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Posted by Bob                            Part II
The Other                                                                                               The Elder 

There are two. Both are Davids. Both are Quituguas. Both are Monsignors. There the similarity ends.  One, The Elder, properly placed on the right side of the page, has distinguished himself by standing up for what is right--more about that later. The other has also distinguished himself by standing up for what is wrong.
Part I was posted yesterday and was only a very short summary of the many wrongs of Quituqua The Other. Today we turn to Monsignor David I. A Quituqua, i.e. The Elder, who in contrast to The Other, speaks up for what's right. Some examples follow but first let's examine the some dynamics of group punishment.

When AA Hon, in front of the whole Presbyteral Council, pointed his finger at a priest and gave him a Class A Asschewing, the performance was for the Council as much as, or maybe more, for the priest. The not-so-subtle message is, "You displease me and you'll get the same." By now Hon is familiar with the lack luster performance of priests when Fr. Paul, Msgr. James, Roy and Doris were publicly trashed and perhaps thought he could emulate Apuron.

When Monsignor  Quituqua The Elder stood up against tyrannical archbishops he sent a counter message that  priests shouldn't be cowed by a bishop. Here is what others have said about Monsignor  Quituqua The Elder:

Before anyone makes assumptions, let me briefly (yeah, "brief" hardly describes my comments, right?) say something I was told, not from the grapevine but from the "grape" in person. Fr. Mike Crisostomo is a hardworking priest and is a valuable asset in our community. Very few people have my respect, and he is one of them. Realistically there might be issues ahead of him but we must allow the process to take its due course. At any rate, I am standing up for him because he is a brother priest. That is what we do, stand up for people we love and care for.

An outraged Archbishop Hon pointed his fingers at him and banged the table during the Presbyteral Council on Friday afternoon. He accused him of being disobedient for not reading the letter from the pulpit. In full view of the other members at the meeting. Why Archbishop Hon singled out Fr. Mike is beyond me. I heard Fr. Jeff also got berated in private earlier. Many priests, including the NCW presbyters, did not read his letter and did not get a scolding. Truth be told, I DID NOT READ THE LETTER EITHER! Did I get called? Well, not yet. Fr. Mike was forced to write a letter of apology. The sad thing in that scenario was that  NOT A SINGLE MEMBER STOOD UP IN SUPPORT OF FR. MIKE. Except perhaps for the Amko Msgr. David IA Quitugua.Why am I writing this? Because the gesture of Archbishop Hon is not becoming of one who is trying to establish unity and reconciliation. Because he has disrespected a fellow local priest in public and reduced him to a whimpering bull pup because "he has the power and he was sent by the Vatican"! Given the circumstances surrounding his failure to bring resolution, I sincerely doubt that.

If Archbishop Hon continues to quibble and remains duplicitous, he hampers the process. He is better off admitting that he is the wrong person! He may retire to his office where he can push paper and kiss rings! Archbishop Hon is costing us money we do not have, and is railroading the slow progress towards resolution. He has done a lot of damage just this last weekend, splitting our Catholic people into loyalties and confusion by demanding the reading of his letter. He is blaming priests for something he should have resolved on Week One of his arrival. He failed to act, which is why we are in a bigger mess than if we ousted Archbishop Apuron ourselves! I support Father Mike and I protest this indignity. A pastoral bishop should respect his priests and seek out their welfare, not shame or embarrass them in public because the priest does not conform to his agenda. A pastoral bishop does not hide behind people he had appointed and leaves them to do the dirty job. A pastoral bishop seeks consensus and invites laypeople to be part of the discussion. A pastoral bishop is beyond censure, and if Archbishop Hon cannot accept that, then he is part of the problem. He might try out for a popularity contest instead. I am confident that with the newly-minted law, the local Catholic Church will earn integrity and credibility. The action of our legislators sent a clear message that they stand behind the people but, more importantly, they respect the rule of law and justice.

I stand behind this comment and will accept any consequence of my words and actions. I do not speak for my peers who may need to own up to what they proclaim in public. I often speak my mind, and it does not get me a lot of invite to clergy meetings. I am fine with that. As the saying goes, "you are defined by the company you keep." A Spanish saying is even more apt, "Da me con quien andas y te dire' quien eres." St. Michael, protect us in battle."

Father Efren Adversario*


Minutes of July 14 Meeting. (First Meeting)

  • 0:00 - Deacon Dominic Kim: going on about the audit
  • 4:10 - Msgr. David I.A. Quitugua (the elder): tells Kim to move on to more important issues with the Nuncio
  • 7:15 - Archbishop Martin Krebs explains his role and purpose of trip. Says "Guam is a diocese at war." 
  • 11:45 - Msgr. David I.A. Quitugua (the elder): here’s the problem – no unifier. Archbishop Apuron IS THE PROBLEM!
  • 16:05 - Fr. Efren Adersario:  frustrated at lack of action, Archbishop Apuron oblivious to problems, Apuron not in charge
  • 24:30 - Deacon Bill Hagen: says "action plan" (CARA report) sits on shelf but cannot recall what its main points were
  • 27:30 - Deacon Frank Tenorio: I love the Church and the Archbishop
  • 32:20 - Msgr. Arroyo: people do not understand, they have a misconception about the NCW
  • 40:10 - Richard Kidd: his experiences, felt outcast, not treated the same as RSM boys-medical insurance/clothing allow as an example
  • 49:30 - Archbishop Krebs:  need harmony, Archbishop Apuron wants to comment
  • 50:35 - Archbishop Apuron: re Msgr. David Quitugua (the elder) says NCW liturgy ok, approved by Rome, re Richard Kidd-hard to recall that far back-need to look at it, RMS following Lateran/Rome, per Richard Kidd, says St Patrick's seminary messed up
  • 52:45 - Fr. Richard Kidd: no problems at St Patricks, more should have that opportunity
  • 54:15 - Fr. Tom McGrath – 2nd session needed
  • 55:50 -  Fr. Efren and Archbishop Apuron – this is internal issue and should stay that way, Archbishop Krebs – yes but there are no secrets
  • 59:30 - Fr. Felix Leon Guerrero: what is the purpose of the meeting? We have been working for 6 years and no progress
  • 1:00:30 - Archbishop Krebs - suggest we give 20-30 mins for individual comments, but then look at CARA report"

"The minutes of the clergy meeting with Archbishop Krebs, Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Msgr. David I.A. Quitugua (the elder) then pointed out that Archbishop Apuron IS the problem, saying that he is a father who shows partiality, that he needs to change his allegiance to the NCW, that even though the Archbishop chooses the NCW for his personal spirituality that as a bishop he is not a private person and must be a father to all, not just the Neos. He said that the people see this favoritism.

And then there's this:

Image result for givingFather David Quitugua Foundation….735-XXXX The Father David I.A. Quitugua Foundation was established in 1986 to assist the families and individuals in this situation that are experiencing financial crisis due to the severe illness of a family member. Assistance is given to help defray part of living expenses when the patient must go off-island for an emergency medical care not available on island.

Monsignor David Quitugua, The Elder, or better yet, the REAL Monsignor Quituqua.

Related image*Special recognition to Father Efren Adversario.  Father's courageous willingness to speak out deserves special recognition. Thank you, Father!


  1. Father Efren's courageous willingness to speak out deserves special recognition.

  2. Yes he does Bob! What's up with the other priest? Now is the time to speak up against HUN the Terrible and all the NEOcats!

  3. Yes he does Bob! What's up with the other priest? Now is the time to speak up against HUN the Terrible and all the NEOcats!

  4. The reason no other priests are saying anything is because they are still in fear. Fear from The Hon, fear from what will happen to them should they speak up. Fear that their "cussy" assignments will be taken away. To Fr. Efren, thank you, thank you for your bravery in coming out. To the other clergy.....I guess the souls you are entrusted with, don't mean a thing to you. Obiedience to man or to God?

  5. Thank you, Bob. A compliment from you means a whole lot. I certainly appreciate it but the only special recognition I really desire is for our laypeople to be listened to and treated with the dignity they deserve. Our Faithful Catholics have been doing the legwork, the heavy lifting and the mindwork day in and day out yet they continue to be treated like outsiders (a term that slipped out at a meeting I was told to attend). Seriously? Outsiders? Laypeople are only listened to when it is convenient or when they do not pose a threat. Yet in myriad of ways in the course of history, the institutional Church owes a debt of gratitude to intrepid people for her survival in the slightest of odds and in the dimmest glimmer of hope.

    Archbishop Hon knows of my position that respect is earned and not demanded. He knows that I trust only when I see results. Particularly when it seems that the current administration goes round and round in circles when what they have to do is to be still and to listen: listen to the urgings of God in prayer and listen to the urgings of the people in authentic collaboration. The Chancery might spin solutions and execute timing of their decisions to a satisfactory degree but these will always be severely bereft of the richness and power that come when the laity had participated to the extent that they truly OWN these decisions and solutions.

    To all who continue to stoke the fire in this fight to restore and uphold the One, True, Catholic and Apostolic Church on Guam, may God be with you always. Be strong, be healthy, be whole!

    Father Efren

    1. Thank you, Fr. Efren. We need more priests like you who are willing to stand up and speak the truth.

      And thank you to the priest who "let it slip" about how he views us - as Outsiders. It is refreshing to hear the truth about how you feel. Doesn't it feel good to get it off your chest?

      Since childhood we were taught "the church is not a building, the church is the people of God." We are people. We believe in God. We were baptized into the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. How did we become Outsiders? Is it because:

      We spoke out against a bishop who horribly treated several priests?
      We exposed a secretly recorded declaration of deed restriction giving away church property?
      We helped survivors of child sex abuse confront their abuser?
      We continue to march in front of the Cathedral to shine a spotlight on the many ongoing problems that have not been resolved?

      We remain faithful and loyal to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. No priest, bishop or cardinal will ever change this. We stand ready and willing to help solve the many problems yet to be fixed. We will NOT sit down and shut up! We will NOT be silent when we see wrongdoing! WE REFUSE TO SUPPORT A CORRUPT CHURCH!!!!!

    2. Pathetic Freudian slip but true incident, Andrew, and from someone who ought to know better whose rank is higher than an ordinary priest. Unfortunately Church hierarchy has become eschewed with power and warped theology that mirrors the societal decay on a global level. Church institutions have to remain the prophetic "voices crying out in the wilderness" instead of coasting along on popular accommodations. Stay on course!
      Father Efren

    3. When attending Father Duenas High School I never thought the school motto would play such an important part in my life and in the future of the local church.

      Fortes in fide

      Strong in the faith

    4. LOL. So Hon considers us "OUTSIDERS." What the hell is he?

  6. An outsider invader: Atilla the Hon.

  7. If i didnt know any better you act and sound like a bunch of Hitler wannabes. In the States it is not the archbishops being watched ... it is this hideous blog and "followers " of tim rohr lol.the screaming woman at the airport was classic.Catholics protesting ON A SUNDAY ... how oximoron is that? Keep this crazy humorous blog going. Love it! I hope no one on Guam takes this piece of work serious.NYC ATTY.

    1. LOL. Thanks for the visit. You'll be back. I know. :)

    2. 1:29 PM: Go chug champagne with Genarinni, he is NJ, quite close to your location. You can ask him about his "welcome" in Guam. You might want to console him with a double kiss.

  8. Hon puts Jeff up at bat again. ????? What's the meaning. As if Hon couldn't show up for 15 minutes. Wierd. Being played at new way or the other.

  9. Was advised by superiors NOT to go on or before social media . Perfect strategy to set up Jeff for a mighty fall. The mob is getting what they asked for. Hon is leaving soon ... thanks to the prayers of "concerned" catholics... and what comes next ... sit back and relax. Just in case all of you who haven't noticed ... how many times has Guam dodged a bullit with storms passing us and increasing to supertyphoons slamming the Philippines taiwan n china? Remember the famous senator who introduced rescinding the holiday of Dec 8 ? Remember that God was not happy with that and sent "signs" ... typhoons galore back-to-back. Well truth be told ... we r getting the same signs .. AGAIN. WE ARE MISBEHAVING BIG TIME!