Sunday, August 21, 2016


Posted by Bob, aka Robert Klitzkie

When Staying Out Of The Way Is The Most Important Thing

This morning a tour bus disgorged its load  of members of the Catholic Daughters in front of the Cathedral. A member was heard by one of our picketers to say:
"Picket all you want, just don't get in our way

The following comments (with my emphasis) appeared under the Sunday, August 14 post which pictured and described that Sunday’s picket: 

"Although I respect the protesters and understand where they are coming from, they now protest directly in front of the cathedral instead of across the street from it as they did in the past. I was dropped off in front of the cathedral and had to cross the protest line to get into mass. It made me feel uncomfortable.

The 9:30 Mass is traditionally Apuron's to celebrate. There is a picket line every Sunday at 9. It is meant to protest the archbishop's Mass. Crossing a picket line means you do not support the cause of the protest. You are not in solidarity with the picketers, which would explain your discomfort. There are plenty of other Masses you can attend unless you mean to deliberately thumb your nose at this cause. Crossing the picket line did not show respect or understanding of the protesters at all!
Yes, 7:36, walking outside in the heat of the day would be uncomfortable for sure. Fortunately, the a/c must've been on for you at mass. Pity, if it was hot in church too.

@anon 7:36pm: what is it about crossing the protest line that made you feel uncomfortable? did they block your access? i'd be very surprised if they did.

or is it that people are disturbing the peace of your sunday routine?

is it that people dare to question the so-called leaders of the guam church?

is it that people are disrupting the "unity" and "harmony" among guam Catholics?

@anon 7:36pm: have you spent just a little bit of time learning what it is these people are protesting? why they're out there in guam weather every sunday?

if you have, then either you've dismissed their claims and think apuron and his cohorts are in the right. or, worse, you've decided to stay out of it all.

since, i assume, you made it to that 9:30 Mass, you would have also heard the Gospel for that sunday. i hope you haven't already forgotten Jesus's message. 

has He not made your heart burn?"

Pity that the Catholic Daughter's statement wasn't recorded. The recording could be forwarded to Apuron as it would have probably been of some comfort to him to know that for at least one Catholic "don't get in our way" trumps the morals, ethics and principles that motivate the picketers carrying those Defrock Apuron signs. 

After all, what's more important, a little inconvenience between the bus and the church or standing up against a bishop who has defied the Pope and has been labeled by a career professional as a serial child molester.

For at least one Catholic Daughter what's most important is that committed Catholics heed this command:

"...just don't get in our way."

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