Friday, August 19, 2016


Posted by Bruce Williams

AB Hon has just thrown Apurun "under the bus" and contradicted all previous statements he's made regarding the ownership of the RMS property! If we are to believe Hon's "reversal" on the RMS property we should let out a sigh of relief and give thanks to those who have labored for the return of the Yona property to the Church.

Unfortunately Hon's statement, that the Holy See instructed Apurun to annul the RMS deed of restriction with the NCW over a year ago,  raises a big RED FLAG

There are several scenarios that could explain Hon's reversal and apology with regards to the RMS property.

  1. Kiko has decided to perform an "Apu dectomy" to save his reputation and the image of the WAY.
  2. Hon's got wind that David Lujan is preparing another subpoena with his name on it!
  3. It's all a ruse! Defrock Apurun to appease the natives and quietly lease the RMS back to the NCW.
  4. The last and most unlikely of the scenarios is Hon has seen the light! 

We pray that #4 is the reason behind the latest announcement by Hon. See you Sunday at 9:00 am.

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