiko and Carmen have had the advice of many experts, priests included, but the thinking brain were they both. They have built a new body where even the smallest thing is already calculated by millimeter. They are the designers of a new corset for the new Church.

I had never known a religious order or organization where the founder was the absolute designer of everything for his followers. I can not imagine Saint Francisco worrying about the colour and shape of the plates they had to use for lunch or Saint Teresa de Ávila deciding about W.C. kind of paper and its liturgical meaning, I am sorry for that example but NCW's rules almost reaches that ridiculous level. 

For example, before entering the Way a normal catholic had never thought there are some catholic Bibles "holier" than others, the Jerusalem edition of course. 

That you have to get a personal and untransferable Bible to live your faith; that your community have to buy a luxury and extra large edition where your catechist will inscribe your name exactly where is mentioned the "Tree of Life" and again when you will finish the Way and so you will be "elected"; that your community will need a silver covered Bible of Jerusalem when finishing the Way; that if your personal Bible falls down to the floor you have to fast for a specific time....and more and more and more. 

This is not enough Holy for neocatechumenals.

The top of Holy for neocatechumenals: "Presidential Bible" for those eucharists celebrated only for "elected" who have finished the Way and are adults in Kiko's faith. 

It is incomprehensible that you need so many signs and rules to remain God Loves you. They have transformed catholic faith in a new Deuteronomy, just when catholic means universal and universal includes diversity. I had never heard a serious testimony of faith of anyone from past centuries focused on the right colour of the pictures of the exact little angel placed on the second column next to the Baptistery.

But neocatechumenal members have to celebrate with an electric blue carpet under their feet, and over it a determined sized "persa" carpet where the lectern has to be placed, which remains the Holy Land where God procalimed his Word. And of course the lectern has to be made by wood to remain the Cross. And so n-rules about signes everywhere, because Kiko and Carmen think each sign talks about Glory of God and is a blessing (see Mamotrete for Ostiarios, here in Spanish). 

The most holy neocatechumenal cross from where Jesus talks to you wherever you go. 

We reach the point of being constantly "bombed" by too much sensitive information and then we find ourselves with a faith absolutely dependent on external elements for motivation. That is what happens when you stop your moral development on a stage where the wrong or the right just depends on external gratifications or punishment. You really do not reach the upper level of assumption of the right as the good, so you are moved only by the good without waiting for someone who gives you a prize. 

Little children are excesively dependent of prizes and punishment in their ethic behaviour, but many adults also get stuck there. And this idea has come to me many times thinking about the Neocatechumenal Way. Kiko and Carmen have stablished a whole catalogue of "signs" to stimulate a growing faith and they have been so totalitarian that the resulting faith, even in its stage of supposed adulthood, is absolutely dependent and never sufficiently "autonomous".

And that is why neocatechumenals feel close to dead if they imagine how would be living their faith without the Way. I think 99% of them will be unable to survive, in terms of faith. They have becomed absolutely dependent on the electric blue carpet, it is, on the world of Kiko's designs and Kiko's given meanings for everything and everybody.

Once I left the Way it took me several years to stop my mind on analizing all with my "neocatechumenal language of codes and meanings". I really was slave of it. It is such a paranoia where every little thing or word or act has to mean something. I was dependent on Kiko's view of world, his world where all the teachings of the Church have been draged and filled it up with his owns.

Why do I have to obey a rule decided by Kiko instead of a Pope of  XVI century? Which is the difference? Why do I have to learn to pray the "Shemá Israel" instead of the "I confess" just because Kiko and Carmen love jewish culture? What do children think about their parents when they tell them "misdras"? A different thing from my mother's generation when they had to listen to "little flowers of Virgin Mary"? I do not belive it, although Kiko and Carmen and all neocatechumenals do belive their jewish messes are the most wonderful stories any person should know. 

I am thinking on Domus Galilaeae's library. It is a glass buble in the middle of a "common" library. The glass buble covers the ancient Toráh. Out of that buble you have many books to study or read, but the Toráh deserves to be in a special capsule. Under that buble you are placed into the library because you can see through the glass wall, but you are within "sacred". That is the perfect image of the Way within catholic Church. Neocatechumenals are placed into, but at the same time they are under a glass buble which isolate them from the outsiders. 

I can not belive they are able to feel the maximum respect for an electrical blue carpet and they think you are such a Lefevre follower if worried by the particles of azim bread of Holy Communion. It is a foolishness the way they reverence Kiko's silver Bible using a humeral for not being touched by non consecrated hands during the eucharist meanwhile non consecrated hands are allowed to distribute Holy Communion as if they were distributing sandwiches in a birthday party.

This man is not enough "holy" to handle the Holy silvered Bible without a Humeral.

Holy lay men breaking the Holy Body of Christ with their non consecrated but holy hands.

Be careful and do not throw any particle to the holy electric blue carpet under the holy persian carpet!


  1. So true. So true. I was there.

  2. Thank you for that information, La Paz. "... that if your personal Bible falls down to the floor you have to fast for a specific time....and more and more and more" Wouldn't this manner of regard for the Holy Bible by the ncw as described in La Paz' observations in this quote -- as opposed to how the ncw irreverently disregard the Real Presence of Christ in the Consecrated Host at Holy Communion be considered a blasphemous practice and teaching?

    The Holy Bible -- as noted earlier here in JW -- contains the Word of God and should be handled and regarded with reverence, but it is not God Himself, as God is physically and Really Present, Body and Blood in Holy Communion. Yet, the ncw have no qualms carelessly and irreverently distributing and casually remaining seated while irreverently receiving the Real Presence of Christ in Holy Communion under the species and form of regular-baked dough bread, sans an iota of their concern over the higher risk or likelihood of dropping the particularly crumbly baked good as though they were sharing and receiving crumpets, scones or croutons at a tea party, instead of being highly mindful of the fact that they are receiving Jesus’ Body under the species of an intentionally cleanly-pressed and less crumbly form of bread from the Sacrificial Table at The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    Observing the manner in which the ncw regard and consider the Holy Bible wherein it becomes more important, more deserving reverence, more deserving careful and reverent handling than the Real Presence of Jesus Christ Himself in Holy Communion -- isn’t that practice then, a blasphemous act and also a heretical teaching?

    1. No truer words, Marilu. And thank you too, La Paz, for bringing up the observation. To equate the Eucharist with the Bible is like mistaking the message from the envelope. The Bible is the envelope, containing and proclaiming the Word of God; it is NOT the Word Itself, that same Word which was made flesh, born of the Virgin Mary. ("In the beginning was the Word, and the was with God, and the Word was God.") We do not revere the Bible (the book) in the same way we reverse AND WORSHIP the Word-Made-Flesh made anew in the Eucharist. Diana's bungling of theology in her recent post is an example of twisted theology. Any first-year theologian would recognise this!

      Thank you, Marilu (and LaPaz) for your insights. (jrsa: 8/16/16)

    2. I've been in the way for 6 years now, and it brought me to know jesus and to get closer to him through his word in the bible.
      The reason why a neocat can't survive outside the way not because of the ceremony or the accessories that surround us. It's about the word of god that gives us this life and without the word wuthout jesus we will die in this unmerciful crazy world.

    3. I have very nice Jehovah Witness neighbors who say the same.

    4. So you are saying that the approval and blessing we had from popes jean paul II, pope benedict and now pope francis are wrong .. i think you should open up your heart more to god and to your church

  3. May God forgive you for the lies you spread !

    1. Yes, we should pray for Dr. Eusebio!