Sunday, September 18, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

If anyone has any doubts about what's really going on here, we only have to see the Diana's last post (at the behest of Pius the Putrid, I'm sure).

I guess her "blame the child for their own abuse" view of things wasn't enough. Now, she's promoting the view of one of her fiends that thinks we should work any survivors over.

She's pretty up-front that since Apuron and his "good name" are involved involved, and since everyone know that kids are liars, they need to be put through the ringer. And no parent or family member had better ever come out to accuse either.  Your name means nothing unless you're a NCW bishop or priest.

Good people of Guam, what happens when it's your child or grandchild? This abuse and harassment of the victims has to stop. Even now, they harass those who have come forward to make sure no others do. The only way to stop this intimidation and abuse is to hold the bishops and priests accountable. And if they won't hold themselves accountable, then the courts must do it for them.

If there was ever a person whose warped view of children PROVES that Gov Calvo should sign this bill, this Diana/Pius/Kiko  vomit is it! She's THE VOICE of the NCW on Guam. There we have it, black and white.


  1. Voice of vomit. What good name is left to protect?

  2. Apuron swearing declaring his innocence before the Holy Father.
    Then why is Archbishop Hon asking the Holy See to appoint a new bishop. Guam do you see how messed up the Archdiocese is?
    This is why the church on Guam needs the bill. Church leadership fallen so low it cannot govern itself.
    Total disaster worsens each day.

  3. The stench that exudes from Diana's blog is nauseating. Visiting the site is the moral equivalent of watching Porn.
    Perversion abounds and is the norm of the WAY. Governor Calvo must pass this Bill or at least let it "quietly" become law.

  4. As always, Diana judges "if he was my child...I would have done it better". Diana, you are double victimizating the victims and their families.
    That is why Governor of Guam has to go ahead, victims have to heal from being abused and to face the judgement of people like you for the rest of their lives. Double pain, twicely hurted.

  5. Diana.....Really 400 years ago?!? Let's just stick to 40 years ago.

  6. Diana. If Apuron was truly innocent then why is the church so scared and claiming potential bankruptcy? Sounds like people in the know realize that those that have spoken out are only the tip of the iceberg. Again, why were these petitions not presented at the original legislative sessions?

  7. Diana and the NCW in denial! You poor souls! If the Tony is so innocent he would be hear on this island facing his accusers doing what ever he could to clear his name, but as a guilty party to his evil doings the bastard is staying far away! Shameful!