Monday, August 1, 2016


Posted by Jose Martinez

As Catholics, when we confess our sins we are forgiven by Christ (through the priest) and the sacrament ends there. However, in order to grow and nourish our selves through this sacrament, we are usually tasked to perform a penance, and many times this means rectifying that which we have wronged.  While forgiveness neither requires nor is dependent on our works, Christ’s mercy is not void of justice. 

Abp. Hon, as an ordained Catholic priest, should know good and well that his verbal acknowledging and rescinding of the wrong deeds and decrees of his predecessor (and others) does not complete his effort towards reconciliation in our Archdiocese. If he is truly seeking a unified Church on Guam, then any progress that stops at forgiveness may be rendered futile. Progress should also include action.  Penance is required, mitigation is in order and restoration should become a priority.

We laity are holding our church leaders accountable, not for personal gain but in the interest of spiritual gain for the Church.  None of what we have been picketing for has been for the good of the CCOG or the LFM (the organizers), it’s always been for the good of our Church. 

As Christians, we pray and we strive to live as Christ, but we also study.  We have access to Church documents, know the liturgy, adhere to the GIRM and can even reference Canon law. No longer will we be placated by mere words and allow the status quo to conceal misappropriations, misbehavior and especially sexual misconduct and abuse by the clergy.  No longer will we allow our Church to be damaged by clericalism and Bishops who exploit their authority and make a mockery of the sacrament of Holy Orders. 

On Guam, looking the other way has been emphasized with a capital W; The Way. Therefore, we say, . . . no, we proclaim “No Way!” For as long as it takes Abp. Hon, or anyone else sent to our island, to understand that what is occurring on Guam is beyond his intended or even subconscious need to preserve his or anyone else’s reputation and position in the Church, we will remain resolved in protecting our Church (like every Sunday in front of the cathedral from 9:00 – 9:45am).  Recognizing reconciliation, we are not going to solely rely on carefully worded press releases, we are looking for real action, true penance. 

Abp. Hon may be making great strides in preserving and fostering brotherhood amongst the clergy on Guam, but it is due time he acknowledge that there is another half that make up this Church and he should also be conferring with and working together towards fixing our Archdiocese; it's time he recognized those in the pews - us, the laity.

While Abp. Hon may believe he is acting rightly through his earthly authority given by Rome, perhaps he should begin acting righteously through the authority conferred to him by Christ.  Abp. Hon was not sent here because the laity, were behaving badly, he was directed to Guam because our leadership through Abp. Apuron and his counsel were.  If he is here to foster unity and mend the division, then the Church laity need to see a better effort than a reactionary press conference.

Again, mercy is not void of justice, and we are fully aware of this. While a few may be pacified by his words, most of us know that Abp. Hon's actions will speak much louder.


  1. In the words of St Francis: Preach always, using words only if necessary.
    Hon needs to remember that what he does (or diesnt do) has a much greater impact than what he merely says.
    Thanks for reminding us of this important reality Mr Martinez.

  2. "Christ’s mercy is not void of justice."

    this hits upon something that i often return to during prayer and meditation before the crucifix: the Cross is where divine mercy and divine justice meet--dare i say, collide. therefore, the mystery of the Cross is the mystery of mercy mingling with justice in the redeeming expression of Divine Love. in the supreme act of divine mercy, Christ took on the punishment due to man's sin--called for by divine justice.

    therefore, genuine reconciliation requires reparation--it requires penance.

    consistent with this, too, is the reality of purgatory. the catechism explains purgatory as a state in which the soul undergoes a purification which "frees one from what is called the 'temporal punishment' of sin." (ccc 1472) yes, you are reconciled to God, but you need to be purified from the effects of your sins.

    but it doesn't take deep theology to understand the reality of justice. even young children have some sense of justice, do they not? human beings naturally recognize this. so, i just continue to shake my head at how these leaders of the Church can be so out of touch that they don't grasp the basic demand for truth and justice.

  3. Hon is playing a very dangerous game. He was instructed by Pope Francis to take urgent measures to correct our situation here, but so far he has only re-arranged and decorated the window display thinking that the faithful will buy into his schemes. You see, the Curia is infected by the Neos, and Hon's alliance, like Apuron's, lies with the Neos. The Neos are known to kiss up to the Pope then turn around and ignore the Pope's instructions for them to comply. But then, the Pope knows this.
    St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.

  4. Jose excellent. Right on the kini popo.

    There was a Hot Air Balloon crash in Texas recently, Guam just had one, Hon's Hot Air Baloney!