Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Posted by Bob

Sarah Thomas Nededog has apparently drunk heartily of Archbishop Hon's Kool-Aid. As reported by KUAM TV on Monday, Sarah chairs Hon's "special task force for the protection of minors." The first published words out of Sarah's mouth didn't talk about protection of minors, but about Hon. Sarah said:

"When the archbishop (Hon)  spoke with us, I want you to know that we walked away from that interaction feeling very inspired and very supported in this work that we're going to do. There is a very strong recognition that the archbishop and the archdiocese want to make a very big push toward the protection of our children the most vulnerable people in our community," said Nededog.   ***

While we might have thought that with Msgr. Bibi and Tony Diaz, AB Hon was pretty well fixed for PR, apparently Sarah thought not. 

Maybe one day Sarah can tell us about outreach, like putting ads in the papers like the CCOG did. Even an an ad in the Umatuna would be better than what we've seen so far, e.g. "If you've been molested by a priest, call 472-bishop." Maybe we'd like to hear Sarah talk about plans for therapy and justice. Maybe anything but the gratuitous smoke-blowing she started with.

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