Thursday, September 22, 2016


Posted by Chuck White
Faithful Catholics in the Philippines experience the same problems with "the Way" that we have in Guam. A man from there shared his heartbreaking story with me the other day...Read more.


  1. For a "christian" entity to tell a man that he is less than a husband because he takes care of his wife when she is sick, is beyond comprehension! Doesn't the marriage vow include "for better or worse"? NCW is crock-filled with S###!! Praise the Lord that that man finally left!

    Thanks Chuck for sharing his story and I hope he will provide us with more testimonies!

  2. The Neocatechumenal Way never expresses mercy or compassion with those people who live specific difficulties far from the "standard", being specially damaging for them. So, please, if you are in a special need for help due to hard daily life circumstances, do not enter the Way, please! The NCW will hurt you more yet!
    As any victim of any abuse, who will be obliged to ask for forgiveness to the abusor and will be double victimized by the Way, catechists will never offer any specific help for those who suffer grave illness and serious problems, will deny mercy and will push you into a real spiritual hell. So sad and so opposite of Love!
    They are the modern pharisees!