Monday, August 1, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch correspondant from Spain.

I had been working in a post remembering my experiences as pilgrim since when I was a little girl of 13 in Rome who had just joined the Neocatechumenal Way, until I was going to marry at 26 and did my last, also in Italy (Loreto), all of them during John Paul II Pontificate.

I have decided to left that post unpublished, it is most important to pay attention to the changing spirit of times that floods catholic Church like a seen during WYD 2016 in Poland.

Since pilgrimages of neocatechumenals became an excuse for tourism, wrapped up with lazes of active "evangelization" to justify why young people of the Way never share the same events or planned activities than the rest of ordinary catholic pilgrims do in communion, almost apparently (sometimes appearances do matter!), let's have a look at what these kids understand by "evangelization".
First of all, we need to study their "Pilgrim Book", offered by Krakov 2016' Neocatechumenal website.

I am convinced D. and company might have been studying very hard these absolute crucial sentences before their travel from Guam. They should be able to say in Polish things like:

 "We are coming to tell you good news"
"Jesus Christ died for you in the cross"
"God loves you/everybody*"
"He forgives all your sins"
"He loves every sinner"

* even if you are called Tim Rohr? 
Oh, sorry, this is not in original link.

I suppose they had studied even second page, imagine if they are evangelizating in Germany and the Police stops them to value if they are not dangerous people, Europe is quite sensitive just now about men with bear.

In that case, D. and company should explain them they are truly catholics. Let me see: right, they could use these modal sentences to show they belong to catholic Church:

"I am at stage Second Scrutiny in the Way"
"I serve my community as ostiario"
"I am looking for my vocation"

By the way, they could take advantage of the moment and use more freely their inspirational little dictionary: "Hey, Mr. Policeman, I am going to open the Word by chance to know what does God really want you to do with us...".

I am not sure if I do want to laugh or to vomit. 

But if you, reader, are as doubtfully as me, if you are unable to understand the deep transcendence of such mission, let me offer you the original demonstration of how Europe is reaping the benefits of Kiko's hordes from the real evangelization of America in XXI century. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of this neocatechumenal video. 
I venture to say this is a prelude...Europe will be at least saved.

Danza frente al cuerpo incorrupto del cura de Ars. Camino neocatecumenal 2016 rumbo jmj.

Dance in front of uncorrupted body of priest of Ars. Neocatechumenal Way 2016 heading jmj (sic)


I know you are exhausted. 
Please, before leaving my post, a last pill from those pill...grims.
Read these words I have just found in wikipedia about "that mummy" venerated by catholic Church as the patron saint of parishes priests. 
I am afraid such neo-evangelizators read it before committing their neo-sacrilege, as they could not have been more daring. 

"As parish priest, (Jean Marie) Vianney realized that the Revolution's aftermath had resulted in religious ignorance and indifference, due to the devastation wrought on the Catholic Church in France. At the time, Sundays in rural areas were spent working in the fields, or dancing and drinking in taverns. Vianney spent time in the confessional and gave homilies against blasphemy and dancing.[6] If his parishioners did not give up dancing, he refused them absolution.[10](

In youtube, there is only one person who commented: "HEREJES DE MIERDA".
Translated, more or less: "FUCKING HERETICS". 

It does not matter at all. Neocatechumenals also have their own saint patron of neo-evangelization to bless them before coming back home. 

Thank you, Pope Francis, for your elocuent silent in Auschwitz. 

May God raise a lot of vocations for silent monks among neocatechumenals during tomorrow Kiko's meeting!



  1. "Dancing on the altar" -There is no need to thank Pope Francis, for his elocuent silent. When a man or woman in their life time has walked somewhat in the shoe (according to this video), What can they say. What can they do. Can they stop it?
    Pope Francis' Tango Mass condemned by Pope St. Pius X

  2. The Book of Revelations shows us how the heavenly liturgy is celebrated(Rev Ch4,5,19), If the citizens of heaven are on their knees in reverential awe in the presence of a Triune God, How and why do these people dare to dance with apparent lack of respect before a Holy God? This is what happens when people choose to follow a Man Kiko, Instead of the Church that Christ left us.

  3. The "smoke of Satan" has entered the inner sanctuary! Liturgical abuse is occurring throughout the Church.
    St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.

  4. Their separation from the Church couldn't be more clear - except for those with $$ for eyes.

  5. Taking videos and pictures while dancing in front of the altar shows that it's all about them, not God.

  6. la paz, gracias por compartirnos está información.

    it illustrates how the ncw exists as a separate entity, far removed from the rest of us in the Catholic Church.

    i feel blessed that when i attended world youth day a generation ago, the neocat scourge had not yet gained as strong a foothold on guam. so our guam pilgrims were still united in the one Catholic faith--at least, as far as i could tell at the time.

    i hope that the faithful of guam will soon succeed in ridding the island of this infection.

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