Monday, August 15, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Thus saith the prophet Kiko, hearkening unto the whispers of the holy and obedient St. Carmen...Read more.


  1. Click here to read my response to his teachings against "natural religiosity", and here and here to read a response to his anti-sacrificial views.

  2. Glad to be back in Holy Mother ChurchAugust 15, 2016 at 9:02 AM

    Mimi's theology disgusts me. It sounds so good when they say it. People you think have really found a true way.
    But then you eventually realize this teaching is contrary to the Church with 2000 years of lessons.
    The only question is: are you so far into this community that you can't leave?
    God blessed me with clarity of vision and the strengthe to journey back to His Church.
    Many of my friends in community cannot leave. This is a true cult in my mind, and a real danger to the true Catholic Faith. In their writings it is clear they wish to replace the Catholic Church as a better alternative.
    Sadly it is money and power that allows this to continue.
    Kiko had money so he buys power to buy influence in Rome. And this influence is what allows these heresies to continue.
    All praise and glory to God who pulled me from the swamp called the NCW!

  3. Chuck, Thank you for the nausea!
    Rome cannot ignore Kiko's heretical teachings that trash 2000 years of Tradition & Teachings! Every heresy was responded to by the Father's of the Church to numerous to mention. Kiko's (the profit)herectical ramblings have been around for over 50 years!
    Where are the Father's of the Church who will STAND AGAINST this heresy?
    The SMOKE OF SATAN has entered the sanctuary stifling the faithful clergy & Bishop's ability to speak up or recognize Kiko as a HERECTIC.
    The Church Militant with the power of the internet are able to reach the world, but a Father of the Church must stand up and crush this heresy!

    "Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the True Church of Jesus Christ."
    - St. Athanasius


    1. Bruce - First, I greatly appreciate your quote of St. Athanasius that "even if the true Catholics are reduced down to handful, we will still be the true One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church". I hope this serves as an encouragement to those of us who appear to be fruitless in our attempt to rid ourselves of the evil of the NCW. Numbers is not our game; it is tenacity to Truth.

      Secondly, when will a "Father of the Church" rise to crush this evil? Not for us to determine the time, I guess, but we must continue to believe that "in His time" healing will come. Reminds me again of 2 Chronicles 7:12 "...if my people... will humble themselves and pray, turn from their wicked ways and seek My Face... then will I hear from Heaven, and will heal their land..." Healing must come from within.

      Let's continue to pray that the Lord continue to send laborers into the field to yield a harvest. The laborers must continue to plow (to fight the the Right).

      Ridding ourselves of the NCW should not be an "end" within itself, but rather a "means" toward an ultimate end - our individual personal sanctification. (jrsa: 8-16-16)

  4. EWTN-Fr. Edgardo "Bing" Arellano, Spiritual Director of the Alliance of the Two Hearts will over power you Kiko...Fr. Mike and Toto Parishioners have hosted Fr. Bing whom has visited Guam a few times. I wish today, I was still attending Fr. Bing's retreat. Hopefully Fr. Mike can bring him back to Guam in the near future.

  5. it still amazes me how kiko and carmen can claim to be restorers of the true early Church (rejecting developments between then and vatican ii), while at the same time reject the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as a true sacrifice--when the early Church Fathers themselves spoke of the Mass as sacrifice.

    hey neocats: how about you spend an hour or two reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church? and also google for catholic answers' quotes from the Church Fathers? it'll do you good. heck, i'll make it even easier for you by giving you the link:

    if you're still in "the way": find a way to break free. leave that dangerous cult asap.

    1. It's quite simple when you understand who and what Kiko is. In short he's an "utopian." A utopian (like Marx) proceeds on a single moral principle: the ends justifies the means. Thus lying, stealing, cheating, killing, are servants of the cause. And while Kiko may not have sought to physically kill anyone (that I know of), there is little doubt that he has left a trail of mutilated minds and souls - some of whom have taken their own lives. True Utopians (like Kiko and Marx) believe in the necessity of "the struggle." The struggle means the destruction of the existing structure before the utopia can be realized.